Monster Rancher Rebirth is a Monster Rancher game for the Wii U and a reboot to the Monster Rancher series. It's a typical Monster Rancher game; you raise monsters and have them fight in tournaments in order to get yourself and your monsters to the top of the rankings. On top of that, there's a storyline present throughout the game and you get further through this story as you continue rising through the ranks.

Generating Monsters

There are three ways to get monsters in this game. The first is the classic CD/DVD method from previous Monster Rancher games, in which you can get monsters by using whatever CDs and DVDs you have. The second is the Magic Field/Magic Spell method from Monster Rancher DS, in which you draw images on the Game Pad's touch screen to get monsters. The third method of getting monsters is generating them from the book, another method found in previous games.

Monster Genders

For the first time ever, monsters' genders are known. Most monsters can be either male or female, but there are some monsters that are male only and some that are female only. For example, all Pixie monsters and all monsters with Pixie sub-breeds are female only. You get your first look at your monster's gender when you get to the process of naming your monster and you can get more looks at your monster's gender when examining your monster data.

The Main Character

Like in previous Monster Rancher games, the main character is a silent character whose personality and actions are determined by the player. However, this character is not faceless and can in fact be controlled by the player, much like Phayne and Julio from Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO, respectively. On top of that, you can not only name the character anything you want, but you can also choose their gender as well as customize this character to your liking.

Customizing Your Character

Let's go over how customizing your character works. At the beginning of the game, you'll be tasked with creating your avatar before you do anything else. Here, you choose your character's gender as mentioned above and then you get to work on selecting your character's skin color, eye color, hair color, and hair style. As for the outfit, both the male and the female character are given preset outfits that you can change at any time when the game starts. You just have to buy clothes in towns and then put those clothes onto your character. The character's hair style and hair color can also be changed later after the game starts, however, what you can't change after the game starts is the character's skin color and eye color.

Your Breeder Assistant

After you're done creating your avatar, you then get to decide which Monster Association your character joins. You have three choices: IMA, FIMBA, and AGIMA. Which Breeder Assistant you get depends on which of these associations you chose, but they all the work the same as Breeder Assistants in other games; they tell you things like what point your monsters are at in their life spans, they let you know about bad things that have happened to your monsters like Injury or Sickness, and other stuff. One thing they don't tell you in Monster Rancher Rebirth is how tired or hungry your monsters are because you can see that stuff for yourself when interacting with your monsters at your Ranch. We'll get to this later.

How Many Monsters Can a Player Have In This Game?

Well, at first, you can only have one monster. But, after you get past a certain point in the game, you will be allowed to have up to three monsters and after you get past another certain point in the game, you will be allowed to raise up to five monsters.

Training Monsters

Monster Rancher Rebirth uses the very same schedule system from Monster Rancher 4. You set up eight-week schedules, one for each monster in your possession, that repeat again and again until you decide to change them. For each week, you can have your monster either train or rest during those weeks, depending on your choices. What kind of training your monsters can do depends on what you have. At first, your monsters will only be able to do things like Exercise, which increases Power, Meditation, which increases Intelligence, and other stuff that increases other stats. But, after you have a monster win the Official Rank E tournament and make Rank D for the first time, you will unlock Training Gadgets, which are much more effective. To better understand this system, it is recommended that you either watch gameplay footage of Monster Rancher 4 showing the schedule system or play Monster Rancher 4 yourself.

Now, let's go over the stats themselves. They consist of the following.

Power: This increases damage done with Power Type moves.

Intelligence: This increases the power of Intelligence Type attacks.

Accuracy: This increases the odds of the monster hitting the enemy.

Speed: This increases the odds of the monster evading or blocking attacks.

Defense: This decreases the amount of damage a monster takes from attacks.

Life: This is the monster's HP. If it hits zero, the monster is KO'd.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to raise each and every one of these stats. How you decide to raise these stats is up to you, but I would recommend raising each and every one.

Ranking System

Monster Rancher Rebirth uses the letter system used in previous games. There are a total of six rankings. These rankings are listed below from highest to lowest.







Both you and your monsters have ranks in this game. We'll start with Monster Rank. When you get a new monster, whether through regeneration or combining, that monster starts at Rank E. To raise this rank, your monster must win Official Tournaments. Each monster you own has an individual rank. When one of your monsters wins an Official Tournament, only that monster's rank rises. Your other monsters' ranks won't rise until they win Official Tournaments too. When your monster's rank rises, higher-ranked tournaments will become available for them to compete in. A monster can only compete in tournaments whose ranks match those of the monster itself. For example, an A Rank monster can only compete in A Rank tournaments.

Now for Breeder Rank. Like your monsters, you start at Rank E when you begin your career as a Breeder. Your Breeder Rank rises when you win an Official Tournament for the first time. When you win the Official Rank E Tournament for the first time, you ascend to Rank D and stay there until you win the next Official Tournament and ascend again. Your Breeder Rank never lowers, even when you get new monsters. When your Breeder Rank rises, it also gives you access to another segment of the game's storyline. You'll gain access to the final segment of the game's story when you win the Official Rank S Tournament for the first time. Once you clear that final story segment, you beat the game. You unlock stuff as you continue getting through the game and you'll unlock more stuff when you beat the game. Things you unlock after beating the game include a special tournament that only those who have beaten all Official Tournaments can compete in and an extra dungeon that contains monsters stronger than those in any of the other dungeons and an Ultimate Boss.

Your Ranch

Just like in previous games, you have a ranch. This is where you spend most of your time in this game. The ranch is where you train, feed, and generally spend time with your monsters. The ranch is also where many in-game events happen. Like in previous games, your ranch has a house. This is where you and your Breeder Assistant live. Smaller monsters such as Mew, Garu, and Tiger can also stay in the house. As for the stable, it's not immediately available. When you win the Official Rank D Tournament and ascend to Rank C, you'll get to have a stable built on to your ranch. There's a place in the town you first access where you can ask to have a stable built on your ranch. You can get the stable any time you want after it's unlocked, but unless you do get the stable, you won't be able to raise monsters such as Baku, Dragon, or Golem because those monsters are too big to get inside your house. Also, there are no house or stable expansions in this game since your house and stable are already pretty big. Aside from the house and stable, you can also place Training Gadgets on your ranch once they become available.

Training Gadgets

Speaking of Training Gadgets, let's go over how those work. In Monster Rancher Rebirth, after you unlock them, you will be able to buy and combine materials for Training Gadgets when you head to town. First, you'll need a Gadget Kit. This is basically the gadget itself and each kit affects a different stat or set of stats. Second, you'll need what's known as a Geonyte Tank. These tanks come in three different sizes and like the Gadget Kits, each Geonyte Tank affects a different stat or set of stats. Combine the Gadget Kit with a Geonyte Tank of your choosing and you'll have your Training Gadget. You'll then need to place the gadget on your ranch. The gadget can be placed anywhere on your ranch as long as there's enough space.

As long as we're still here, let's give an example of a combination for creating gadgets.

A Gadget Kit that increases a monster's Power combined with a Defense Tank can create a Training Gadget that raises Power and Defense. Another way to do this sort of thing would be to combine a Gadget Kit that increases Defense and a Power Tank.

Another thing I probably need to address is what gadgets would be featured in Monster Rancher Rebirth. Well, all I can think of are the very same gadgets that were featured in Monster Rancher 4 plus new gadgets.

How To Place Training Gadgets On Your Ranch

There's a menu that can only be accessed at the beginning of the week before you start training. This allows you to take whatever Training Gadgets you have and place them on your ranch. As I said before, you can place Training Gadgets anywhere on your ranch as long as there's enough space. You can also move your house and stable around. So, if you decide you want your house and stable to sit somewhere else on the ranch, you can move them. Speaking of...

Free Time and Weekend

These are also taken right out of Monster Rancher 4. After a week starts and you have everything set up, you can then begin your monsters' training. After the results of the training are shown, you then move on to Free Time in which you take control of your character and have him or her run around the ranch to interact with your monsters. You move the character using the control stick on the Game Pad or whatever controller you're using. When your character walks up to a monster, hit the A Button and then you'll be able to perform the following four actions: praise your monster, scold it, feed it, and give it a present. You can perform these actions once each with each of your monsters, except for feeding, which you can do multiple times depending on how hungry your monster is. Once you decide Free Time is over, it's then on to Weekend. Here, you can enter a tournament, run around a town, go on an adventure after you unlock that mode, or just move right on to next week. However, in Monster Rancher Rebirth, there's also a new mode in which you can play minigames with your monsters. These minigames, if everything goes well, can increase your monsters stats even more and also raise their bond with both you and the other monsters in your roster.


