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Namco Superstars Racing is a kart racing game by Bandai Namco games and just Namco. This game takes it's inspiration from Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing and Namco's previous kart racing title, Pac-Man World-Rally, and refines it to an amazing racing experience. This game takes lots of similar mechanics from Namco's Flagship racing series, Ridge Racer, and applies it to this game, so the game can feature drifting, great senses of speed, and intense competition. The game will be availible on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and the Playstation Vita handheld system.

About the game

Namco Superstars Racing is a kart racing game with various presentation and gameplay mechanics from the popular Ridge Racer series, such as drifting, and fast speeds. While racing, you can pick up items from the track and use it against your opponents. There are various characters and tracks to choose from in the namco universe, such as Pac-Man, Ridge Racer, Klonoa, Dig Dug, Mr.Driller, and others.


From Pac-Man

  • "Pac Man" Vehicle: A blue sports car similar to a porsche carrera.
  • "Ms. Pac Man" Vehicle: a Pink Cadillac roadster
  • "Jr Pac-Man" Vehicle: A Red standard go kart
  • "Pac Devil" Vehicle: A red and fiery livery chopper
  • "Toc-Man" Vehicle: A green classic metal car featured in Pac-Man World Rally
  • "Erwin" Vehicle: A White and blue Ufo

From DigDug/Mr.Driller

  • "Taizo Hori" Vehicle: A White and Red sports car
  • "Suzumu Hori" Vehicle: A pink sports car with a drill emblem at the front of the car and with puchi
  • "Anna Hottenmeyer" Vehicle: A white Indy car

From Tekken

  • "Lee Chaolan" Vehicle: A White Honda S2000 from the arcade console opening of Tekken Tag Tournament
  • "Paul Phoenix" Vehicle: A black motorcycle that he used in the Tekken 2 and 3 opening and ending videos

From Time Crisis

  • Keith Martin and Robert Baxter Vehicle: Red european sports car

From Mappy

  • "Mappy the mouse cop" Vehicle: A Blue classic Roadster

From Burning Force

  • "Hiromi Tengenji" Vehicle: A red space bike that she uses in the games.

More characters are coming soon.

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