My Little Pony: Peril in Equestria is an Action/Adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and other studios and published by Hasbro. It is based off the very popular cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which has gained a cult following from both children and adults.


While the Mane Six are sleeping, 2 mysterious ponies use a time spell from Canterlot to alter everything that happened to the Mane Six.

Chapter 1: Ponyville Stage 1

They notice Ponyville has been invaded by Parasprites. Rainbow Dash finds the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who run from them. They find Babs Seed who tells them she won't let them hurt the CMC.

Sub-Boss 1: Babs Seed

Babs Seed attacks with punches & kicks. She'll can toss the Pumpkin Float at them. She'll eventually grow much larger & try to pound them. After being defeated, she tells them where the CMC are.

After being cornered, Scootaloo tells Apple Bloom & Sweetie Belle go on without her as she fights Rainbow Dash.

Sub-Boss 2: Scootaloo

Scootaloo attack Dash by trying to run her over with her scooter. Rainbow says she doesn't want to hurt her, but she has to. Halfway through, Scootaloo's scooter turns into a wingpack, allowing her to fly around. After Rainbow damages her enough to cause her wingpack to malfunction, Scootaloo passes out.

When Twilight ask some ponies where Sweetie Belle & Apple Bloom are, a pony says get them. They eventually run into Minuette, who whacks Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash & Rarity with her toothbrush to knock them out. With Pinkie left, Minuette fights her.

Sub-Boss 3: Minuette

She mainly attacks with her toothbrush by whacking Pinkie with it or throwing it like a boomerang. She fires toothpaste that slows Pinkie down. She'll also whip Pinkie with a tooth drill. After being defeated, she tells them where Sweetie Belle & Apple Bloom went.

A swarm of parasprites chases the Mane Six. They eventually find Sweetie Belle & Apple Bloom. Sweetie Belle tells Apple Bloom to go on as she fights Rarity.

Sub-Boss 4: Sweetie Belle

She mainly attacks with magic blasts. She also weaponizes her singing voice. Halfway through, she reveals that she became a cyborg. This allows her to shoot lasers & fire. After Rarity damages her vision & defeats her, Sweetie Belle passes out.

While looking for Apple Bloom, the Mane Six get ambushed by Sweetie Drops. She gets defeated, but then Lyra Heartstrings comes in to avenge her. She then knocks out Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Dash & Fluttershy. With Applejack left, Lyra fights her.

Sub-Boss 5: Lyra Heartstrings

She attacks with punches & kicks. She also fires magic & plays her harp which notes to drop on Applejack. She also attacks with the Power Glove with a charged punch, lasers & fire. After she's defeated, the Mane Six move on.

They eventually find Apple Bloom, who explains that they were helping Diamond Tiara take over Ponyville. She then fights Applejack.

Sub-Boss 6: Apple Bloom

She attacks with punches & kicks. She'll also fire rings & potions. Halfway through, she starts shooting twittermites from her twittermite gun. After being defeated, she passes out. Then the 2 mysterious ponies fire a blast at Apple Bloom, which causes Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo to combine with her.

Before getting inside, the Mane Six run into the pony they named Applesweetieloo.

Sub-Boss 7: Applesweetieloo

She attacks with Apple Bloom's potions, Sweetie Belle's magic, lasers & fire & Scootaloo's wingpack & wind attacks. After being defeated, she passes out & the Mane Six continue.

When they find Diamond Tiara, she says "I knew those blank flanks wouldn't stop you." Applejack, Rarity & Dash are ready to fight her for using their siblings.

Boss: Diamond Tiara

Diamond Tiara attacks with punches & kicks. She also calls in Featherweight to take a picture, blinding the Mane Six for a bit. She later calls in fillies to help her. In the end, she is defeated & gets punished by Filthy Rich.

In the end of the day, Twilight wondered how Diamond Tiara caused the Parasprite infestation or why the CMC helped her.

Chapter 2: The Castle of the 2 Sisters

The 2 ponies use dark magic to recorrupt Shadowfright & the moon creatures. As the Mane Six slept, shadowy forces come in & abduct Luna & Rarity. They're brought to Shadowfright, who asks how he is still corrupted. Shadowfright explains that he was never uncorrupted. He makes a deal with them saying "If you want no one get hurt, then come back to us." Luna & Rarity accept when being reminded with flashbacks. Shadowfright then turns them back into Nightmare Moon & Nightmare Rarity. The other five wake up to find their cutie marks glowing, Rarity missing & it's still night out. After going to Canterlot, Celestia tells them that Luna's gone too. The Mane Five & Spike then follow Jerome, who they see heading to the Castle of the 2 Sisters.

As they got through the trail, they notice Nightmare Moon is more prepared for them than last time. When they reach the cliff where Applejack discovers her element, a rockslide occurs, causing Twilight & Applejack to reenact the cliffhanger. However as Applejack tells Twilight to let go, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy get zapped by star rays. Twilight lets go & falls into the bushes. Pinkie also get hit with star rays. Applejack then wonders who did that. Aries appears to her, being under Nightmare Moon's control.

Sub-Boss 1: Aries

Aries attacks like a ram or bighorn sheep would by charging at Applejack. He'll also buck Applejack with his head. He later shoot star rays from his horns. After being vanquished, Aries is freed, but passes out & his green color has faded. Applejack finds out that Twilight had a rough landing & the others were OK. After that, they moved on.

They get ambushed by Manny Roar again, this time Melvin is backing him up. Applejack & Rainbow take on Manny, while Twilight & Pinkie take on Melvin. Like before, Fluttershy stops them & tries to find a thorn in their paws. This time however, there is no thorn. After they're defeated, Fluttershy's friends get zapped with a star fireball. Fluttershy turns to see Leo, who like Aries, is under Nightmare Moon's control. Fluttershy admonishes Leo for hurting her friends, but he roars in her face to shut her up. Then the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 2: Leo

Like Aries, Leo attacks the same way as the animal he resembles, which this case it's a lion. He pounces at Fluttershy & also slashes with his claws. He later shoots a star fireball out of his mouth. Also like Aries, after being vanquished, Leo is freed, but passes out & his white color has faded. Fluttershy's friends wake up & they move on.

After being ambushed by the trees, Pinkie sings "Giggle at the Ghastly", but gets cut off as a loud whinny is heard. It came from the Headless Horse, which freaks out Applejack & Rainbow Dash immediately & starts to chase after them. When they realize their not dreaming, they all say "Holy crap, it's real!" Twilight tells them to run.

Sub-Boss 3: Headless Horse

The Headless Horse can dash pretty easily. It also can somersault & ground pound. At the end of the fight, it trips & falls into a ditch. Having lost the Headless Horse, the Mane Five & Spike move on.

They notice Steven Magnet is attacking them too. They then reach the bridge where Rainbow discovered her element. Rainbow's friends get attacked by the Shadowbolts. Nightingale tells Rainbow to join them. Rainbow says she wouldn't her friends, but then a voice says "Oh come on, Rainbow. It'll be fun." It turns out Lightning Dust became the leader of the Shadowbolts. Then the 2 fight in the air.

Sub-Boss 4: Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust attacks by dashing towards Rainbow. She sometime can follow it with a fast kick to the back. She later leaves lightning strikes as she dashes. She'll also recreate the tornado that ruined her life. Once defeated, she lands onto the Shadowbolts & the bridge collapses. Twilight manages to save herself & Rainbow's friends. Lightning Dust says "I failed you, Nightmare Moon. I failed you." Rainbow calms her down. Lightning tells them where the Castle is & then passes out.

