Nailed cover

PlayStation 3 cover for Nailed.

Nailed is a survival horror video game developed by Frictional Games.


Alistair Byron

Duke Alistair Byron III is the main protagonist of Nailed. He is an Ulster Scotsman who works as a unionist spy for the government of Great Britain. He observes the situation of Northern Ireland and reports any violent outbreaks that may occur between roman catholic Irish nationalists and protestant British unionists. He is best known for his code name 'English Dragon'.

He is assaulted and carried over the border by Irish nationalists between Great Britain and Ireland to the Irish side and interrogated by police superintendent Cadogan Wallander and inspector Darius Drake. They send Byron to a mental asylum and he must fight his way out of there with his only help being a nail gun. He must avoid the guards and warden Cadwallader, as Cadogan Wallander is known by the asylum inmates.

As Byron proceeds through the halls, corridors, cells and even sewers of the asylum, he realizes that it is actually a prison for political criminals that have been drugged into insanity. Soon after realizing that to be the case of this asylum, he is caught by one of the guards who turns out to be none other than Darius Drake. He tells Byron to get back to his cell before other guards inform Cadwallader of his absence. However, he as well as all guards receive a message from the Warden to eliminate Byron on sight.

After getting the message, Drake tells Byron to leave, as getting busted would be the least of his problems right now.

Cadogan Wallander

Police superintendent Cadogan Wallander is the main antagonist of Nailed. He is the warden of the mental asylum Alistair Byron is sent into. He is known as Cadwallader there by the inmates of the asylum and he uses cruelty and drugs to keep them compliant.

Darius Drake

Police inspector Darius Drake is Cadogan Wallander's right-hand man both in the police station and the mental asylum.

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