After the events on MK vs. DC, Quan Chi tries to find another universes exclude the DC one, Dr. Doom creates a portal to transports to another universes and Quan Chi appears and now formed a alliance to conquer both universes


MK Marvel
Raiden Thor
Sub-Zero Iceman
Johnny Cage Spider-Man
Sonya Black Widow
Kitana Psylocke
Rain Storm
Liu Kang Iron Fist
Scorpion Ghost Rider
Cyrax Iron Man
Sektor Ultron
Noob-Saibot Venom
Kano Cyclops
Mileena Deadpool
Kabal Quicksilver
Shang Tsung Loki
Baraka Wolverine
Goro The Hulk
Reptile The Lizard
Kintaro The Thing
Sindel Banshee
Sheeva She-Hulk
Ermac Jean Grey
Stryker The Punisher
Quan Chi Dr. Doom
Shao Khan Thanos
Smoke Nightcrawler
Jade Gambit
Kung Lao Captain America
Jax Luke Cage
Kenshi Daredevil

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