When you go to Weekend and select Town, you'll be able to select a town and then take control of your character and run around that town. At first, you only have access to one town, but you'll gain access to other towns as you continue running through the game's story. When running around a town, you can access a wide variety of facilities. These include item shops, where you can buy food and other items for your monsters, as well as Adventure Mode items once they're unlocked and more. There are also gadget shops, where you buy materials for Training Gadgets and then put these materials together to make Training Gadgets. In the first town you access, you can also access the Shrine and the Monster Association. The Shrine, just like in previous games, is where you get your monsters, and the Monster Association is where you can access the lab where you freeze monsters and have them await combining. There are also shops where you can buy items to customize your avatar, as mentioned above.

Unlocking other towns to travel to also allows you to compete in tournaments taking place in those towns, giving you more options.

Adventure Mode

This is another mode in which the player takes control of their character and has him or her run around places. During Weekends, you and up to three of your monsters can explore a dungeon. During these adventures, you can find items, battle wild monsters, and, depending on what point in the game you're in, battle bosses.

During adventures, there's an energy meter that decreases as you move around. As long as you have energy remaining, your monsters can be healed slowly but surely as you move around the dungeon as long as they haven't been KO'd. Unlike in Monster Rancher 4, though, you can refill this energy gauge with the use of certain items in Monster Rancher Rebirth. You won't be forced to end the adventure if the energy gauge runs out, but you will need to be more careful when battling wild monsters unless you have a good stock of healing items.

Speaking of items, there are treasure boxes scattered throughout the dungeons that contain items. Be careful, though. Sometimes, when you open a treasure box, that treasure box will be revealed to be a Jack-In-the-Cho and you'll be forced to fight it. Only when you beat it will you get the item.

Speaking of battles, to battle a wild monster in a dungeon, you walk up to an enemy silhouette on the field. Once you come into contact with an enemy silhouette, the battle begins. You can gain an advantage if you come into contact with an enemy from behind, but if the enemy comes into contact with you from behind, they'll have the advantage, so be careful. If your monsters win the battle, your monsters gain experience and you can sometimes find items. When a monster gains enough experience, they'll level up, and as your monsters continue to level up, they gain Traits, which are basically passive skills, as well as new moves to use in battle. But, if all your monsters are KO'd, then the adventure ends. You can also end the adventure manually by accessing the menu and selecting End Adventure.

Other features of Adventure Mode include a map screen, being able to ride on certain monsters like Dragon or Lesione, and...actually, that's pretty much it. The only other thing I need to explain is that playing Adventure Mode is mandatory for completing the game.

Battle System and Moves

The battle system in Monster Rancher Rebirth works exactly like previous games. Your monster and the opposing monster move back and forth on a battlefield and try to knock each other out before time runs out. In tournaments, you have the option to let the monster fight on its own or take direct control and use the moves yourself. Either way, the last monster standing is the winner. Unless neither monster is KO'd by the time time runs out, in which case, the monster with more health remaining is the winner.

To use a move, move your monster either toward or away from its opponent and hit either A, X, or B when your monster is able to attack. Each button affects the move you use. If you press A to attack, your monster's chance of hitting the enemy and how much damage its attack will do when it does hit will be pretty normal. If you hit X to attack, your monster's attack will more damage, but it'll be less likely to hit. If you hit B to attack, your monster's attack will be more likely to hit, but it'll do less damage. Sometimes, however, a move won't be triggered when you hit either button. This can mean one of three things.

  1. The monster doesn't have enough Guts saved up. Guts are basically your monster's power in battle. Different attacks use different amounts of Guts. The Guts meter charges up on its own, so all you can really do is wait.
  2. The monster is confused. The risk of this happening is higher when you and your monster don't have a strong bond yet. Bond with your monster and this'll happen less often.
  3. Your monster is in a position where it can't attack. By that, I mean the monster is either on a panel that has no moves attached to it or your monster and its enemy are too far away from each other to do anything.

Moves are also divided into different ranges: Long, Mid, and Short. Thus, each move can only be assigned to certain panels when choosing what moves you want your monsters to use in battle. Speaking of that, let's go over the moves themselves. Each monster species can learn a large array of different moves to use in battle. Some moves are marked in yellow to indicate that they're Power Type moves. Some are marked in green to indicate that these moves are Intelligence Type moves. All monsters have some Power moves and some Intelligence moves. When you first get your monster, it won't have many moves to use. But, as mentioned before, as your monsters battle wild monsters in Adventure Mode and level up, they gain new moves. Your monster has three sets of panels and each set of panels can hold one long range move, one mid range move, and one short range move. This means your monsters can use up to nine different moves in battle. To switch between panel sets during battle, hit Up or Down on the D-Pad.

Now let's go over battle formats. Aside from the regular one-on-one battles, there are also two-on-two and three-on-three battles. There are also three-against-one, three-against-two, and two-against-one battles. Each and every one of these multi-monster battles happens in a tag team format. To switch between monsters during a tag team battle, hit the L and R buttons on the Game Pad. The ZL and ZR buttons also work. Also, in tag team tournament battles, if time runs out, then whichever team has the most remaining monsters is the winner. However, if both teams have the same number of remaining monsters, then each team's monsters have their remaining health added and whichever team has the highest total health is the winning team. Rest assured that three-against-one, three-against-two, and two-against one battles are exclusive to Adventure Mode battles, which have no time limit.

Now for battle statuses. I realize what I said about not being able to explain battle statuses and such, but then I remembered that this is a reboot. That means everything is being done again from scratch, which means I can just make my own list. Now then. There are different kinds of battle statuses. Some of these help your monster and activate when certain conditions are met. There are also statuses that hinder your monster. These often come as a result of the monster being hit by certain attacks. All of these go away after a while. We'll start with the ones that help your monster.

Composed: This happens when your monster lands three consecutive hits. Its Guts charge up faster and its Accuracy gains a temporary boost, making it easier to hit the enemy.

Fury: This happens when your monster's health gets significantly low as a result of a single hit. The monster's Power temporarily increases and its odds of landing critical hits also increases. However, the monster also moves toward its enemy on its own, so be careful.

Quick: This happens when your monster evades and/or blocks three consecutive attacks. Its Speed temporarily increases, making it easier to dodge and block attacks. Its movement speed also increases.

Guard: This happens when your monster takes three consecutive blows and survives. Its Defense temporarily increases, allowing it to take less damage.

Final Guts: Sometimes, when a monster is KO'd, it'll get right back up with 1, 2, or 3 Life Points. Just hit it again.

Team Up: This only happens in tag battles. The teams have a meter that charges up over time. When it gets full, the team will be able to launch a team attack. When a monster lands a blow while Team Up status is active, its partner or partners will also attack once each. However, if the monster fails to trigger an attack or its attack misses, then Team Up status will deactivate and you'll have to wait for it to activate again. If you're down to your last monster, then Team Up is disabled for your team.

Now for the hindering statuses. The ailments, if you will.

Poison: The monster's health drops slowly over time. The monster won't get KO'd by this, though.

Slow: The monster's Speed stat and movement speed are temporarily decreased. This makes it harder for a monster to dodge and block attacks.

Addled: The monster's Accuracy is temporarily lowered, making it harder for the monster to hit the enemy.

Fear: The monster moves backwards on its own. This also lowers both the monster's Power and Intelligence, so attacks won't do as much damage.

Curse: The monster's Guts generation temporarily slows down.

Another thing you can do in battle is counterattack. When the enemy attacks, you can hit the L button on your Game Pad as well as which of the three attack buttons you think the enemy used. Do it right and your monster will not only save itself from damage, but it'll also inflict damage on the enemy. Do it wrong and your monster gets hit indefinitely.

Two last things. One, in Adventure Mode battles and basically any battles outside tournament battles, you always take direct control of your monsters. Also, I left out the Shove command. When your monster and your opponent's monster get really close to each other, you can press the Y button on the Game Pad to push your opponent's monster back to get some distance.


Just like in previous games, there are tournaments for your monsters to compete in. The tournaments are all divided into ranks and there are two different formats for these tournaments.

Elimination: These tournaments use a bracket system. To win the tournament, you must defeat every opponent you end up facing. Lose once and you lose the tournament. All Official Tournaments use this format.

Round Robin: These tournaments use a grid system. Every monster fighting in these tournaments faces their opponents once each. Your monster must win more battles than any of its opponents in order for it to win these tournaments. Some generic tournaments use this format.

