Motor Kings is a motorcycle-racing game for release on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. It will feature two guest characters.

Main summary

As a racing game, it will feature the usual staples of other racing games, like Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Need for Speed, but as a motorcycle-based game, it will also feature the ability to do areial tricks for extra speed oprotunities (dunno how to spell it correctly). Each character also has their own special trick accessed by a special input.


  • Xavier- A teenager who longs to be the world's best motorcyclist. He has orange spiky hair, and wears a proper motocross outfit.

Speed- *** Drift- **** Power- *** Weight- *** Handling- ****

  • Kelly- An Austrailian-born tomboy who befriends Xavier. She has short and dirty red hair and wears a jeans vest, a red bra, very short jeans, and cowboy boots.

Speed- ***** Drift- *** Power- ** Weight- ** Handling- *

  • Colonel- An commanding officer in the town's military. He has grey hair in a crew cut fashin and wears a tank top, camo pants, and combat boots.

Speed- ** Drift- ** Power- ***** Wieght- **** Handling- ***

  • Arson- A pimp who likes to ride his lady friends around on his precious "Babe Magnet" motorcycle. He is a bald African-American man and wears a black sweatjacket, baggy jeans, several gold chains, and basketball sneakers.

Speed- **** Drift- ***** Power- *** Weight- *** Handling- ****

  • Kandy- A hooker who recently gained interest in Xavier for some strange reason. She has blond, long hair and wears a bikini top, blue jeans, and is barefoot.

Speed- *** Drift- **** Power- * Weight- * Handling- *****

  • Louie- An Italian mobster who has a connection with Xavier's father. He has a sort of Elvis-style haircut and is dressed ina black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, black dress pants, and loafers.

Speed- **** Drift- ** Power- *** Weight- ***** Handling- ***

  • Doug- A Swiss-born gymnast who spends his public time in his favorite motorcyle. He has a ponytail, is shirtless, and wears womens pants and Vans-stylee sneakers.

Speed- ** Drift- *** Power- * Weight- *** Handling- **

  • Amigo- A latino monkey who likes to dance. Guest character from Samba de Amigo. Unlockable

Speed- ***** Drift- **** Power- ** Weight- ** Handling- ****

  • Nemesis- An abomination created by the Umbrella Corporation. Guest character from Resident Evil. Unlockable

Speed- * Drift- ** Power- ***** Weight- ***** Handling- ***


  • Sunset Valley
  • Motocross Arena
  • Firey Pits
  • Busy Suburbs
  • Flower Garden
  • North Pole
  • Asian Markets
  • Graveyard
  • Sandy Beach
  • Rain Forest
  • Sports Lane
  • Strobe Arena
  • Space Station
  • Slums
  • Middle East
  • Earth's Core
  • Shrubbery (Moto Combat only)
  • Haunted Mansion (Moto Combat only)
  • Gentleman's Club (Moto Combat only)
  • Ocean Floor (Moto Combat only)

Game Modes

  • Grand Prix
  • Quick Race (1 or 2 players)
  • Time Attack
  • Moto Combat (Twisted Metal-style mode)

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