I was going to make part 2 of My Mortal Kombat story.If you have not read my first story, please do , here's the link My Mortal Kombat Story.Anyway,I was going to make part 2 but I then realized that I was starting to get sick of the same old charcters like Subzero,Scorpion,Reptile,etc. So, I decided that I would make my own characters and backstory.
  • Asabelke-The long lost son of Subzero,Asabelke has studied the power of fire over the years and has been able to just now harness it. Now Asabelke uses the powers of fire and ice in kombat.
  • Jamiie and Juliet- The desendants of Sonya and Stryker,Jamiie and Juliet now fight Outworld's villians alongside Kidd Thunder.
  • Kidd Thunder-The nephiew of the now deaseased God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm,Raiden.Kidd Thunder now possesses the power of a thunder god as he leads Earthrealm's new heroes.
  • Ohm-A crossbreed of vampire and reptile,Ohm now serves Darkfox in Outworld in the war against Earthrealm.
  • Darkfox-The son of Jade and Nightwolf,Darkfox has turned against Earthrealm and has taken the role,Emperor of Outworld.
  • Dimonn-A young sorcerrer at Darkfox's side to rule the Mortal Kombat Tournaments,Dimonn is the evil twin brother of Kidd Thunder.
  • Junior-A hi tech scentist with a robotic suit of armor at his side,Junior helps Earthrealm in the tournament with his many gadets.
  • Attilio-The offspring of Kitana and Liu Kang,Attilio serves as a leader to the team of heroes alongside Kidd Thunder.
  • Bomar-With Baraka dead,the strongest of the tarkatans takes leadership by the name of Bomar.
  • Nobidiah-The crossbreeded Shokan Centaurian monster Nobidiah now serves as a replacement for Goro,the deafeated Shokan prince.
  • Flame-Step sister to Jade,Flame now seves alongside Darkfox as The Empress of Outworld.

Thats all I've come up with so far,more coming soon.