Most generic tournaments have you do one-on-one battles. However, some tournaments have you do two-on-two or three-on-three tag battles. If you do decide to compete in these, your monsters must all be at a rank that matches that of the tournament. For example, if you compete in a B Rank tag tournament, then only monsters that are B Rank can enter.

When you win a tournament, you'll get some prize money, an item, and your monster will gain some fame. The item you get and how much prize money you get depend on which tournament you won. However, losing a tournament can mean no prize and a drop in your monster's fame. It depends on how far you did get in the tournament. If you lose a tournament, but come really close to winning, then you'll still get a consolation prize and your monster's fame will still increase, just not as much as it would have if the monster had won the whole tournament.

As stated above, your monster must win Official Tournaments to rise through the ranks. However, your monsters won't be able to get into an Official Tournament right away. They must first win the required number of Star Points. Different Official Tournaments require your monster to earn different amounts of Star Points.

Official Tournaments Rank E and D require your monster to earn three Star Points.

Official Tournaments Rank C and B require your monster to earn five Star Points.

Official Tournaments Rank A and S require your monster to earn seven Star Points.

To win Star Points, your monster must win generic tournaments. Regardless of whether you win or lose the Official Tournament, your Star Points will return to zero after the tournament is over and you'll have to start gathering Star Points again. Also, your monster can't earn any more Star Points than the required amount. Let's say your monster is still at Rank E or D. Once it earns three Star Points, it can't earn any more Star Points until it competes in an Official Tournament.

Combining Monsters

Just like in previous games, you can combine two monsters to make a new one. You do this by freezing the two monsters and then, well, combining them. In most games, only main breeds are taken into account when combining. In Monster Rancher DS, however, you can also take sub-breeds into account when combining monsters. For example...

Suppose you were to combine a Diana (Pixie/Dragon) with a Saga (Zan/Naga). You could put Zan into the main breed slot and and Pixie into the sub-breed slot to get an Aya (Zan/Pixie). Or you could put Zan in the main breed slot and Dragon in the sub-breed slot to get a Homura (Zan/Dragon). On top of that, you could also put Pixie in the main breed slot and Naga in the sub-breed slot to get an Allure (Pixie/Naga). What you can't do, however, is put a sub-breed into the main breed slot, so don't expect to get a Niezheg (Dragon/Naga) or anything like that as a result of that fusion. Anyway, I was thinking the combining system in Monster Rancher For Wii U could work just like this. To better understand this system, it is recommended that you watch gameplay footage of Monster Rancher DS showing this combining system or play Monster Rancher DS yourself.

Another thing you can do while getting ready to combine monsters is apply certain items. These items have different effects such as providing a boost to the new monster's innate stats, increasing the new monster's life span, or even changing the result of the fusion to something else entirely like a Phoenix or a Xenon.

Now, one thing you don't want to do is combine your monsters too soon or else the new monster won't turn out so good. You'll want to wait until a certain point in your monsters' life spans. See, monsters don't actually die in Monster Rancher Rebirth. However, they can get to a point where they can't do much of anything anymore. This basically makes you have to take the monster to the lab to get frozen and await combining. By this point, your monster should have great stats and you should have a great bond with it. Thanks to this, it'll have some great things to offer to the new monster. Your Breeder Assistant will let you know when that certain point in your monster's life span has come.


Not only can your monsters bond with you if you treat them nicely and take proper care of them, but if you have multiple monsters, they can bond with each other as well. The monsters bond on their own, but, as mentioned above, you can also increase both the bond between you and your monsters and your monsters' bond with each other by playing minigames. If your monsters have a significant bond with you, then they'll do better in battle and if your monsters have a significant bond with each other, then when your monsters fight in a tag team battle, their team attacks will be stronger when they use them. Here are ways to raise the bond between you and your monsters.

Feed your monsters things they like or at least don't mind eating.

Praise your monsters when they do things well and scold your monsters when they do things wrong. As Yuri said in Monster Rancher 4, love is both carrot and stick.

Give your monsters gifts if you decide you want to do that.

If your monster gets fat and then you successfully slim it down, this will also raise your monster's bond with you as weight-watching your monster lets it know you care about it. How to check your monster's weight and how to slim it down when it gets fat is discussed further below.

All this can be done during Free Time. And how do you know when to praise or scold your monsters? Just keep an eye on things and use your best judgement.

Taking Care of Monsters

There are many things to know when taking care of monsters. Let's start with feeding your monsters. As stated above, one thing your Breeder Assistant won't mention is your monsters' fullness. That's because you can see this for yourself when interacting with your monsters at the Ranch. Each monster has a fullness meter that goes down little by little as the weeks go by and you can see how low it's gotten when you look at your monsters before you begin the week's training or rest. You can also see it by standing near your monster during Free Time. It's even shown in the Monster Data menu. Always be sure to feed your monsters every so often as too much hunger can cause your monsters additional fatigue. What you don't want to do, though, is feed your monster every single week. Wait till the hunger meter actually gets low. Feeding your monsters too much can lead it to get fat and this can also cause the monster additional fatigue. It can also cause your monster to have a harder time dodging enemy attacks in battle. The best way to slim down a fat monster is to have it do more Power and Speed training. Battling monsters can also contribute to your monster's slimness. On top of that, there are also certain food items that can contribute to a monster's slimness. To see your monster's current size, check your Monster Data.

Speaking of fatigue, this is also measured by a meter and thus, you can see it for yourself. Each monster has a fatigue meter that rises up when it trains, battles, and other things. The meter also lowers every time the monster rests. Whatever you do, don't work your monster too hard or it could end up injured, sick, or it could run away from home. This makes it a good idea to schedule rest periods for your monsters. The fatigue meter can be seen when you look at your monster before you begin the week's training or rest, stand near your monster during Free Time, or you can see it by looking at the Monster Data menu.

Speaking of injury, sickness, and running away, be sure not to let these happen to your monsters and if they do happen, don't let them happen too many times. Injury, sickness, and how many times your monsters have run away affects the monster that comes when you combine monsters. For example, if at least one of the fusion material monsters has been injured a lot, then the monster you get from the combination could end up being one that's prone to injury.

Monster and Breeder Data

There's a Data menu that you can access at any time in this game. This not only allows you to load and save your game manually, but it also lets you view your Monster Data and your Breeder Data. Let's go over these one at a time.

Monster Data is just that; it's data on your monsters. Each monster in your possession has its own profile. Here, you can see your monsters' fullness, fatigue, bonding with both you and the other monsters in your ranch, as well as how fat or slim they are. You can also see your monsters' current ranks, their ages, all the moves and Traits they've gained (This section is where you assign moves to move slots, by the way), your monsters' breeds, which I'm sure you'd no doubt know already, and how many times your monsters have gotten injured, gotten sick, and have run away. There's also how many battles your monsters have won, how many battles your monsters have lost, how many times they've KO'd enemies, and their fame.

Breeder Data is basically your own profile. Breeder Data shows your name, the day your career as a Breeder started, your current Breeder Rank, how much money you currently have, how many tournaments you've won and lost, and... I think that's it. Maybe I'll add more later.

Other Controllers You Can Use In This Game

Aside from the Game Pad, you can also play Monster Rancher For Wii U using a Classic Controller, whether it be a Wii Classic Controller or a Wii U Pro Controller. Let's go over how this works.

Classic/Pro Controller

Playing Monster Rancher For Wii U with either of these controllers works mostly the same as playing with the Game Pad. You use the left control stick to move around and use the A button to interact with stuff.

When regenerating monsters using the Magic Field/Magic Spell methods, there's a cursor that you move around. Move this cursor around while holding the A button to draw stuff on the grids.

When battling using a Classic or Pro Controller, your attack buttons consist of A, X, and B, just like with the Game Pad. Also, countering is done with the L button plus any of the three attack buttons. The Shove command is mapped to the Y button.


Monster Rancher Rebirth has a multiplayer battle mode that you can access from the title screen. You can play this mode through either local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi. First, you select the battle format, which consists of one-on-one, two-on-two, and three-on-three battles. Once a battle format is selected, each player selects the monsters in their possession that they wish to use. There are also two types of multiplayer battles. You can search for just one other player and have a two-player battle or you can search for up to seven other players and the eight of you can have your own tournament. If you choose the latter, you get to select which tournament format you want to use.

