After playing through the story mode for MK9 again i decided to make my own story.This is my version of an mk story and game(this is a new slate,it dosen't carry over from MK9.)

  •     Story Mode

1.  Cyrax It starts off outside the Len Kuei Temple where Cyrax(human),Subzero and Smoke(human) are running from the cybernetic warriors to avoid being turned into a robot. However,Sektor catches Cyrax and they engage in battle.Cyrax deafeats Sektor but is caught from behind and turned into a robot but not before challenging The Len Kuei Grandmaster inside the temple. Now robot Cyrax challenges Subzero and Smoke. Subzero gets away but Smoke is taken and transformed.

2.  Liu Kang

Meanwhile at the Wu Shi Academy while Liu Kang and Kung Lao sparr,Bo'Rai Cho calls a meeting and orders Liu Kang to train their new student,Kenshi (no blindfold). Kenshi tturns out to be a traitor and lets in Baraka and a wave of tarkatan soldiers.After deafeating Baraka,Liu kang goes after Kenshi but he escapes. While still recovering from the battle,Raiden visits Liu Kang and Kung Lao and introduces to them The Mortal Kombat Tournament.

3.  Scorpion

Later at The Shirai Ryu Village,as The Len Kuei invade,Scorpion (human) goes into battle and deafeats Cyrax and Sektor he then hears a scream from his dojo and travels there only to find Subzero having cut his wife's head off. Scorpion engages Subzero only to be deafeated and killed.Subzero reaveals himself to be the sorrcerer Quan Chi after Scorpion's death and later revives him in the Netherrealm

Scorpion Concept

Scorpion in The Netherrealm after being revived as a spectre

4.  Sonya

Then,at The Specail Forces Base as Sonya,Wexler (Sonya's partner at the time) and Stryker fend off the Black Dragon Clan's forces. After defeating Kabal and seeing Kano (no laser eye) escape she readys Wexler to go with her to the Black Dragon Warehouse to capture Kano. Strker stops her but Sonya easily deafeats him and goes on.Before gettin to Kano,Sonya runs into Kobra and engages him.Sonya then enters the warehouse and engages Kano in a fierce battle and wins. However,Kano is a poor loser,he rigs the warehouse to blow so Sonya teleports out. Wexler perferred to stay and clean up the mess and mananges to shoot Kano in the eye before he escapes but Wexler was caught in the explosion and died.

5.  Johnny Cage

While walking down the parking lot after finishing filming a movie,Raiden appears before Johnny and tells him about the tournament and boards on the Mortal Kombat Boat to travel to the tournament. However,as Johnny usually does,he gets over confident and takes on the new heroes of Earthrealm,Sonya,Jax(Sonya's new partner)and Kung Lao.Eventually,Liu Kang intervenes and calms him down.

6.  Kung Lao

After reaching the island,Kung Lao decides to explore but runs into Rain and Reptile.The Shaolin easily deafeats the two and enters an abandoned prison where he encounters Jade and Nightwolf,past Earthrealm heroes.Nifghtwolf and Jade agree to help take down Shang Tsung in the tournament.

7.Noob Saibot

In the tournament,Scorpion challenges Subzero for revenge on his family and kills the ice warrior. Later,in the Netherrealm,Subzero is resurected by Quan chi and given the name,Noob Saibot.However,he turns against the sorcerer nad leaves the Netherrealm.Noob later runs into a cybernetic version of Smoke.Together they team up to get revenge on Quan Chi but is stopped by Nightwolf and Johnny Cage.

Noob and Smoke

Noob and Smoke

8.  Kitana

The Princess of Outworld,Kitana,is ordered by Shang Tsung to track down  Liu Kang,the only remaining Earthrealm champion. Before getting to Liu Kang,Kitana runs into Jade and easily deafeats her. Kitana fails to deafeat Liu Kang and is sent to be executed by Sheeva in the Colleseum.Kitana deafeats  Sheeva and escapes to join Raiden's forces.

