Donkey Kong

A picture of the old Donkey Kong

Everybody's surely heard of the Nintendo Entertainment System game Donkey Kong, the game that started the Mario series. If nobody made it, maybe Mario wouldn't exist today. It's been 31 years since it came out, and I'm going to put my idea of a remake on this wiki. With the new kind of Mario and not the sucky- 1980's graphics. But let's also keep it a little regular. In this game in 1981, Mario's name is Jumpman. Pauline got captured by the crazy ape Donkey Kong. If you haven't heard of this game, maybe you will remember it if I told you it was the game when Mario/ Jumpman jumps over barrels in zigzags to rescue his girlfriend, Pauline.

Obstacles & Items

You have to avoid a few obstacles to avoid. There are barrels of course, also Skulls, squids, walruses, Thwomps, golems, mummies, mice, divers, and fish. You also need to avoid walking trash cans and everything else from the Game Boy version. Hammer and keys are great items in the game along with parasols. You can use ladders and elevators to help get around.


The ones from Game Boy are all returning, but a new one is here. It's called Swamp, a new stage that has explosive barrels in it.

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