In the local wireless mode, if you fail to find any real players, the game will put out random Breeders with random, AI-controlled monsters to fill in the gaps, much like how Kid Icarus: Uprising puts out AI-controlled fighters to fill in the gaps in its Together Mode.


Of course we gotta have music. A full set of original tracks is okay as long as they're good, but let's think bigger. I was thinking this game could not only have original tracks, but also have music from previous games. Specifically, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode 2, and especially Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO. Those last two games have some godly music. Some of this music would be remixed while others would just be left alone. The reason I think music from previous games ought to be included is because not only would this make things a little easier for the game developers, but it would also give Monster Rancher fans, myself included, a little nostalgic throwback to previous games. And we all know how much people love nostalgia.

Monster Rancher Rebirth's Monster Roster

These are the monsters I would include in Monster Rancher Rebirth if I actually could. Most of these will be monsters included in past games. Some of these monsters will be renamed and I might possibly give a redesign idea for some of these as well. There will also be new monsters created by me. OC's, if you will. And as for how I list these monsters, I will categorize them according to breed and I will also list their main breeds and sub-breeds. Anyway, here we go.


It goes without saying, but all Pixies and all monsters with Pixie sub-breeds are female only.

Pixie (Pixie/Pixie)

Sueko (Pixie/Sueko)

Aero (Pixie/Tiger)

Allure (Pixie/Naga)

Lilim (Pixie/Joker)

Angel (Pixie/Gali) This monster has her design from Monster Ranchers 1 and 2.

Archangel (Pixie/Xenon) A fair-skinned Pixie with white hair, white armor, and white feathered wings.

Pink Princess (Pixie/Ogyo)

Eve (Pixie/Gitan) This Pixie was originally a Special Breed in Monster Rancher 1. Her design is very much the same as in that game.

Windine (Pixie/Lesione)

Nagisa (Pixie/Jell)

Columbina (Pixie/Piroro)

Daina (Pixie/Dragon)

Faerilina (Pixie/Ripper)

Janne (Pixie/Durahan)

Mischief (Pixie/Ducken)

Jilt (Pixie/Wicky) Originally had a Wracky sub-breed before I changed it for this game.

Unico (Pixie/Centaur)

Scarlet (Pixie/Phoenix) Has blonde hair, wears a scarlet outfit, and has Phoenix wings.

Belle (Pixie/Suzurin) This monster was originally named Rinka before the name was given to a Zan. This monster now has a new name in this game.

Cleopatra (Pixie/Abyss) A Pixie dressed in Abyss-colored Egyptian garb. Has black-feathered wings.

Kasumi (Pixie/???) This Kasumi wears this costume. Kasumi_-_Costume_03.jpg

Ayane (Pixie/???) This Ayane wears this outfit. ALBUMMM12B3604006028096.jpg

Poison (Pixie/???) This monster retains her design from Monster Rancher 2.

Platinum (Pixie/???) This monster retains her design from Monster Rancher 1.

Ariel (Pixie/???) A throwback to Monster Rancher 4.

Total: 26


Suezo (Suezo/Suezo)

Pink Eye (Suezo/Pixie)

Nycta (Suezo/Raiden)

Gamba (Suezo/Hare)

Fukazo (Suezo/Lesione)

Green Suezo (Suezo/Plant

Hornie (Suezo/Tiger)

Clear Suezo (Suezo/Jell)

Eyebee (Suezo/Beaklon)

Orion (Suezo/Gali)

White Suezo (Suezo/Xenon)

Zanzo (Suezo/Zan)

Hipzo (Suezo/Mogi)

Rocky (Suezo/Golem)

Vulpzo (Suezo/Kitsune) An orange Suezo with fox ears and a yellow eye.

Yamuzo (Suezo/Anyamu) A Suezo with Anyamu's colors, cat ears, and a green eye.

Baseball Boy (Suezo/???)

Planet (Suezo/???)

Eyengel (Suezo/???)

Total: 19


Mocchi (Mocchi/Mocchi)

Manna (Mocchi/Pixie)

Beakie (Mocchi/Ducken)

Draco Mocchi (Mocchi/Dragon)

Armocchi (Mocchi/Durahan)

Beetle Mocchi (Mocchi/Beaklon)

Drill Mocchi (Mocchi/Mogi)

Gelatine (Mocchi/Jell)

Gingie (Mocchi/Ripper)

Gizumocchi (Mocchi/Antlan)

Mucchi (Mocchi/Hare)

OwlMocchi (Mocchi/Raiden)

PengiMocchi (Mocchi/Tiger)

PumpkiMocchi (Mocchi/Pancho)

Sodacchi (Mocchi/Rhinoroller)

White Mocchi (Mocchi/Xenon)

Black Mocchi (Mocchi/Monol)

GentleMocchi (Mocchi/Wracky)

Maidchi (Mocchi/Wicky)

Mocchini (Mocchi/???)

Devi (Mocchi/???)

Total: 21


Tiger (Tiger/Tiger)

Bargest (Tiger/Joker)

Licorice (Tiger/Monol)

Nightfang (Tiger/Zan)

Datonare (Tiger/Zuum)

PodDog (Tiger/Henger)

Baskerville (Tiger/Gitan)

White Hound (Tiger/Xenon) Reverted to its old design where it had horns instead of long ears on its head.

Flazer (Tiger/Dragon) Dragon is a much more appropriate sub-breed for Flazer. It certainly fits better than Abyss.

Pyramidog (Tiger/Abyss) A Tiger with Abyss's colors. Has an Anubis-like head.

Jelly Hound (Tiger/Jell)

Garum (Tiger/Lesione)

Balon (Tiger/Gali) Redesigned to simply be a pure white Tiger with a gold mane and tail.

Jaguarbeat (Tiger/Beaklon)

Ryulon (Tiger/Mogi)

Silvie (Tiger/Durahan)

ClockDog (Tiger/???)

Dobor I.T. (Tiger/???)

Fenril (Tiger/???)

Pooch (Tiger/???)

Total: 20


Hare (Hare/Hare)

Fairy Hare (Hare/Pixie)

Pulscorn (Hare/Tiger)

Royal Hare (Hare/Gali) Originally named Prince Hare, but it needed a name change since genders are now present in this game.

Rocky Fur (Hare/Golem)

Tobita (Hare/Raiden)

Gunbitt (Hare/Durahan)

Jelly Hare (Hare/Jell)

Spy Hare (Hare/Wracky)

Rubberabby (Hare/Koropendora)

Marm (Hare/Maya)

Jackoranta (Hare/Pancho)

Ellylon (Hare/Zan)

Evil Hare (Hare/Monol)

Sleaves (Hare/Wicky) Originally a Special Breed.

Inaba Hare (Hare/Xenon) A pure white Hare.

Rabeetle (Hare/Beaklon) A Hare with brown shell armor and two green eyes.)

Santa (Hare/???)

Kung-Fu Hare (Hare/???)

Kelarino (Hare/???) A little throwback to Monster Rancher 4.

Total: 20


Golem (Golem/Golem)

Titan (Golem/Suezo)

Amenhotep (Golem/Gali) Redesigned to be a Golem made of white rocks. It has a gold mask on its face.

Pink Golem (Golem/Pixie)

Angolmor (Golem/Joker) Redesigned in accordance with Joker's current design. It has a black body and a head the same color as Joker's head. Its head is also shaped like Joker's head. Angolmor also has black decorative wings.

Big Korobocci (Golem/Koropendora)

Poseidon (Golem/Jell)

Gigabio (Golem/Gitan)

Eagle Ruler (Golem/Raiden) Needed a name change since genders are now present in this game.

Battle Rocks (Golem/Durahan)

Jailkeeper (Golem/Zan)

Black Golem (Golem/Monol) Redesigned in accordance with Golem's current design.

Mocchi Monk (Golem/Mocchi)

Scalie (Golem/Zuum)

Gobi (Golem/Henger)

Clay Golem (Golem/Gaboo) A Golem with Gaboo's colors and green eyes.

Mariomax (Golem/Wracky) Redesigned in accordance with Golem's current design.

Dagon (Golem/Arrowhead) Redesigned. Its body is shaped like that of Golem and its head is shaped like that of Arrowhead. Its body is still red like Arrowhead's.

Power (Golem/Xenon) A pure white Golem.

Big-Tokobot (Golem/???)

Gadgeter G (Golem/???)

Forward Golem (Golem/???)

Dodongo (Golem/???) A throwback to Monster Rancher 4.