9.  Liu Kang

After Kitana's failure and betrayal,Shang Tsung clones Kitana and mixes her DNA with that of a tarkatan's and is given the name,Mileena.Liu Kang was able to deafeat Mileena,and Quan Chi. He was then sent to Goro's lair where he faced Goro.After deafeating Goro,Liu Kang moved onto Shang Tsung and engaged him in Mortal Kombat.Liu Kang had deafeated Shang Tsung, he was the champion of Mortal Kombat and Earthrealm!

  • Arcade Ladder

Instead of making random fighters every time you play,I stick to one list of opponents......

  1. Sektor
  2. Subzero
  3. Smoke
  4. Kung Lao
  5. Kenshi
  6. Baraka
  7. Cyrax
  8. Liu Kang
  9. Scorpion
  10. Sonya
  11. Sonya
  12. Raiden
  13. Nightwolf
  14. Kabal
  15. Jade
  16. Noob Saibot
  17. Johnny Cage
  18. Smoke
  19. Goro
  20. Shang Tsung
  • Arenas
  1. Len Kuei Temple Exterior
  2. Len Kuei Temple Interior
  3. Wu Shi Academy (Day)
  4. Wu Shi Academy (Night)
  5. Shirai Ryu village
  6. Shirai Ryu Dojo
  7. Netherrealm
  8. Special Forces Base
  9. Black Dragon Subway Tunnel
  10. Black Dragon Warehouse
  11. Parking Lot
  12. Outworld
  13. Shang Tsung's Throne Room
  14. Shang Tsung's Gardens
  15. The Colleseum
  16. Goro's Lair
  17. Len Kuei Gardens-Locked
  18. The Courtyard-Locked
  19. Burning Building-Locked
  20. The Flesh Pits-Locked
  • Characters
  1. Cyrax
  2. Sektor
  3. Subzero
  4. Smoke
  5. Scorpion
  6. Sonya
  7. Kabal
  8. Kano
  9. Raiden
  10. Reptile
  11. Rain
  12. Noob Saibot
  13. Kitana
  14. Sheeva
  15. Mileena
  16. Len Kuei Grandmaster-Locked
  17. Motaro-DLC
  18. Tanya-DLC
  19. Frost-DLC
  20. Liu Kang
  21. Kung Lao
  22. Kenshi
  23. Baraka
  24. Quan Chi-Locked
  25. Stryker
  26. Kobra
  27. Johnny Cage
  28. Jax
  29. Nightwolf
  30. Cyber Smoke-Locked
  31. Shang Tsung-Locked
  32. Goro-Locked
  33. Mokap-DLC
  34. Ruby-DLC
  35. Li Mei-DLC
  36. Wexler-Locked
  • Mortal Kombat Origins

Mortal Kombat Origins retells the origins of select charaters such as Goro and Scorpion that you fight through.This is all the content you unlock while playing.

  1. Len Kuei Gardens Arena
  2. Cyber-Smoke
  3. Subzero Alternate Costume
  4. Smoke Alternate Costume
  5. The Krypt
  6. The Courtyard Arena
  7. Scorpion Fatality
  8. Burning Building Arena
  9. Kabal Alternate Costume
  10. Reptile Alternate Costume
  11. The Flesh Pits Arena
  12. Goro
  13. Spectator Mode
  14. Create a Story Mode
  • The Krypt

Similar to the Krypt of Mortal Kombat:Deception,The Krypt is a mode where you can unlock Alternate Costumes,Arena Concepts,Fatalities and Hidden Characters.

  • Spectator Mode

A place where players can pick a match and then watch the fight unfold.

  • Battleship Kombat

Your regular classic battleship game with a  Mortal Kombat twist.

  • Kreate a Kombatant

Similar to that of Mortal Kombat:Armageddon but yet much more features to enjoy and customize.

  • Create A Story Mode

A mode never seen before on Mortal Kombat where you can pick a cutscene from the story that you unlock through the game,add your own dialouge,add your own chapters and make your own story!!!!!!!

-Overall I hope you enjoyed reading and Mortal Kombat ll will be coming out soon.

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