Once they reach the castle, they get attacked by stone gargoyles. Once inside, Knights & Star Spiders attack them. The Pony of Shadows appears, causing Applejack to say "Ah, come on! You're real too?!" He nods & attacks them.

Sub-Boss 5: The Pony of Shadows

The Pony of Shadows attacks with different types of dark magic. The fight can get tricking do to his eyes appearing anywhere on the black screen. After he's defeated, the Mane Five & Spike move on in search for Rarity & Luna.

Ghosts & Poltergeists start attacking. Spike finds Rarity, but turns out to be an illusion. Spike notices Nightmare Rarity & tells her that Rarity is still in there. Then the fight begin.

Sub-Boss 6: Nightmare Rarity

Nightmare Rarity attacks using dark magic on Spike. She only can hurt by blasts from the Fire Ruby. After being defeated, she turns back into Rarity. Spike & the others join her in a hug.

Mad at what happened, Shadowfright asks Nightmare Moon "Can you send them to the Moon?" Nightmare Moon complies & sends them to the Moon, where Shadowfright takes the Nightmare Forces with him, including Jerome. Shadowfright then says "Sic 'em boys!" After they're defeated, Shadowfright attacks himself.

Sub-Boss 7: Shadowfright

Like Nightmare Rarity, Shadowfright attacks with dark magic, but his magic does more damage. He'll later call backup with more Nightmare Forces. After being defeated, he turns back to normal.

They go back to the castle where Nightmare Moon is waiting for them. When the Mane Six get the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon grabs them, saying "I'll take these. But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!!"

Boss: Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon attacks with magic, a moon-themed scythe & 3 balls that shoots lunar magic. She can plunge the Mane Six into a nightmare. She can also turn into mist to protect herself & move easier. Once defeated, she turns back into Luna, who then runs off.

As the Mane Six go back to bed, Luna tells Celestia that the Main Six might have caused the time paradox. Celestia says ominously "All we can do is wait, Luna."

Chapter 3: Ponyville Stage 2

At Zecora's hut, she notices that someone took the Alicorn Amulet. Trixie is then seen crying over what happened in Boast Busters. She then gets approached by the 2 ponies from before. The male pony persuades her to take revenge on the Mane Six. The female pony then gives her the Alicorn Amulet. Trixie puts it on & as the last of her tears fall, she opens her eyes, which are now, red in anger.

When the Mane Six wake up, they notice outside of Ponyville. They also see that Trixie toke over Ponyville. As they go through the outskirts, they get attacked. Gilda appears to explain they've been exiled. Rainbow & Pinkie try to reason with Gilda, but Gilda says to Rainbow "You only meet these dweebs for 4 days when I came over, yet you stick to their side?" After her minions are defeated, she says "I won't let hurt Trix!"

Sub-Boss 1: Gilda

Like Lightning Dust, Gilda will dash all over the place & create a tornado. She also will slash her claws & shoot feathers at Rainbow & Pinkie. She'll later summon Griffins to back herself up. After Gilda is defeated, Fluttershy roars in her face which shocks Gilda & she says "I always wanted to do that." After that, Rainbow apologizes to Gilda for abandoning her. Pinkie says "I'm sorry! I didn't know that pranking you over & over again, wasn't the way to get you to stop being an asshole." Everyone is shocked at Pinkie for swearing. Gilda just says "I got that from Iron Will." They wave bye to Gilda & move on.

They enter an area of Ponyville that's flooded. They also get attacked by Cassie & her kelpies, but this time the Mane Six have earplugs. Pinkie then tells the kelpies to promise that they wouldn't attack them anymore. The kelpies promise & then the raft gets slashed by 2 blades. Pinkie manages to hang on as her friends apparently drown. Pinkie gets mad at the kelpies & yells "YOU PINKIE PROMISED!!!!" Her mood turns from mad to scared when she sees Capriconus, whose under Trixie's control.

Sub-Boss 2: Capricornus

Capricornus attacks by splashing water around to creates waves. He also uses 2 Demon Great Machetes to slice Pinkie. He'll later fire stars rings from his horns. After being defeated, he's free, but his orange color fades & he passes out. The water also subsides, causing the kelpies to get dragged back into the river. Pinkie finds out her friends have survived & saw the whole fight. After that, they move on.

They crash a party & the guests attack them. They then see DJ Pon-3 place a record on the DJ system & Octavia Melody start playing her bass to them. They're playing their boss theme.

Sub-Boss 3: DJ Pon-3 & Octavia Melody

DJ Pon-3 & Octavia Melody will ride on music waves as they attack. DJ Pon-3 attacks with her DJ Station, where it fires soundwaves. It mostly shoots missile & mechanical fists. She'll also create a light show which can confuse the Mane Six so Octavia could attack. She also will deploy explosive boomboxs. She'll later fire her Bass Cannon & shoot eyebeams. Octavia, meanwhile, will attacks with her own music. She can put the Mane Six asleep, just so DJ Pon-3 can get a free shot. She can also fire vows like arrows & boomerangs, thanks to 4 mechanical arms. They will also get on the Bassmobile & try to run over the six. Once they're defeated, the Mane Six move on after DJ Pon-3 & Octavia apologizes & say that Trixie mind-controlled them.

They reach Pinkie's rock farm where they get attacked by the Diamond Dogs. Rover explains that Trixie recruited them & they were the ones to drag them out of their houses. Maud Pie appears, who explains they're her minions. She also explains that she's in a relationship with Trixie & thus doesn't want the Mane Six to hurt Trixie.

Sub-Boss 4: Maud Pie

Maud Pie packs quite a punch. She can punch & kick pretty hard. She'll use a hammer as well. She'll also ground pound which causes an earthquake. She'll later use geomancy because of her connection to the rocks. After Maud is defeated, she is deeply sorry for trying to hurt her sister. She also tells them where Trixie is.

After getting attacked by Garble & his dragon gang, Trixie sends the Ursa Minor to the Mane Six. Twilight tries to use the music spell from last time, but the bear makes earplugs out of wood. Then the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 5: Ursa Minor

The Ursa Minor attacks like a bear. He bites & slashes his claws. He'll later shoot stars from the star on its head. After his defeat, his blue color fades & passes out. Twilight realized that it did make sense why would Trixie use the creature that ruin her life against them.

When they reach Trixie at night, Garble & his gang hold Twilight's friends to keep them from interfering the battle.

Boss: Trixie Lulamoon

Trixie first attacks with magic tricks. She shoots cards & a saw used for cutting a box in a half. Later, she fires laser beam from her laser cannon on her back & drop houses on you. After she's defeated, Trixie snaps out of it & rips off the Alicorn Amulet. Tearful, she apologizes for what happened. Twilight tells her "You can stay with us until we find you a new home."

After Trixie get herself settled in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom, everyone goes to bed.

Chapter 4: Everfree Forest

At Fluttershy's cottage, the ponies from before, sneak in & hypnotize Discord, who woke up because of them, into going back to his evil ways. When the Mane Six wake up, they find their cutie marks are glowing again with Ponyville warped up, plunderseeds all over the place & the forest animals attacking everyone. The Mane Six, especially Twilight & Fluttershy, yell at the top of their lungs, "DISCORD!!!!!!" Then, they reach Celestia who tells them to save the Tree of Harmony.

As the Mane Six travel into the forest to save the Tree of Harmony, Trixie wants to join & Twilight says "You can come along. We're going need all the help we need." After a while, Trixie & the Mane Six get attacked with stars again. This time, Rainbow Dash gets out of the way & this time, the entity responsible is Taurus, whose under Discord's control.