Total: 22


Dragon (Dragon/Dragon)

Rock Dragon (Dragon/Golem)

Owlbeard (Dragon/Raiden)

Diabolos (Dragon/Joker)

Crevasse (Dragon/Tiger)

Gariel (Dragon/Gali) Redesigned to be shaped like the purebreed Dragon. It's white, has a gold mask on its face, gold nails, and five gold bands. Two of these bands are on its wrists, two of these bands are on its ankles, and the last is on its tail.

Niezheg (Dragon/Naga)

Techno Dragon (Dragon/Henger)

Corkasus (Dragon/Beaklon)

Sraosha (Dragon/Maya)

Dominion (Dragon/Xenon) A pure white Dragon with feathered wings.

Sunrise (Dragon/Phoenix) An orange Dragon with feathered wings and a Phoenix head.

Ragnarok (Dragon/Monol) Reverted back to being a jet black Dragon.

Game Probot (Dragon/???)

Vega (Dragon/???)

Maturi Dragon (Dragon/???)

Paper Dragon (Dragon/???)

Diva (Dragon/???) There are ways that this monster is distinguishable from Dominion in this game. Diva still has the white beard and its wings aren't feathered like Dominion's.

Total: 18


Mew is reverted back to its original design where it had real eyes instead of buttons for eyes and had a face that can change expression. That means even the more recent Mews will have this design.

Mew (Mew/Mew)

Mum Mew (Mew/Pixie)

Bow Mew (Mew/Tiger)

Eared Mew (Mew/Hare)

Bowbow (Mew/Baku)

Gray Mew (Mew/Ripper)

Devil Mew (Mew/Gitan)

Duck Mew (Mew/Ducken)

PsyMew (Mew/Rhinoroller)

Mocchi Mew (Mew/Mocchi)

Skull Mew (Mew/Joker)

MikMew (Mew/Garu)

Ant Mew (Mew/Antlan)

Hip Mew (Mew/Wracky)

Aqua Mew (Mew/Jell) Redesigned. It's much more cat-like this time around.

White Mew (Mew/Zenon) A pure white Mew with blue eyes.

Black Mew (Mew/Monol) Renamed and redesigned to simply be a black Mew with green eyes. Who says all Monol sub-breed monsters have to have red eyes?

FoxiMew (Mew/Kitsune) A Mew that looks like a red fox doll.

Clay Mew (Mew/Gaboo) A Mew made of clay instead of fabric. It's shaped just like the purebreed Mew. It also has yellow eyes.

Mewnda (Mew/???) Yes, I changed this one to a Special Breed. It was pretty stupid of Tecmo to make this monster the Mew with a Pancho sub-breed. Mewnda doesn't look anything like a Pancho sub-breed monster. It doesn't even have Pancho's trademark pumpkin shells.

Cali Mew (Mew/???) A calico Mew.

Player (Mew/???)

Mewseijin (Mew/???)

Total: 23


Phoenix (Phoenix/Phoenix)

Blue Phoenix (Phoenix/Tiger)

White Phoenix (Phoenix/Xenon)

Death Wing (Phoenix/Joker) Originally a Special Breed before it was confirmed to be related to Joker. Don't know why this didn't happen in Monster Rancher 4, where Joker and Phoenix were in the same game.

Cinderbird (Phoenix/Monol) Originally a Special Breed. People seem to think it's related to Monol and it kinda does look that way, so why not make that the case?

Peregrine (Phoenix/???) A Phoenix with the colors of a Peregrine falcon.

Total: 6


Naga (Naga/Naga)

Blobster (Naga/Arrowhead)

Jungler (Naga/Plant)

Cyclops (Naga/Suezo)

Viper (Naga/Zuum)

Aqua Cutter (Naga/Jell) This monster takes back its oldest name.

Bazula (Naga/Gali) Redesigned in accordance with Naga's current design.

Ceto (Naga/Henger)

Hak Tak (Naga/Ripper)

RoseoCobra (Naga/Mocchi)

Crawl (Naga/Undine) Retains its design from Monster Rancher 3. Can be male or female.

Crimson-Eyed (Naga/Monol) Redesigned to be a jet black Naga with red eyes.

Wild West Naga (Naga/???)

Bloodstra (Naga/???)

Merman (Naga/???) Redesigned in accordance with Naga's current design.

Total: 15


Plant has been reverted to its old design where it had three flowers instead of one.

Plant (Plant/Plant)

SkelePlant (Plant/Joker)

Mandrake (Plant/Dragon)

Gold Plant (Plant/Gali) Renamed and redesigned to be a white Plant with three gold flowers.

Queen Plant (Plant/Pixie)

PumpkiPlant (Plant/Pancho)

Coconutty (Plant/Henger)

Bug Bug Flower (Plant/Koropendora)

Maneplum (Plant/Garu)

Mocchi Plant (Plant/Mocchi)

Weed (Plant/Naga)

Black Plant (Plant/Monol)

Dack Plant (Plant/Ducken)

Mirage Plant (Plant/Jell)

Blue Plant (Plant/Tiger)

White Plant (Plant/Xenon) A pure white Plant.

Mushtan (Plant/???)

Akihabana (Plant/???)

Kesshoka (Plant/???)

Total: 19


Baku (Baku/Baku)

Gigapint (Baku/Jell)

Electrieel (Baku/Lesione)

HippopoChaos (Baku/Ripper)

Magmax (Baku/Dragon)

Icebergy (Baku/Tiger)

Red Hot Baku (Baku/Garu)

War Baku (Baku/Durahan)

Higante (Baku/Golem)

Gontar (Baku/Hare)

Pandibaku (Baku/???)

Shishi (Baku/???)

Total: 12


Joker (Joker/Joker)

Fire Joker (Joker/Phoenix)

Blue Terror (Joker/Tiger) Redesigned to have a blue cloak, blue gloves, and a Tiger head.

Flare Death (Joker/Dragon) Redesigned to have a red cloak, red gloves, red Dragon wings, and a Dragon head.

Tombstone (Joker/Golem) Redesigned to have a grey cloak, grey gloves, and a Golem head. Also wields a stone hammer instead of a scythe.

Soul Reaper (Joker/Zan)

Grim Reaper (Joker/Abyss) Originally a Special Breed.

Beretta (Joker/???)

Shoja (Joker/???) A throwback to Monster Rancher EVO.

Ghars (Joker/???)

Toryo (Joker/???)

Total: 11


In this game, Durahan uses its design from Monster Ranchers 4, EVO, DS, and My Monster Rancher. All Durahans from before Monster Rancher 4 are redesigned in accordance with this design. I may still give details if necessary.

Durahan (Durahan/Durahan)

Genocider (Durahan/Joker)

Garuda (Durahan/Phoenix) This monster loses the wings it had in Monster Rancher 2.

Glacier (Durahan/Tiger)

Lorica (Durahan/Arrowhead)

Lesziena (Durahan/Pixie)

Vesuvius (Durahan/Dragon)

Hercules (Durahan/Beaklon)

Kelmadics (Durahan/Golem) It's closer to its old design in this game. It's a suit of stone armor and wields a stone club instead of a sword.

Aqua Knight (Durahan/Lesione)

Berserker (Durahan/Naga)

Curevis (Durahan/Pancho)

Hermes (Durahan/Antlan)

Omoro Knight (Durahan/Ducken)

Rhinocerous (Durahan/Rhinoroller)

Versailline (Durahan/Suzurin)

Cu Chulainn (Durahan/Monol) Redesigned to simply be a living suit of jet black armor. Has a silver sword with a black hilt and it still has the red plume.

Beowulf (Durahan/Garu)

Goldie (Durahan/Suezo)

Dark Raider (Durahan/Zan) Another jet black suit of armor. There are ways this monster is distinguishable from Cu Chulainn. Dark Raider's helmet has no plume of any kind, its body is shaped differently, and its sword bears a striking resemblance to the blades on Zan's appendages. See, this is an example of what a Durahan/Zan combo should look like.

Clay Knight (Durahan/Gaboo) This monster is a living suit of clay armor. Wields a long bat instead of a sword.

Throne (Durahan/Xenon) A platinum Durahan with a white plume.

Kagemusha (Durahan/???) This should not be a Zan sub-breed monster. It doesn't look anything like one.

Drydon (Durahan/???)

Shogun (Durahan/???)

Ruby Knight (Durahan/???)

Balboa (Durahan/???) A throwback to Monster Rancher 4.

Total: 27


Henger (Henger/Henger)

Sky Henger (Henger/Tiger)

Ambush (Henger/Plant)

Proto (Henger/Gali) Redesigned to be a white Henger with gold accents. Its ROM disc has a gold sun on it.

