This is a Side-view fighting crossover game between Namco and Midway characters.


You can play as 7 characters from Namco and 7 from Midway. There will be finishers but without blood, seeing how some characters wouldn't make since killing. Characters will have their own abilities and moves to use in combat with an interactive background.

Each character has their own beggining, rival, and ending movie sequences.



Mokujin - Mokujin (from Tekken) still has the ability to copy other character's abilities. Mokujin's alternate costume is Tetsujin.

Ling Xiaoyu - Ling Xiaoyu (From Tekken) has slightly different moves from Tekken. Her alternate costume is Asuka.

The Prince - The Prince (From Katamari) is actually quite strong when you think about it, though he would be like Servebot from Marvel vs Capcom 2. His moves involve his giant ball and emotions. His alternate is a miniature king of cosmos.

Sussumu - Sussumu (From Mr. Driller) uses his drill or air pump (or whatever that thing is) to puncture his enemies.

Anna - Anna (From Mr. Driller 2) Is a clone of Sussumu like Ryu and Ken.

Talim - Talim (From Soul Calibur 2) has a similar moveset to hers in Soul Calibur 2.



Liu Kang

Mutoid Man




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