Sub-Boss 1: Taurus

Taurus attacks like any other bull. He mostly charges toward Rainbow Dash. He will jump to impale Rainbow like a fighting bull. Like Capricornus, he also use a Demon's Greataxe to chop Rainbow. Later, he turns red & is able to shoot stars from his horns. In the end, Taurus collapses & his blue color fades. After Rainbow's friends wake up, they continue onto the Tree of Harmony.

After while, they find that Well-to-Do is reconstructing the amusement park which meant he was never eaten by the Hydra. After tricking the creatures into attacking his men, Well-to-Do gets in a crane & the battle begins.

Sub-Boss 2: Well-to-Do

Well-to-Do mostly attacks by grabbing the Mane Six with the claw. He'll also drop debris on them. He'll later summon Minotaurs to back him up. After being defeated, the crane malfunctions & collapses. It crushes Well-to-Do under its weight. After that, he tells them that maybe King Aspen has an answer for them.

The Mane Six & Trixie head to Froggy Bottom Bog. There, they see King Aspen, who whistles for the Hydra to go get the Mane Six.

Sub-Boss 3: Hydra

The Hydra will just strike its heads at the Mane Six. It will later shoot water from the bog it's swimming in. After it's defeated, it destroys the opening to Thicket. The Mane Six & Trixie then head to Thicket.

Once at Thicket, Aspen finally explains why is he expanding the forest, "All of you ponies have betrayed us again & so you must be punished." Trixie tells him, "Hey! I'm the only one who brags about what I do to the neighsayers, you hypocrite!" Aspen then says, "Hypocrite?!" Then the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 4: King Aspen

King Aspen will charge like a deer & use a Root Sword. He'll also shoots magic from his antlers. He'll later control plants to lash at the Mane Six & summon deer to help him. After being defeated, Twilight says to him "Wow, Trixie's right! You are a hypocrite!" He then tells them that Discord told him that Celestia abandoned him again. The Mane Six & Trixie then continue to find Discord.

They reach a river where the Tree of Harmony is on the other side. So Twilight turns herself & her friends into Merponies in order to swim better in the river. When the Cragadile attacks them, Fluttershy says in an Australian accent, "CRIKEY!!! Look at this bloke!" It then blocks Fluttershy from the others.

Sub-Boss 5: Cragadile

The Cragadile attacks exactly like a crocodile. It can charge at Fluttershy. It will also bite her & swipe its tail. It'll later summons crocodiles to back him up. Its skin makes the health bar go down a lot slower, because it's so hard. So it can take quite a beating. After it's defeated, the Mane Six & Trixie move on.

They then notice part of the forest is flooded. There, they encounter Squirk, who with his Flashstone Amulet caused the flood. After some banter, they fight Squirk.

Sub-Boss 6: Squirk

Squirk summons a whirlpool where debris can damage them. He will attack with his tentacles & a trident he has with him. He'll shoot water from his mouth like the Hydra. He'll later shoot magic from the Flashstone Amulet. After the fight, everyone falls back into the water. Squirk is revealed to be unconscious, while the Mane Six & Trixie turn themselves back to normal & continue to look for Discord.

Everyone but Trixie gets knocked out by a star ray. Trixie turns to see the Ursa Major, whose under Discord's control. Its growls causes her to gulp, but she pulls herself together.

Sub-Boss 7: Ursa Major

The Ursa Major has the same attacks as the Ursa Minor. However, she can also fire a star ray out of his mouth. She'll later be able to cause a star storm. After being defeated, the Ursa Major collapses & her purple color fades. The Mane Six wake up & are shocked to Trixie vanquish the Ursa Major, which Applejack, Rainbow & Rarity to apologize to her for not believing her. After that, they continue to find Discord.

When they reach the Tree of Harmony, it's turned black & covered with plunderseeds. Discord then teleports the hedge maze before them, causing them to react their first encounter with him. Applejack encounters 3 piles of apples who try to persuade her by showing the puddle from before, but she says "What's that supposed ta mean? You trying to say that what I just saw in that over-sized puddle is gonna happen? What do ya'll take me for? A dummy?!" A pile of apples tries to persuade her, but she interrupts "Why should I just stand here and be lied to by a bunch of talking apples! Ah gotta help mah friends get those Elements & defeat Discord, so get outta mah way!"

Discord uses the smiley faced balloons from before on Pinkie. However, she insteads starts laughing. They were able to save Rarity from tempting diamonds & Fluttershy stood up to Discord when in butterfly form. They also found Rainbow & made it to the Tree. Discord then appears teleports them to a warped Ponyville. When they use the Elements, Discord snaps his fingers & the Elements appear in his hand. Fluttershy notices Discord's eye color & says "Girls, WAIT!!! Discord didn't betray us! He's mind-controlled!" However, Twilight's blast hits Discord, causing him to say "You wanna play like that? Fine!"

Boss: Discord

Discord will drink a glass & throws the explosive chocolate milk at the Mane Six. He punches & also slashes his claws. He fires warp blasts & teleports all over the place. He'll also turn the stage upside down, invert the controls & grabs their health bars & his own & cause them to fire blasts before giving them back. He snaps his fingers to cause chocolate hail to fall from the sky. It later changes to anvils, pianos, safes & boulders. His last attack opening a portal to another dimension & a puppet head comes in & bites them. After being defeated, the mind-control wears off. Discord undoes everything & apologizes. Fluttershy, of course, forgives him.

Discord gives Trixie a new home. He then goes to sleep with Fluttershy as Day 4 comes an end, wondering how he got mind-controlled.

Chapter 5: Appleoosa

On Day 5, Ahuizotl gets a letter from one of the 2 ponies & the treasure Daring Do stole from him. He'll also places the ring on the pedestal & takes control of the sun. Daring Do, meanwhile, gets to Ahuizotl, but he tells her that they have to work together in order for the procedure to begin. Daring Do asks "What if Rainbow & her friends find out?" Ahuizotl tells them if they get to her, lie to them about what's happening & once they get to him, betray them. Daring Do, at first, refuses, but then the 2 ponies appear & tell them that she has to do it for the fate of the world & thus she accepts.

The Mane Six wake up, sweating & notice a full-scale riot heading to Canterlot. When Twilight & friends get to Canterlot & ask Celestia what's going on. She says she lost control over the sun. Rainbow says "I think I know whose behind this!" So then the Mane Six head to Appleoosa on the Friendship Express. Meanwhile the 2 mysterious ponies start selling air conditioners & TVs. The Mane Six also notice them on the train & Twilight asks "Shouldn't this not exist yet?" However, as they're getting closer, the bison & settlers try to derail the train, thinking the Mane Six took control of the sun. After they failed to derail the train & Twilight levitates the train over a piece of the track that got blown up. Little Strongheart & Braeburn, using cellphones they got from the 2 ponies, ask Silverstar & Thunderhooves what now & they say to send in the Tatzlwurm.

The Mane Six then see rippling in the dirt & the Tatzlwurm comes out & slams the train off the tracks. When Twilight's friends ask her what's that, she says "That's the worm from when Discord was faking the illness!" It grabs Twilight's friends & eats them. This gets Twilight to fight it & the Tatzlwurm roars.

Sub-Boss 1: Tatzlwurm

The Tatzlwurm will dive into the dirt & hit Twilight from below. It also bites & spits out its tentacles from its mouth. Later, it'll shoot poison as well. After being defeated, it spits out Twilight's friends & collapses. After getting the train back on the rails, they continue to Appleoosa. Braeburn calls Silverstar to tell them "They got past the Tatzlwurm! What are we going to do?" Silverstar replies "Leave them to us."