End Bringer (Henger/Joker) Redesigned in accordance with Joker's current design.

Black Henger (Henger/Monol)

Skullwave (Henger/Antlan)

Skeleton (Henger/Abyss)

HidePod (Henger/Zan) A jet black Henger with a red ROM disc. Don't know if this is how it looked in previous games.

Locomotive (Henger/???)

Burstliner (Henger/???

Metanix (Henger/???)

Total: 12


Many of these monsters have new names.

Gali (Gali/Gali)

Amethyst (Gali/Naga)

Sapphire (Gali/Tiger)

Aquamarine (Gali/Jell)

Emerald (Gali/Plant) Redesigned to have a green cloak and a green mask.

Topaz (Gali/Suezo)

Obsidian (Gali/Monol)

Garnet (Gali/Pixie)

Ruby (Gali/Dragon) A Gali with a bright red cloak and a bright red sun mask.

Apollo (Gali/Phoenix) A Gali with an orange cloak and an orange sun mask.

Stone (Gali/Golem)

Verde (Gali/Centaur) Redesigned to have a brown cloak and a dark green sun mask.

Cherub (Gali/Xenon) A Gali with a white cloak and a white sun mask.

Happy Mask (Gali/???)

Milky Way (Gali/???)

Luna (Gali/???) A Gali with a moon mask instead of a sun mask. Has a midnight blue cloak.

Total: 15


Monol (Monol/Monol)

Blue Sponge (Monol/Tiger)

Romper Wall (Monol/Pixie)

Burning Wall (Monol/Phoenix) People seem to think it's related to the Phoenix and it kinda does seem like it, so I made that the case in this game.

New Leaf (Monol/Plant)

Asphaltum (Monol/Naga) Reverted to its old design where it's purple instead of red.

Obelisk (Monol/Golem)

Ice Candy (Monol/Jell)

Jura Wall (Monol/Zuum)

Ivory Wall (Monol/Gali)

Mad Wall (Monol/Gitan) Redesigned so that it is simply a wall with Gitan's colors. No Gitan's glare on it.

Aqua Wall (Monol/Lesione) Redesigned so it has both shades of blue adorning Lesione's body.

Trico Wall (Monol/Ducken) Redesigned to be red, yellow, and blue instead of red, white, and blue.

Mocchi Wall (Monol/Mocchi) Redesigned to be a pink wall with green spines.

Great Wall (Monol/Dragon) Redesigned to be a red, scaly wall. No Dragon's head, no wings.

Sandy (Monol/Suezo)

Choco Wall (Monol/Henger) Redesigned to be a wall that's the same shade of brown as Henger and has markings like those seen on Henger and other Henger sub-breed monsters.

Tiramisu (Monol/Raiden) Redesigned to be a wall with Raiden's colors. The colors are not put in such a way that makes the monster look like three rectangles that are stacked up.

Furred Wall (Monol/Hare)

Clay Wall (Monol/Gaboo) A Monol that's the same color as Gaboo.

Galaxy (Monol/???)

Sky (Monol/???)

Domino (Monol/???)

Two-Tone (Monol/???)

Akashic (Monol/???)

Total: 25


Centaur (Centaur/Centaur)

Dragoon (Centaur/Dragon) Redesigned in accordance with Dragon's current design.

Celious (Centaur/Tiger)

Death Steed (Centaur/Joker) Renamed and redesigned in accordance with Joker's current design.

Chariot (Centaur/Durahan) Redesigned in accordance with Durahan's current design. It has a red plume on its helmet and everything.

Desert Steed (Centaur/Abyss) Renamed. Bastet does not fit this monster at all. It's not even remotely cat-like.

Dark Piercer (Centaur/Zan) The only redesign I can come up with for this monster is to have it be jet black instead of that gray color.

Antares (Centaur/Arrowhead)

Blue Thunder (Centaur/Antlan) Originally a Special Breed.

Ferious (Centaur/Pixie) Redesigned. It has no wings this time.

Pillard (Centaur/Baku)

Trojan (Centaur/Golem) Redesigned in accordance with Golem's current design.

Foxtrot (Centaur/Kitsune) This Centaur has Kitsune's colors and the upper body of an anthropomorphic fox. Wields a long rod instead of a spear.

Principality (Centaur/Xenon) A pure white centaur. Its spear is white with a platinum point.

Centare (Centaur/Hare) This Centaur has Hare's colors and the upper body of an anthropomorphic rabbit. Its spear is a long stick with a boxing glove attached to it.

Nyantaur (Centaur/Anyamu) This Centaur has Anyamu's colors and the upper body of an anthropomorphic cat. Its spear is a black staff with an object that looks just like the bubbles on Anyamu's cords.

Junior (Centaur/???)

Trotter (Centaur/???)

Sniper (Centaur/???)

Total: 20


In this game, Undine is made to look like her anime self. She doesn't have the translucent body that makes her look like a feminine version of Jell. Instead, she looks like a mermaid with light blue skin, blue hair, a blue tail, and blue eyes. Furthermore, all Undines are female only. Some monsters with Undine sub-breeds are female only, others can be male or female.

Undine (Undine/Undine)

Siren (Undine/Joker) Redesigned to look like a mermaid with pale skin, black hair, and a black tail. She still has the third eye.

Sea Angel (Undine/Gali) Has pure white skin, gold hair, a gold tail, and a gold eye mask. Her eyes are also yellow.

Lavendine (Undine/Naga) Has lavender skin, purple hair, a purple tail, and yellow snake eyes.

Arctine (Undine/Tiger) Has pure white skin, blue hair, a blue tail, and green eyes. Also has a horn on her head.

Beauty Queen (Undine/Ogyo) A fair-skinned mermaid with a pink tail, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Tarine (Undine/Monol) Has jet black skin, hair, and and a jet black tail. Also has red eyes. Not glowing red eyes, just regular red eyes.

Lake Fairy (Undine/Pixie) Has the same color of skin as Pixie, a red tail, and red hair. Also has horns on her red that resemble those of Pixie. Lake Fairy has red eyes like Pixie.

Ocean Knight (Undine/Durahan) A fair-skinned mermaid with a silver tail, red hair, and brown eyes. Wears silver plate armor, including a helmet with no plume.

Mermaid (Undine/???)

Total: 10


Jell (Jell/Jell)

Icy Jell (Jell/Tiger)

Pink Jam (Jell/Pixie) This monster keeps its current design while taking back its old name.

Scaled Jell (Jell/Zuum)

Dark Cell (Jell/Joker)

Tar (Jell/Monol) Renamed and redesigned to be jet black all over.

Purple Jell (Jell/Naga)

Noble Jell (Jell/Gali)

Chloro Jell (Jell/Plant) Another one taking back an old name while keeping its current design.

Flame Jell (Jell/Dragon)

Insebel (Jell/Beaklon)

Gal (Jell/Garu)

Wall Mimic (Jell/Golem)

Pedrolino (Jell/Piroro)

Clay Jell (Jell/Gaboo) A Jell the same color as Gaboo.

Puddingel (Jell/Suzurin)

White Jell (Jell/Xenon) A pure white Jell with a blue core.

Metal Jell (Jell/???)

Jellnico (Jell/???)

Total: 19


As I said before, the Xenon roster needs expanding. Now that I think about it, Xenon's move pool also needs more moves. Some light-elemental attacks would fit Xenon perfectly since Xenon is essentially an angelic monster.

Xenon (Xenon/Xenon)

Gaia (Xenon/Centaur) Let's let this be the only monster named Gaia.

Seraph (Xenon/Phoenix) A Xenon with Phoenix's colors and a Phoenix head.

Inti (Xenon/Gali) A white Xenon with gold accents, including a gold mask on its face.

Fallen Angel (Xenon/Abyss) The new Xenon with an Abyss sub-breed. It's a Xenon with Abyss's colors and an Abyss head.

Snow Angel (Xenon/Tiger) A Xenon with Tiger's colors and a wolf's head.

Amaterasu (Xenon/Kitsune) A Xenon with Kitsune's colors and a fox's head.

Caesar (Xenon/???)

Total: 8

I couldn't do very much, but it's a start.


The Abyss roster also needs work. Perhaps some expansions in the Abyss's move pool is also in order. How about some dark-elemental attacks since Abyss is the opposite of Xenon and is basically an "evil" monster?

