Morphster, or Morph Kaiju (モーフ怪獣 Mōfu kaijū) in Japan, is a role-playing series by GameCom exclusive for GigaCom and Gamester.


Morphster is a series of role-playing games where you get to control mythical creatures known as Morphsters (or Kaijus) and save the world from the evil forces. It's like your typical virtual-pet type games such as Pokemon, MegaTen, and Digimon, but adds pizzazz to the series by giving it more and more power and size for the Morphsters with each installment! From human sized large beasts to a billion light years tall!!!

List of Games

These are all the games of the series (the mainstream games stop after Ultimate Morphster):

  • Morphster (Int) / Morph Kaiju (JP) (also known as Original Morphster and Original Morph Kaiju)
  • Super Morphster (Int) / Shin Morph Kaiju (JP)
  • Mega Morphster (Int) / Tokusatsu Morph Kaiju (JP)
  • Ultimate Morphster (Int) / God Morph Kaiju (JP)

Anime adaptions

The video games have also been adapted to TV shows and movies using the same characters, plots, and settings.


  • Ultimate Morphster is an exception to the series in terms of platform since the PC version (which is what it's also available on) has adult content.

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