Once they get Appleoosa, more bison & settlers attack them. Eventually they run into Silverstar whose riding on Thunderhooves.

Sub-Boss 2: Chief Thunderhooves & Sheriff Silverstar

Chief Thunderhooves will mostly charge at the Mane Six. He'll also slam the ground & jump pound the ground a couple times. He'll later call in some bison to help him out. Sheriff Silverstar, meanwhile, will throw apple pies & fires his gun. He can get knocked off Thunderhooves if he's hit enough, leaving him vulnerable to attack for a bit, until he gets back on Thunderhooves. Like Thunderhooves, Silverstar will later call in some settlers to help him out. Once they're both defeated, they apologize, realizing the Mane Six couldn't have taken control of the sun.

They also notice most of the residents are missing. Suddenly, Jim the Cave Troll comes in & grabs the Mane Six & Silverstar takes them to his cave. There, they find the missing settlers, including Braeburn. Jim ties the Mane Six & Silverstar to the settlers, who he shape into a pony his size. He takes the living pony plushie to his couch & watches TV. Pinkie wondered "Where's Fluffy?" & Twilight wondered why Jim has a TV? So Twilight & Silverstar tell everyone to work together & move the troll-size pony plushie away from Jim after he fell asleep. They run into Ahuizotl & Twilight orders him to give back the control of the sun to Celestia. However, Ahuizotl says "Oh, Jim! I found your pony!" Jim comes crashing in & the ponies are forced to fight him.

Sub-Boss 3: Jim the Cave Troll

Jim will punch the ponies. He will also a club he has to swing or slam at the Mane Six. He'll later pound the ground, causing stalactites to fall. After being defeated, Jim starts crying. Twilight & the others, having regretted what they just did, join in on the crying. After Ahuizotl leaves, he sheds a tear as well, but wipes it away. After comforting Jim, Twilight tells the settlers to go home & Silverstar thanks her. After that, the Mane Six move on.

They find Ahuizotl again, but web shots grab Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity & Applejack. Pinkie tells Twilight "I'll go get Jim!", but grabbed too. Twilight bumps into the Giant Tarantula & he webs her too. After Ahuizotl leaves, the spiders begin their feast. The Derpider takes Applejack's hat back, vomits down her throat & sucks the juices out of Applejack. After that, he drops her corpse to the ground. The others do the same thing with Rarity, Dash & Pinkie. With the 2 of them left, Fluttershy tries to use the Stare on him, while Twilight uses a magic bolt. However, the Giant Tarantula pokes Fluttershy's eyes & bites off Twilight's horn. He then eats Fluttershy first & then Twilight, as she tries use a transformation spell on herself & her friends, but she gets eaten & he drops her & Fluttershy 's corpses. After coughing out a ball of magic, the Giant Tarantula pulls a sheet & checks off "Busted" on it.

Later, while the Giant Tarantula's sleeping, the Derpider gets ambushed & an orange spider takes Applejack's hat. The other spiders get ambushed too. The web vibrations wakes the Giant Tarantula up, but then some bodies come in, telling him "Shhh, it's nothing. Just go back to sleep." He does, but he gets a "Wait a minute" look & counts the bodies where there are 6. He throws the bodies off him & realizes that the magic ball he coughed up, resurrected the Mane Six & turn them into spiderponies. He hisses in rage & the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 4: Giant Tarantula

The Giant Tarantula will punch the Mane Six & alternates between dangeling from silk & being on the webs. He'll shoot webs & slam them into the dirt. He also has missile launchers on his sides. He shoots a M99 rifle or a Armalite AR-50 which both have a laser to show where is he going to shoot. He'll later call in spiders to help him & water starts flooding the area. After being defeated, the Giant Tarantula passes out & dangles on the web he was hanging on, which then snaps & he falls to the ground. After Twilight turns herself & her friends back to normal, they finally get out of the caves & continue go after Ahuizotl.

In the Tenochtitlan Basin, they find Daring Do getting attacked by Dr. Caballeron. After distracting him, the Mane Six fight him.

Sub-Boss 5: Dr. Caballeron

Caballeron punches & kicks. He also shoots his gun at Rainbow Dash. Later, he call in his minions for backup. After he's defeated, Daring Do thanks them & takes the Mane Six to Ahuizotl. Little did they know she luring them to the Flame Geyser Swamp.

As they go through the Flame Geyser Swamp, they run into the Chimera, who Ahuizotl recruited. Daring Do purposely hurt herself. The Chimera tells Applejack's friends that they have a score to settle with Applejack.

Sub-Boss 6: Chimera

The Chimera will pounce & slash her claws. She'll charge at Applejack & bite her with her snake tail. She'll later pound the ground to summon fire bursts & summons more cats. After being defeated, she collapses & Applejack, Daring Do & the others continue to Ahuizotl's temple.

They reach Ahuizotl's temple & fight more enemies & avoid traps. Once they reach Ahuizotl, Daring Do does her end of the deal & betrays the Mane Six. After a kiss, Ahuizotl leaves. Rainbow is now so pissed that her own hero could side with her enemy.

Sub-Boss 7: Daring Do

Daring Do mostly punches, kicks & uses a bullwhip like Indiana Jones. She'll also step on certain tiles which will predict what attack is coming: If she steps forward, poison darts coming at Rainbow. If steps back, fires will stream on Rainbow. After defeat, she collapses & Rainbow continue without her.

The Mane Six reach Ahuizotl & Twilight says "I'm going to ask you 1 more time: GIVE BACK CELESTIA'S CONTROL OVER THE SUN!!!!" Ahuizotl doesn't respond & pulls a lever opening the ceiling, where a solar storm is happening.

Boss: Ahuizotl

Ahuizotl can go onto the walls & throw blocks or the ceiling to punch them. He'll charge a punch as well. Also, he uses traps like Daring Do: spike walls, snakes, spiders, lava & quicksand which can slow the Mane Six. He'll later snaps his fingers & 1 of 2 things will happen: his cat minions will come in or a solar flare will strike the area. After his defeat, the solar storm stops.

After Celestia gets control back, Day 5 comes to a close & everyone goes to sleep.

Chapter 6: Sweet Apple Acres

On Day 6, it shows Flim & Flam arguing over what to sell everyone now. They get approached by the 2 mysterious ponies who say "We have an offer you wouldn't refuse." Twilight wakes up to that she & everyone got a TV, a air conditioner & some video game consoles. While Spike plays some video games, Twilight meets up with the others. Applejack tells them that she got kicked out of Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight also notices Fluttershy's gone too. So they head to Sweet Apple Acres to get Applejack's home back.

When they arrive, they get attacked by fruit bats & vampire fruit bats. They eventually find Fluttershy who has been turned into Flutterbat again. Flutterbat then takes Applejack with her.

Sub-Boss 1: Flutterbat

Flutterbat attacks with divebombs & bites. She'll later call in vampiric fruit bats to back her up. After being defeated, Flutterbat turns back into Fluttershy. After that, they continue on.

After fighting some Timberwolves, the Mane Six run into the Timberwolf King. They throw a rock down its throat, but it coughs it out. Then the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 2: Timberwolf King

The Timberwolf King pounces like other Timberwolves. It'll also fire a poisonous breath. It'll later summons Timberwolves to back it up. After it dies, the Mane Six continue onwards.

