Nester is one of the main antagonist in Scaredy Squirrel. He a rather loud bird like creature who runs the Stash n' Hord. He's most likey to be a Donkey Kong clone as he appered in the Smash Brothers series (along with Panty and Stocking, Scaredy and Paddy Padderson).


  • B-Wing Slap
  • B Side-Beak Bruise
  • B Up-Fake Flight
  • B Down-Heavy Anger.
  • Final Smash-Yelling (a bunch of stacking boxes fall on him and he starts to yell at his apponitents)

Trophy Info

A giant bird with a voice that almost as dangerous as his anger issues. Not only that he's moody, but he's also that stupid. He is one of scaredy's arch rival and His mother takes control of firing people. Apperances:

  • Scaredy Squirrel


  • Kirb Cap: Glasses and Beak
  • Snake Calls (Not in Melee 3D): Roy Campbell
  • Voice Suggestion: Charles Adler

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