Warrior dude


   This games consists of two objectives, find all lost tribes and defeat your enemy. The game is an RPG and is on Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One , and Play Station 4.

The character is a warrior of the Cetanari clan and is looking for more men to join him. His name is Sinsar and his sister is Dari. Together they adventure and find other clans to help them defeat their greatest enemy Faroin De Chavis.


  • Sinsar
  • Dari
  • Wenta
  • Fonid
  • Gerin
  • Quirinor
  • Rilina
  • Aswerey
  • Wion
  • Selben

Bosses (you fight alone)

  • Corinari
  • Dantairy
  • Salbentar
  • Juiliosari

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