Abyss (Abyss/Abyss)

Cosmic Abyss (Abyss/Gali)

Ent (Abyss/Plant)

Karma (Abyss/Piroro)

Shadow Mage (Abyss/Joker) This monster was the biggest fail of all the Abyss back in Monster Rancher DS. It was originally a monster with a Falco sub-breed. I mean, really? Shadow Mage doesn't have any of Falco's colors or features. So, for this game, I'm giving Shadow Mage a sub-breed change and a huge makeover. Shadow Mage now has Joker's colors and its staff is a scythe. Also, it's shaped like the purebreed Abyss.

Water Mage (Abyss/Lesione) An Abyss with Lesione's colors and some fins here and there. Its staff is a trident.

Lobearta (Abyss/Wicky) Originally a Special Breed.

Fire Mage (Abyss/Phoenix) An Abyss with Phoenix's colors and a Phoenix head. Its staff is yellow and has a ruby on it.

Mocchibyss (Abyss/Mocchi) An Abyss with Mocchi's colors. Its staff has an object on it that resembles Mocchi when it's curled up into a ball.

Demi-Abyss (Abyss/Gitan) An Abyss with Gitan's colors and a Gitan head. Its staff looks exactly like Gitan's spear.

Tenuki (Abyss/???)

Total: 11


Ripper is one of my favorites. Don't you dare mess it up, Tecmo.

Ripper (Ripper/Ripper)

Folkes (Ripper/Hare)

Howlzapper (Ripper/Tiger)

AssasiRipper (Ripper/Joker)

DarkWhip (Ripper/Gitan)

Harlequin (Ripper/Piroro)

ArmoRipper (Ripper/Durahan)

Horowitz (Ripper/Jell)

Parasarian (Ripper/Lesione)

Scar Claw (Ripper/Plant)

Morlock (Ripper/Golem)

Shadow Ripper (Ripper/Zan) A jet black Ripper with jet black armor. Has red eyes.

Chironuppu (Ripper/Kitsune) A Ripper with Kitsune's colors and a more fox-like head.

Night Sickle (Ripper/???)

PieRipper (Ripper/???)

Spartacus (Ripper/???) A throwback to Monster Rancher 4.

Total: 16


Another fave. Don't mess up this one, either.

Zan (Zan/Zan)

Abata (Zan/Koropendora)

Fang (Zan/Ripper)

Ray (Zan/Lesione)

Kagura (Zan/Ducken)

Aya (Zan/Pixie)

Guy (Zan/Raiden)

Agi (Zan/Pancho)

Haze (Zan/Maya)

Homura (Zan/Dragon)

Rinka (Zan/Suzurin)

Ryoku (Zan/Mocchi)

Saga (Zan/Naga)

Shin (Zan/Zuum)

Siva (Zan/Gali) Redesigned to be a white Zan with gold accents. Its nails are gold, the blades on its appendages are gold, and Siva even has a gold mask on its face.

Hama (Zan/Xenon) A pure white Zan with blue eyes.

Mudo (Zan/Joker) A Zan with a black body with red accents and a Joker head. The blades on its appendages resemble the blade of Joker's scythe.

General Death (Zan/Abyss) Originally a Special Breed. It looks like it could be Abyss-related, so I decided to make that the case in this game.

Han (Zan/???)

Izuna (Zan/???)

Total: 20


Yet another monster I'm particularly fond of.

Antlan (Antlan/Antlan)

Dolaine (Antlan/Phoenix) This monster certainly does look like a Phoenix sub-breed monster. Makes me wonder why it wasn't back in Monster Rancher 4. Antlan and Phoenix were both in that game.

RedBurn (Antlan/Garu)

Rhinorhine (Antlan/Rhinoroller)

Blakkus (Antlan/Joker)

Ecologia (Antlan/Plant)

Eval (Antlan/Zan)

Falcolan (Antlan/Raiden)

Pharaoh Eye (Antlan/Suezo)

ProtoAnt (Antlan/Henger)

Quintie (Antlan/Pixie)

RageRock (Antlan/Golem)

Virtue (Antlan/Xenon) A pure white Antlan with a white wing crest on its forehead. Has blue eyes.

Skeleant (Antlan/Abyss) Abyss does have a bit of a death theme, so Skeleant and other skeleton monsters may definitely get the Abyss treatment.

Ant. Blue (Antlan/???)

Ant. Red (Antlan/???)

Ant. Yellow (Antlan/???)

Total: 17


Raiden (Raiden/Raiden)

Putaranoden (Raiden/Zuum)

Skyhorn (Raiden/Rhinoroller)

EvilBeak (Raiden/Gitan)

Seaguile (Raiden/Lesione)

Flaminden (Raiden/Pixie)

Aguila (Raiden/Garu)

Flamingo (Raiden/Ogyo)

Gargoyle (Raiden/Naga)

Griffonite (Raiden/Durahan)

Naskaova (Raiden/Henger)

Raiducken (Raiden/Ducken)

Hresvelgr (Raiden/Xenon) A pure white Raiden.

Raiven (Raiden/Monol) A black Raiden with a more raven-esque design.

Feng Huang (Raiden/Phoenix) A Raiden with Phoenix's colors and a more Phoenix-esque design.

Kaiser (Raiden/Wracky) A pure-breed Raiden that wears a tuxedo.

Captain Bird (Raiden/???)

Peacocken (Raiden/???)

Owlden (Raiden/???)

Cowbird (Raiden/???)

Total: 20


Lesione (Lesione/Lesione)

Hibis (Lesione/Zuum)

Ablessie (Lesione/Abyss)

Lava Lessie (Lesione/Dragon)

Uminaibi (Lesione/Maya)

Jellysaurus (Lesione/Jell)

Grapie (Lesione/Naga)

Merlion (Lesione/Garu)

Mocchisaurus (Lesione/Mocchi)

Scarabio (Lesione/Beaklon)

Sharly (Lesione/Rhinoroller)

Yuma (Lesione/Henger)

Metal Head (Lesione/Zan) Redesigned to look even more like a monster with a Zan sub-breed. Its body is all black and it has a more Zan-esque head.

Legaia (Lesione/Gali) Redesigned to be a white Lesione with a gold eye mask. It also has a gold sun print on its back.

Plesio (Lesione/Tiger) It loses the ice spikes, but other than that, its design is pretty much the same in this game.

LessieOrca (Lesione/???)

Clown Lessie (Lesione/???)

Total: 17


Piroro (Piroro/Piroro)

Death Clown (Piroro/Joker)

Dorara (Piroro/Dragon)

Flower (Piroro/Plant)

Pururu (Piroro/Mocchi)

HawkClaw (Piroro/Raiden)

Kablo (Piroro/Beaklon)

Salome (Piroro/Zan)

Urara (Piroro/Tiger)

Grelo (Piroro/Gitan) What was once an enemy-exclusive monster can be owned by the player in this game. Seeing as Dotty and Petty, who owned a Grelo in Monster Rancher EVO, seem to like Gitans and Gitan sub-breed monsters, I am led to believe that Grelo is a Gitan sub-breed monster itself.

Gold Piroro (Piroro/???) Reverted back to a Special Breed.

Silver Piroro (Piroro/???)

Zeburo (Piroro/???)

Total: 13


Maya (Maya/Maya)

Faylay (Maya/Ripper)

Grappaya (Maya/Suezo)

Muimaya (Maya/Plant)

Irabuya (Maya/Naga)

ChuraMaya (Maya/Pixie)

Shiisa (Maya/Garu)

YamiMaya (Maya/Joker)

TeeMaya (Maya/Raiden)

DemiMaya (Maya/Gitan) A Maya with Gitan's colors.

MocchiMaya (Maya/Mocchi) A Maya with Mocchi's colors.

BluMaya (Maya/Tiger) A Maya with Tiger's colors.

Mayajel (Maya/Jell) A Maya-shaped jell monster with a red core in its chest.

Shaydee (Maya/Monol) A black Maya with red eyes and black wings.

Haman (Maya/???)

NorMaya (Maya/???)

Total: 16


Mogi (Mogi/Mogi)

Shanx (Mogi/Suzurin) This monster is taking back its old name.

PanQuiche (Mogi/Garu)

Cybernetico (Mogi/Durahan) Reverted to its old design.

MocchiLips (Mogi/Mocchi)

Fleece (Mogi/Tiger) People think it's a Tiger sub-breed monster, it looks like one, so why not let it be one?

Freebird (Mogi/Raiden)

Mogiqua (Mogi/Lesione) This Mogi has long black hair, fur the same shade of blue as Lesione, it wears shades, and its hat resembles a seashell.

