N.I.T.R.O stands for New Immediate Terrorism Revolutionary Organization.

Now you must play as the villain which is N.I.T.R.O

Invading countries and inflicting fear while fighting armed forces.

It is set 20 years into the future where your base is in a secret underground military resort where N.I.T.R.O (which formerly worked for the government) was left for dead.

It is futuristic military game where you take over the world.

It is 3rd person

There three classes, or Options

Option 1 HEAVY big weapons slowest yet strongest Option

Option 2 commando medium skill set

Option 3 spy fast and stealthy game mechanics: hand to hand combat. So basically hand to hand combat with just hands is dodge, weave, punch, kick, snap necks, and other moves.

But even without guns you have tech like knives.

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