They eventually run into King Longhorn. Applejack asks "Can you get Flim & Flam off my property?" King Longhorn refuses & pushes Applejack into a tree. When Applejack asks Twilight to hurt her, she mentions her refusal to hurt sentinel, non-magical creatures. Longhorn then says "Then explain the spider." Twilight then says "How did you know about..", but gets cut off & thrown into AJ's barn. As Longhorn approaches the others, the barn explodes & Twilight comes flying in & says "Oh, screw this! You're going down!" & Applejack says "I'm right behind you!"

Sub-Boss 3: King Longhorn

He'll charge like a bull. He'll kick Applejack & Twilight. He also shoots an cannon he got from Flim & Flam. He'll later call in the other members of his gang to back him up. After being defeated, Longhorn tells them where Flim & Flam are.

When they reach Flim & Flam, they get on their Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 & the battle begins.

Boss: Flim & Flam

Flim & Flam try run over the Mane Six with the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. They'll also fires cannons from it & shoot green magic. They activate the vacuum & try to suck up the Mane Six. After they're defeated, the SSCS6 collapses. Flim & Flam then give back Applejack her home & Applejack lets them sleep here.

To celebrate, the Mane Six & Spike drink cider & plays Dark Souls, Castle Crashers & several Mario games until they pass out.

Chapter 7: Cloudsdale

The 2 mysterious ponies sneak into the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom to use the mirror. There, they lure Sunset Shimmer & force her to help them. They also pick up the Dazzlings who say "You!" Sonata then explains "We didn't mean you." referring the female pony, "We mean you & you.", referring to the male pony & Sunset. They also take Twilight's human counterpart back with them. The 2 tells them to go to Cloudsdale & lure the Mane Six there.

In the morning, the Mane Six notice the weather's gone crazy & Rainbow Dash realize it's coming from Cloudsdale. Once there, Twilight casts her walking on clouds spell & they begin their journey. After a while, they find the Dazzlings & Twilight asks "What are you three doing here?!" Spotted, Adagio tells Aria to take care of them & she takes Sonata with her.

Sub-Boss 1: Aria Blaze

Aria attacks with green magic & sonic screams. She'll later use her unique attack which is a whirlwind as she spins around to hit Dash. After she's defeated, Aria tells them where Adagio & Sonata went, before falling unconscious. After that, the Mane Six continue their search for Adagio.

As they go on, the Wonderbolts attack them. After beating them, Rainbow asks Soarin why is her doing this. He says "It's the chief's orders, dudette." After getting to Spitfire, she attacks them & Rainbow says "Oh come on! First Daring Do, now this? Why does this game hate me?"

Sub-Boss 2: Spitfire

Spitfire attacks with punches & divebombs. Sometimes she slams her hoof to ground, which causes lightning strikes. Later, she blows her whistle & Wonderbolts will back her up. After being defeated, she apologizes for thinking the Mane Six caused what happening & calls off the Wonderbolts. After that, they continue on their search for Adagio.

They reach Adagio & Sonata. Adagio escapes & Sonata is left to fight the Mane Six. She gets a phone call from Marÿke Hendrikse, who asks her to let them past. Sonata says "Yeah, well, fuck you, Maryke." Twilight asks "Why are everyone starting to swear?" Sonata answers "This game is rated T for teen." Twilight says "Game?" Sonata says "We're all in a video game." Pinkie interrupts "Hey, that's MY job to break the fourth wall." Sonata fires a blast at the Mane Six & then comes to them & slapping them to wake them up. She says "Hey, wake up! Rise & Shine, stubby! You have to fight me, wake up! That's for Shake Your Tail! That's for the Battle of the Bands! That's for redeeming Sunset! That's for hurting Aria! Why! Won't! You! Wake! UP!!!" They eventually do & the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 3: Sonata Dusk

As you seen, Sonata's attack pattern is based off Deadpool. She does shoot green magic & sonic waves like Aria. She can split into 3 Sonatas. One falcon punches, one uses swords & one shoots magic & sonic waves. She detonate bombs causing tidal waves to appear. She also has a lot fourth wall breaking abilities. This includes: calling in fanboys, grabbing her & your health bars, like Discord & swing them around & distracting the gamer with a bedroom eyes stare. After the fight, like Jim, Sonata will start crying. Pinkie apologizes & the Mane Six give her some tacos from their packs but she passes out beforehand. After they leave, Sonata gets up & says to the gamer "I think they bought it. Alright, see you in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom", grabs the tacos that the Mane Six left & leaves.

The Mane Six eventually find Arabus causing the storm. After trying to talk him out of it, the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 4: Arabus

Arabus attacks with wind gusts. He does wind slashes & fires a homing tornado at the Mane Six. He'll later create a larger tornado which will drop debris & fire lightning out of his hands. After he's defeated, he falls unconscious & the Mane Six continue on.

They reach Adagio again, this time she says "God, you girls are persistent!" She then calls "Oh, Sunny! Found your friends!" Sunset Shimmer appears to them & she says "You called, Dagi?" Adagio tells her to get rid of them. Sunset says "With pleasure!" Twilight notices Sunset's eyes are green, which meant that like Discord, Sunset's mind-controlled. After a little scuffle, she fires a fireball like the one in Equestria Girls at them, which supposedly kills them. However, six blasts of magic covers the Mane Six, turning them into demons based off Sunset's demon form. Before the fight, Sunset says to the gamer, "Well, at least this won't be anticlimactic like last time."

Sub-Boss 5: Sunset Shimmer

Sunset starts with shoots magic & fire balls. She then sprout fire wings & dashes all over, while also shooting fireballs out of them. She summons Phoenixes to back her up. She later goes into her demon form. Here, her fireballs do more damage & fires green magic. She'll then call in demon ponies to help her. After being defeated, the mind control wears off & Sunset apologizes. She also tells them where Adagio went before passing out. After that, they move on.

They encounter the Jersey Devil whose eating some dead Pegasi. After defeating him, they continue, until all but Rainbow get hit with stars again, this time Cygnus is the one who shot them, whose under Midnight Sparkle's control. Rainbow says "Is every constellation under a villain's control?!"

Sub-Boss 6: Cygnus

Cygnus attacks like an agitated swan. She dashes all over Dash. She'll also shoots cosmic feathers out of her wings. She shoots stars from her beak. Later, when she dashes, stars fall onto Dash. After being defeated, Cygnus collapses & her green color fades. After Rainbow's friends wake up, they continue on to find Adagio.

They finally find Adagio who finally decides to fight them.

Sub-Boss 7: Adagio Dazzle

Adagio fires green magic & sonic waves. She also can summons holograms from Aria & Sonata. She later summons Sirens to back her up. After she's defeated, she says "Alright, I tell you, jeez! Your human counterpart was convinced to bring us here." After Adagio passes out, Twilight says "I have a human counterpart?!"

They encounter the Mothman outside the Weather Factory & after defeating him, they go inside. They eventually meet with Twilight's human counterpart. She summons a mech resembles the Mane Six, the Sirens & Sunset.

Boss: Midnight Sparkle

She controls the mech. The mech fist pounds, fires lasers & jumps to squish you. After the mech destroyed, Human Twilight becomes her harmonized form & fires all types of magic. After she's defeated, the Weather Factory collapses with everyone in it.

The Mothman, having survived his beating, brings the few surviving Amalaric Snipers. They carry the bodies of the Mane Six, Aria, Adagio & Sunset. Everyone wakes up & Twilight says "You can stay here until we get you a new home." The Mothman visits Canterlot & Celestia realizes "He's warning us about something worse than this."

