New Pokemon Emerald Version (North America), Pocket Monster X: Emerald (Japan; ポケットモンスターX:エメラルド Pokettomonsutā X: Emerarudo), or Pokemon: Generation EX (everywhere else), is the new installment to the current (and hopefully while longer) Generation V series of main games. It's main focus is "doing things differently."

Differences from the traditional games

What makes it stand out from all the other games are in a variety of ways. Here they are:

  • It is the first main Pokemon game and Pokemon game remake to not come in pairs or as a sister game.
  • The Wonder Launcher is the only method of using items in-battle, though it's been modified to add fairness.
  • A new level up and evolution mechanic called PokeGrid (Level Grid in the Japanese version) replaces the traditional one which was common for all other main Pokemon games.
  • Some Pokemon now have new evolutions or formes.
  • Realtime Links are interactive scenes that can change the progress of the story plot.
    • The game has multiple endings depending on how the player performs in Realtime Links.
  • Pokemon can use Drives that initiate special abilities. There are 3 levels: Overdrive, Gigadrive, and Teradrive. Drive Points (DP) are earned by defeating certainly leveled Pokemon.
  • Some/Many pokemon have their stats and Egg Groups added or changed.
    • Some Pokemon also have their (Hidden) Abilities changed as well.
  • Each Legendary Pokemon now have their own unique entrance sprites.


"*" - New Evolution, "**" - New Forme





Dragonite | Dragonese*




Lopunny | Jackedge*









Changes from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Aesthetic changes

Storyline changes

Gameplay changes

Other Information

  • Ratings: CERO - A, ESRB - E, PEGI - 3+
  • Genre/Style: 1-6 Simulation/Fighting RPG (also accessible via Nintendo Network or Nintendo WFC)
  • Developed by: Game Freak
  • Published by: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS


  • This game features walking Pokemon, in almost the same manner as HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • In this game, Turboblaze also powers up Fire-type moves and doubles the DP earned.
    • Likewise, Teravolt also powers up Electric-type moves and doubles the DP earned.
  • The function involving Shuckle (now also including Funguard) and berries returns in this game.
  • The error involving missing Pokemon has been resolved (though you probably figured that out by now).
  • Some/Many Pokemon now have new or changed types.
    • They also have new or changedegg groups.
  • This can be considered a Generation V.5 game.
  • Since this is a non-bundle game the appearance of certain Pokemon now varies via time and/or seasons.

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