Chapter 8: Ponyville Stage 3

In a cave system, Starlight is lamenting on how could equality be stamped out by friendship. She encounters the 2 mysterious ponies. They ask her to lure the Mane Six out, & Starlight asks "If I'm going to do that, I'm going need your cutie marks." She tries to take theirs, but they shock her with a electric blast. The male pony says "We need ours for a last resort." He also gives her the Staff of Sameness & says "If you get defeated by the Mane Six, then I'm taking my staff back. Besides, this staff doesn't equalize anything." Starlight then realizes who she's talking to & says "Star Swirl?! But, but, but I found your staff, because you're dead." Star Swirl laughs "Oh, I am still very much alive." Starlight also says "Then who is she?" The female reveals herself as Fausticorn. Starlight is shocked & says "You're my creator?!" Faust says "Yes, however, this wasn't how you were supposed to turn out." They then tell Starlight to do what they said.

The Mane Six wake up to the Cutie Marks glowing again, but this time Sunset & the sirens' marks glowing as well. They go inside part of Ponyville has been equalized. So they decide to look for Starlight & finds Dr. Whooves. They ask him to use his TARDIS to speed up the search. Dr. Whooves says no because it would cause a time paradox.

Sub-Boss 1: Dr. Whooves

Dr. Whooves mostly attacks with his sonic screwdriver. It fires lasers, fire & soundwaves. It also can disarm the Mane Six, Sunset & the Sirens with it. He will later use it to heal himself & summon the TARDIS to rush them & protect him from their attacks. He'll also summon Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen & Vashta Nerada. After he's defeated, he lets them use his TARDIS, but he wants to come along to find Derpy.

They get attacked by Mare Do Well & Twilight says "How can we & Mare Do Well be in the area?!" Sonata says "Wait, you're Mare Do Well? Then whose this?" Mare Do Well reveals herself as an alicorn robot created by Starlight.

Sub-Boss 2: Mare Do Well

Mare Do Well attacks with punches & kicks. She can use magic. She also can use Mararangs & her Mare Grappling Claw. She later can summon Mare-mobile to rush them. After being defeated, she shuts down & falls apart. After that, the Mane Six, Sunset, the Sirens & Dr. Whooves continue on.

They find Derpy going on a rampage over the fact that Starlight got rid of every muffin in Ponyville. They end up fighting her after she throws Twilight. Twilight says "Pardon my language, we're going piss off so many bronies with this fight!"

Sub-Boss 3: Derpy Hooves

Derpy attacks with punches & rushes. She throws packages with bombs in them & shoots lasers out of her eyes. She'll later drops hate comments from Derpygate on them. After being defeated, Derpy says "I just want some muffins!!!", before crying, so Dr. Whooves gives her up & takes her back to his place. The Mane Six, Sunset & the Sirens then continue on.

After awhile, stars hit the the Mane Six & the Sirens. Sunset then notices Scorpius & asks "What? Is Starlight controlling you?" Scorpius shaking his head no & the fight begins.

Sub-Boss 4: Scorpius

Scorpius attacks like a scorpion. He will strike & snap his claws. He'll try whack his tail at Sunset & try to sting her. Later, he fires stars from his tail. After being defeated, Scorpius collapses & his red color fades. After the Mane Six & Sirens wake up, they move on.

They then get attacked by Sugar Belle, Night Glider & Party Favor, who aren't equalized. Double Diamond explains that Starlight let them keep their cutie marks if they help her. After his friends are defeated, Double Diamond fights them.

Sub-Boss 5: Double Diamond

Double Diamond rushes at them. He also strikes them with icicles. He later shoots an giant iceball that will bounce all over the place & drop giant snowflakes on them. After being defeated, he tells them where Starlight is & they move on.

They eventually reach Starlight, whose shocked that they got to her. Before the fight, Starlight tells them, the staff belongs to Star Swirl. She also tells them that he is alive.

Boss: Starlight Glimmer

Starlight fires a blast at them. She also uses the staff to whack them & take their cutie marks away to temporarily disable them, except the Sirens. She'll later call in equalized ponies to back her up. After being defeated, Twilight punches her in the face & says "I still have my hooves, smartass!" She tells her friends "What, you swore, so I thought it was my turn." Starlight then apologizes & explains that Star Swirl told her to do this, but no one believes.

After forgiving her, they let Starlight go back to Our Town. When questioned why she wouldn't go with Starlight, Sunset explains she needs to reconcile with Celestia. After they leave, Star Swirl picks up his staff & Faust says "Maybe we should get Twilight & her friends to join us." Star Swirl says "I'm not sure about that. Besides we still got some choices left." They leave & continue arguing.

Chapter 9: Canterlot

Star Swirl & Faust eventually find themselves in the Changeling Kingdom. There they get Queen Chrysalis to help them. At Canterlot, Chrysalis & her changelings arrive & she also tells Celestia & Luna that Star Swirl sent them. She also says they need to lure the Mane Six into a trap.

The Mane Six wake up to their cutie marks glowing again, this time trying to resist. They then notice Canterlot covered in changelings. So they get Sunset & the Sirens & head to Canterlot. However, once getting to a few guards surrounded by changelings, Celestia & Chrysalis tell them "NOW!" & the guards & changelings corner them. After a fight, they run into Prince Blueblood.

Sub-Boss 1: Prince Blueblood

Blueblood just punches & kicks. He later shoots a magic blast. After being defeated, he tells them where he saw the princesses. With that, the Mane Six, Sunset & the Sirens move on.

After a bit, Sergio attacks them, being under Chrysalis' control.

Sub-Boss 2: Sergio

Sergio attacks like any other dragon. However, he'll later cause lightning bolts & meteor showers by causing a volcanic eruption. After he's defeated, the Mane Six & the others move on.

Sub-Boss 3: Princess Luna

Luna attacks with scream of rage & lunar beams. She later uses ice blasts & drops the moon on you. After being defeated, she escapes & the Mane Six, Sunset & the Sirens.

Chapter 10: Manehattan

Chapter 11: The Crystal Empire

Chapter 12: Tartarus


Ponyville Stage 1

  • Parasprites
  • Breezies
    • Seabreeze
  • Twittermites
  • Fillies
    • Sunflower
    • Silver Spoon
    • Snips & Snails
  • Ponies
    • Earth Ponies
    • Pegasi
    • Unicorns

Castle of the 2 Sisters

  • Bats
    • Giant Bats
  • Ravens
  • Owls
  • Will O'Wisps
  • Skeletons
    • Spear Skeletons
    • Bull Skeletons
    • Bone Scimitar
    • Ape Skeletons
    • Bone Archer
    • Boomerang Skeleton
    • Mace Skeletons
    • Bone Muskets
    • Skeleton Rex
  • Bears
  • Owlbears
  • Manticores
    • Manny Roar
    • Melvin
  • Olden Pony
  • Rarity Cloud
  • Apple Bloom’s Shadow
  • Living Trees
  • Wolfponies
  • Steven Magnet
  • Shadowbolts
    • Nightingale
    • Descent
    • Haze
  • Tombstones
  • Stone Gargoyles
    • Dragon Gargoyles
  • Star Spiders
  • Ouija Tables
  • Spectral Swords
  • Knights
    • Rock Knights
    • Spear Knights
    • Sword Knights
      • Victor Armors
    • Flying Knights
    • Axe Knights
    • Disc Knights
    • Archer Knights
    • Flail Knights
    • Bomb Knights
    • Gun Knights
  • Ghosts
  • Banshees
  • Specters
  • Wraiths
  • Poltergeists
  • Moon Slugs
  • Night Guards
  • Nightmare Forces
    • Jerome
    • Doran
    • Gaiaman

Ponyville Stage 2

  • Lavender Lace
  • Fuchsia Bush
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Diamond Dogs
    • Rover
    • Spot
    • Fido
    • Diamond Dog Guard
  • Teenage Dragons
    • Garble
    • Spear
    • Clump
    • Fizzle
    • Baff
    • Vex
    • Fume
  • Griffons
    • Gaston
    • Giselle
    • Natayla
  • Kelpies
    • Cassie
  • Minotaurs
    • Iron Will

Everfree Forest

  • Jackalopes
  • Cockatrices
  • Carnivorous Plants
    • Stone Roses
    • Treants
  • Timberwolves
  • Dover Demon
  • Dragons
    • Basil
    • Reginald
  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Minotaurs
  • Jargon
  • Drop Bears
  • Rhinos
  • Baboons
  • Gorillas
  • Bigfoot
  • Elephants
  • Deer
    • Blackthorn
    • Bramble
  • Piranhas
  • Electric Eels
  • Merponies
  • Crocodiles
  • Hippos
  • Plunderseeds
    • Gas Vines
  • Dinosaurs
    • Compsognathus
    • Velociraptor
    • Stegosaurus
    • Diplodocus
    • Pteranodon
    • Triceratops
    • Tyrannosaurus
    • Spinosaurus
  • Discorded Apple Piles
  • Discorded Balloons
  • Discorded Butterflies
  • Discorded Ponies
  • Screwball
  • Cave Creatures


  • Bison
    • Little Strongheart
  • Settlers
    • Duke Silversaddle
    • Troubleshoes Clyde
    • Braeburn
  • Rock Lobsters
    • Iggy
    • Metty
    • Seddy
  • Frogs
  • Toads
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Killer Fishes
  • Dragons
  • Quarry Eels
  • Spiders
    • Green Spider
    • Purple Spider
    • Blue Spider
    • Derpider
  • Golems
  • Dr. Caballeron's men
  • Lizardponies
  • Ectoplasm
  • Mummies
  • Ahuizotl's cats
    • Tiger
    • Jaguar
    • Lynx
    • Cheetah
    • Kitten
  • Chupacabra
  • Cult Members

Sweet Apple Acres

  • Living Apples
  • Fruit Bats
  • Vampire Fruit Bats
  • Apple Family Members
    • Granny Smith
    • Big McIntosh
  • Silver Shill
  • Sass Squash
  • Bulls
    • Angus McSteer
    • Buffalo Bull
    • Doc Holstein
    • Jersey Shore
  • Timberwolves


  • Phoenixes
  • Boy Bullies
    • Hoops
    • Dumbbell
    • Score
  • Hypnotized Ponies
    • Hypnotized Earth Ponies
    • Hypnotized Pegasi
    • Hypnotized Unicorns
  • Harpies
  • Griffins
  • Hippogryphs
  • Winged Skeletons
  • Gorgons
    • Medusa
  • Wonderbolts
    • Soarin
    • Echo Fleetfoot
    • Surprise
    • Thunderlance
    • Cloudchaser
    • Flitter
    • Bulk Biceps
  • Stolas
  • Jersey Devil
  • Amalaric Snipers
  • Demon Ponies
  • Demons
    • Earth Demons
    • Thunder Demons
    • Fire Demons
    • Ice Demons
    • Sea Demons
    • Wind Demons
  • Sirens
  • Mothman

Ponyville Stage 3

  • Cloud Gremlins
    • Big Boy
    • Runt
  • Marine Sandwich
  • Mayor Mare
  • Cybermen
  • Weeping Angels
  • Daleks
  • Book Villains
    • Queen Trottingham
    • Loki
    • Lord Voldemort
    • White Witch
    • Daenarys Targaryen
    • Antonio
  • Bookworm
  • Equalized Ponies
    • Sugar Belle
    • Party Favor
    • Night Glider
  • Mirror Ponies
    • Mirror Twilight
    • Mirror Fluttershy
    • Mirror Rarity
    • Mirror Pinkie
    • Mirror Dash
    • Mirror Applejack
    • Mirror Maud
    • Mirror Gilda
    • Mirror Derpy
    • Mirror Sunset
    • Princess Trixie
    • Captain Goodguy
    • Duchess Chrysalis
    • Mirror Cadence
    • Mirror Sombra
    • Mirror Luna
    • Mirror Celestia
  • Bumblebears


  • Elite Ponies
    • Fancy Pants
    • Fleur De Lis
    • Jet Set & Upper Crest
    • Buck Withers
  • Kibitz
  • Royal Guards
    • Earth Guards
    • Pegasus Guards
    • Unicorn Guards
  • Changelings
    • Changeling Commander
    • Changeling Brute
  • Glass Ponies
    • Glass Breezies
    • Glass Changelings
    • Glass Cutie Mark Crusaders
      • Glass Apple Bloom
      • Glass Sweetie Belle
      • Glass Scootaloo
    • Glass Granny Smith
    • Glass Spike
    • Glass Silver Shill
    • Glass Cheese Sandwich
    • Glass Coco Pommel
    • Glass Bulk Biceps
    • Glass Wonderbolts
    • Glass DJ Pon-3
    • Glass Twilight Sparkle
    • Glass Pinkie Pie
    • Glass Fluttershy
    • Glass Rainbow Dash
    • Glass Rarity
    • Glass Applejack
    • Glass Celestia
    • Glass Luna
    • Glass Cadence
    • Glass Shining Armor
    • Glass Nightmare Moon
    • Glass Trixie
    • Glass Discord
    • Glass Flim & Flam
    • Glass Sunset Shimmer
    • Glass Dazzlings
      • Glass Adagio Dazzle
      • Glass Sonata Dusk
      • Glass Aria Blaze
    • Glass Chrysalis
    • Glass Sombra
    • Glass Grogar
    • Glass Tirek


  • Miss Direction
  • Peppers Ghost
  • Fillydelphia Phracturers
    • Shining Harmer
    • Scarswirl
  • Manehattan Manglers
    • Shadowsmacks
    • Snowpain
    • Princess Skullestia
  • Wrestlers
    • Sneaky Pete
    • Steel Buns
    • Cherry Blossom/Mystery Mare
    • Cloverleaf/Iron Hock
  • Cops
    • Officer Ride Along
    • Officer Hard Case
    • Officer Trotter
    • Officer By The Book
  • Pirates
  • Crabs
  • Mermares
    • Electra
  • Seaponies
    • Arrow
    • Coral
  • Mantahawks
  • King Leo
  • Sharks
    • Sharktopus
    • Dinoshark
    • Great White Sharks
    • Ghost Sharks
    • Bull Sharks
    • Tiger Sharks
    • Oceanic White Tip Sharks
    • Shortfin Mako Sharks
    • Blue Sharks
    • Hammerhead Sharks
    • Goblin Sharks
  • Police Cars
  • Police Helicopters
  • Power Ponies
    • Masked Matter-Horn
    • Fili-Second
    • Zapp
    • Radiance
    • Mistress Mare-velous
    • Saddle Rager
    • Hum Drum
  • Criminals
    • Rough Diamond
    • Pharaoh Phetlock
    • Long Face
    • Smudge
    • Shadowmane
    • High Heel

Crystal Empire

  • Yaks
    • Prince Rutherford
  • Musk Oxen
  • Walruses
  • Polar Bears
  • Windigoes
  • Yeti
  • Orcas
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Liopluerodon
  • Giant Squids
  • Sperm Whales
  • Orthos
  • Elasmotherium
  • Short-Faced Bears
  • Mammoths
  • Crystal Ponies
  • Ms. Peachbottom
  • Ms. Harshwhinny
  • Crystal Guards
  • Crystal Golems
  • Sombra's Guards


  • Ghouls
  • Zombies
  • Hellhounds
  • Smoozelings
  • Gargoyles
    • Gargoyle Guards
  • Centaurs

Friendship Rainbow Kingdom

  • Spellbooks
    • Weapons Tome
  • Giant Bacteria
  • Slimes
  • Mutants
  • Lab Experiments

Equestria in Ruins

  • Bronies
    • Digibrony
    • AnY Pony
    • Silver Quill
    • Dr. Wolf
    • ILoveKimPossibleAlot
    • Mr. Enter
    • Tommy Oliver
    • AntonyC
    • Josh Scorcher
    • Jerry Peet
    • Voice of Reason
    • InkRose
    • Brawny Buck
    • Nickyvmlp
    • Byter
    • 2 Brothers That Bitch About Ponies
    • Sketchy the Changeling
  • Dune Buggies
  • Army Humvees
  • MLP Cast & Crew
    • Tara Strong
    • Ashleigh Ball
    • Andrea Libman
    • Tabitha St. Germain
    • Cathy Weseluck
    • Michelle Creber
    • Clarie Corlett
    • Madeleine Peters
    • Nicole Oliver
    • Peter New
    • Kathleen Barr
    • John de Lancie
    • Doron Bell
    • Ingrid Wilson
    • Megan McCarthy
    • Charlotter Fullerton
    • Amy Keating Rogers
    • M. A. Larson
    • Cindy Morrow
    • Dave Polsky
    • Chris Savino
    • Mike Vogel
    • Merriwether Williams
    • Corey Powell
    • Teddy Antonio
    • Josh Haber
    • Ed Valentine
    • Jim Miller
    • Daniel Ingram
  • Clockworks
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • MQ-9 Reaper
  • Fighter Jets
    • F-4 Phantom
    • F-14 Tomcat
    • F-15 Eagle
    • A-10 Thunderbolt II
    • F-16 Fighting Falcon
    • F-22 Raptor
    • F-35 Lightning II
    • F-117A Nighthawk
  • Cyborgs
  • Helicopters
    • AH-64 Apache
    • V-22 Osprey
  • M1 Abrams Tanks
  • Aliens
  • UFOs
  • Robots
    • Wall Crawlers
    • Battle Droids
    • EM-208s
    • Super Battle Droids
    • Terminators
    • Destroyer Droids
    • Ultron Sentinels
    • Guardians
    • HK-Aerial
    • HK-Tank
    • ED-209s
    • Magnaguards
    • Titans
    • Leapers


Ponyville Stage 1

  • Babs Seed
  • Scootaloo
  • Minuette
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Lyra Heartstrings
  • Apple Bloom
  • Applesweetieloo (Fusion of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo)
  • End Boss: Diamond Tiara

Castle of the 2 Sisters

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Headless Horse
  • Lightning Dust (Queen Mook of the Shadowbolts)
  • Pony of Shadows
  • Nightmare Rarity
  • Shadowfright (King Mook of the Moon Creatures)
  • End Boss: Nightmare Moon

Ponyville Stage 2

  • Gilda (Queen Mook of the Griffons)
  • Capricornus
  • DJ Pon-3 & Octavia Melody
  • Maud Pie
  • Ursa Minor
  • End Boss: Trixie Lulamoon

Everfree Forest

  • Taurus
  • Well-to-Do (King Mook of the Minotaurs)
  • Hydra
  • King Aspen (King Mook of the Deer)
  • Cragadile (King Mook of the Crocodiles)
  • Squirk
  • Ursa Major
  • End Boss: Discord


  • Tatzlwurm
  • Chief Thunderhooves (King Mook of the Bison) & Sheriff Silverstar (King Mook of the Settlers)
  • Jim the Cave Troll
  • Giant Tarantula (King Mook of the Spiders)
  • Dr. Caballeron
  • Chimera
  • Daring Do
  • End Boss: Ahuizotl

Sweet Apple Acres

  • Flutterbat (Queen Mook of the Vampire Fruit Bats)
  • Timberwolf King (King Mook of the Timberwolves)
  • King Longhorn (King Mook of the Bulls)
  • End Boss: Flim & Flam


  • Aria Blaze
  • Spitfire (Queen Mook of the Wonderbolts)
  • Sonata Dusk
  • Arabus
  • Sunset Shimmer (Queen Mook of the Phoenixes & Demons)
  • Cygnus
  • Adagio Dazzle (Queen Mook of the Sirens)
  • End Boss: Midnight Sparkle

Ponyville Stage 3

  • Dr. Whooves
  • Mare Do Well
  • Derpy Hooves
  • Scorpius
  • Double Diamond
  • End Boss: Starlight Glimmer (Queen Mook of the Equalized Ponies)


  • Prince Blueblood
  • Sergio
  • Princess Luna
  • Shining Armor (King Mook of the Royal Guards)
  • Lavan
  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Eclipse (Fusion of Celestia & Luna)
  • End Boss: Queen Chrysalis (Queen Mook of the Changelings)


  • Suri Polomare
  • Hoofbeard (King Mook of the Pirates) & Jewel (Queen Mook of the Mermares)
  • Cancer
  • Chief Stablemaker (King Mook of the Cops)
  • Draco
  • End Boss: Mane-iac Mayhem

Crystal Empire

  • Kraken (King Mook of the Giant Squids)
  • Cerberus
  • Spike (King Mook of the Dragons)
  • Flash Sentry (King Mook of the Crystal Guards)
  • Princess Cadence
  • Princess Amore
  • Radiant Hope
  • End Boss: King Sombra


  • Sendak the Elder
  • Smooze (King Mook of the Smoozelings)
  • King Vorak & Queen Haydon
  • Empreror Grogar
  • Scorpan (King Mook of the Gargoyles)
  • End Boss: Lord Tirek (King Mook of the Centaurs)

Friendship Rainbow Kingdom

  • Applejack
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Rarity
  • Princess Disharmony (Fusion of Starlight Glimmer, Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, Suri Polomare, Lightning Dust, & Trixie Lulamoon)
  • Fluttershy
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • End Boss: Princess Harmony (Fusion of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack & Sunset Shimmer)

Equestrian Ruins

  • Arimaspi
  • Princess Dark Matter
  • Final Boss: Fausticorn
  • True Final Boss: Star Swirl the Bearded

Boss References

  • The Constellations (Shadow of the Colossus & Hyrule Warriors)
    • Capricornus - Capra Demon (Dark Souls)
    • Taurus - Taurus Demon (Dark Souls)
  • Headless Horse - Lil Slugger (Super Meat Boy)
  • Nightmare Moon - Dracula (Super Castlevania IV)
  • DJ Pon-3 & Octavia Melody - DJ Octavio (Splatoon)
  • Trixie - Dimentio (Super Paper Mario)
  • Discord - Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)
  • Jim the Cave Troll - Hades (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Giant Tarantula - Rom, The Vacuous One (Bloodborne)
  • Daring Do - Julius Belmont (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)
  • Ahuizotl - Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze)
  • Sonata Dusk - Deadpool (Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions)
  • Human Twilight
    • Stage 1 - Death Egg Robot (Sonic series)
    • Stage 2 - Dracula (Castlevania Dracula X)
  • Mare Do Well - Batman (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  • Double Diamond - Trey (Master of Spirits 1 & 2)

Boss Themes

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