Mewgi (Mogi/Mew) I'm giving this monster a new name while changing its sub-breed to the one that actually makes sense. The design is pretty much the same; it has yellow and white fur with tiger stripes here and there, it wears a white drill hat and it has brown hair.

Beaboy (Mogi/Arrowhead) Redesigned. This Mogi is covered in red shell armor. It has two equally-sized pincers for hands and its hat resembles a seashell.

Arbor Mogi (Mogi/???)

Shogun Mogi (Mogi/???)

Total: 12


Beaklon (Beaklon/Beaklon)

Rollbeat (Beaklon/Ogyo)

Beerock (Beaklon/Golem)

Beegator (Beaklon/Zuum)

Melcarba (Beaklon/Henger)

Kanabron (Beaklon/Maya)

Jelaydon (Beaklon/Zan)

Centurion (Beaklon/Durahan)

Drimole (Beaklon/Mogi)

Ducklon (Beaklon/Ducken)

Snow Beetle (Beaklon/Tiger) Renamed and redesigned. It has Tiger's colors, green insect eyes, and its horn resembles Tiger's horn.

Blacklon (Beaklon/Monol) Simply a black Beaklon with red insect eyes.

Jaggernaut (Beaklon/Joker) Redesigned. This Beaklon has a black body, a head the same color as Joker's head, and black insect eyes. Its horn resembles the bade of Joker's scythe if it were upside down.

Crabeetle (Beaklon/Arrowhead) This Beaklon has a red body, pincers for hands, and its horn resembles a seashell. Its eyes are yellow.

Whitelon (Beaklon/Xenon) A white Beaklon with blue insect eyes.

Tanklon 2 (Beaklon/???)

Total: 16


Pancho (Pancho/Pancho)

Baby Dino (Pancho/Zuum)

Suzuricho (Pancho/Suzurin)

Jack-in-the-Cho (Pancho/Joker)

Pulcinella (Pancho/Piroro)

Meloncho (Pancho/Beaklon)

Chopanjel (Pancho/Jell)

Shellincho (Pancho/Ogyo)

Koroncho (Pancho/Koropendora)

Marincho (Pancho/Lesione)

Stoneface (Pancho/Golem)

Mewcho (Pancho/Mew)

Skullcho (Pancho/Abyss) A Pancho that wears a little Abyss costume. Its shell is a skull.

White Pancho (Pancho/Xenon) A Pancho whose green parts are white instead of green. Its shell is a white pumpkin.

Knightcho (Pancho/Durahan) A Pancho in silver armor with a red plume on top of its head. Its shell is a knight's helmet.

Basecho (Pancho/Wracky) A Pancho in a baseball team uniform. Its shell resembles a baseball.

Volleycho (Pancho/Wicky) A Pancho in a volleyball team uniform. Its shell is resembles volleyball.

Blixy Klingy (Pancho/???) This is the original Blixy Klingy from Monster Rancher 4.

Nutcho (Pancho/???)

Total: 19


This is another monster I remember liking. It's reverted to the old design it has in Monster Ranchers 4 and EVO.

Gitan (Gitan/Gitan)

Munitan (Gitan/Mocchi)

Grindink (Gitan/Koropendora)

Lafreshitan (Gitan/Plant)

Giliant (Gitan/Antlan)

Gilolitan (Gitan/Suezo)

Shishitan (Gitan/Garu)

Funbaba (Gitan/Baku)

Halloween (Gitan/Pancho)

Jet (Gitan/Zan)

Matalyn (Gitan/Maya)

Moztan (Gitan/Raiden)

Tanmarin (Gitan/Lesione)

Maestan (Gitan/Wracky) Originally a Special Breed.

Wabbit (Gitan/Hare)

Litan (Gitan/Gali) Renamed and redesigned. It's a white Gitan with gold accents. The nails on its ears, hands, and tail are gold and Litan also wears a gold eye mask. Its weapon is a small sword.

Galloptan (Gitan/???)

Total: 17


All Suzurins and all monsters with Suzurin sub-breeds are female only.

Suzurin (Suzurin/Suzurin)

Malincarin (Suzurin/Lesione)

Rabbirin (Suzurin/Hare)

Wizring (Suzurin/Joker)

Drarin (Suzurin/Gitan)

Peachrin (Suzurin/Mocchi)

Condorin (Suzurin/Raiden)

Gattcharin (Suzurin/Ducken)

Vixen (Suzurin/Kitsune) A Suzurin that wears orange and white clothes and a fox hat.

Blakurin (Suzurin/Monol) Renamed and redesigned. It's simply a Suzurin in black clothes and a black hat.

Chapel (Suzurin/Gali) Redesigned to be a Suzurin in white clothes. Its hat is white with a gold sun print.

Ringrock (Suzurin/Golem) Redesigned to be a Suzurin in grey clothes. Its hat is grey and has Golem's face on it.

Bell Knight (Suzurin/Durahan) Redesigned to be a Suzurin in silver, dress-shaped armor. Its hat is silver and has a red plume on it.

Mewrin (Suzurin/Mew) Redesigned to be a Suzurin in a spikeless yellow and white outfit. She also wears a cat hat.

Maidrin (Suzurin/Wicky) A Suzurin in maid garb.

Samurairin (Suzurin/???)

Maririn (Suzurin/???)

Total: 17


Garu (Garu/Garu)

Wolfie (Garu/Tiger)

Capitano (Garu/Piroro)

MocchiGaru (Garu/Mocchi)

Tri-Eye (Garu/Suezo)

Moose (Garu/Hare)

Battleleon (Garu/Durahan)

Ingarul (Garu/Maya)

Shidao (Garu/Ripper)

Zabel (Garu/Zan)

Mermagaru (Garu/Naga)

Puck (Garu/Gali) Redesigned to be a gold and white Garu with yellow eyes.

Black Lion (Garu/Monol) Redesigned to simply be a jet black Garu with red eyes. Not glowing red eyes.

Goku (Garu/???)

Punchy (Garu/???)

Total: 15


Some Ogyos are female only while others can be male or female. All monsters with Ogyo sub-breeds are female only.

Ogyo (Ogyo/Ogyo) Female only.

Evil Fish (Ogyo/Zan) Can be male or female.

Husky Gill (Ogyo/Tiger) Can be male or female.

Plauna (Ogyo/Plant) Female only.

Osaka Knight (Ogyo/Durahan) Female only.

Gyoruna (Ogyo/Dragon) Can be male or female.

Ramuna (Ogyo/Ripper) Can be male or female.

Surfana (Ogyo/Undine) Originally a Special Breed. Female only.

Angel Fish (Ogyo/Gali) A white Ogyo with a gold eye mask. It has a sun-shaped headpiece, gold ribbons, and its fins look like angel wings. Can be male or female.

Ogyorobo (Ogyo/Henger) An Ogyo with Henger's colors. Can be male or female.

Lovina (Ogyo/???) Female only.

Breeza (Ogyo/???) Female only.

Total: 12


It was originally named Color Pandora, took back that name in later Monster Rancher games, and is changing names again in this game.

Koropendora (Koropendora/Koropendora)

Liquid Cube (Koropendora/Jell)

GunBits (Koropendora/Durahan)

AntKoro (Koropendora/Antlan)

LionKoro (Koropendora/Garu)

PuppyKoro (Koropendora/Baku)

PirahniKoro (Koropendora/Naga)

Tetra (Koropendora/Henger)

MiniOgreKoro (Koropendora/Mogi)

PrincessKoro (Koropendora/Ogyo)

KoroBall (Koropendora/Lesione)

Peach Tree Bug (Koropendora/Pixie)

Clay Cube (Koropendora/Gaboo) These little guys have Gaboo's body colors. They each retain the the green, red, and yellow eyes and noses.

KoroDucks (Koropendora/Ducken) These guys have white Ducken faces, red, yellow, and blue bodies, and white tails. Instead of having different-colored noses like other Koropendora, their eyes are different colors. The middle one has green eyes, the left one has yellow eyes, and the right one has red eyes.

SunKoro (Koropendora/Gali) These guys are white and wear gold eye masks.

WolfKoro (Koropendora/Tiger) These guys are blue and white and they have manes and horns.

BunnyKoro (Koropendora/Hare) These guys have Hare's colors and long rabbit ears.

KittyKoro (Koropendora/Mew) These guys have Mew's colors and little cat ears.

YamuKoro (Koropendora/Anyamu) These guys have Anyamu's colors and little cat ears.

KoroRocks (Koropendora/Golem) These guys have grey stone bodies and glowing yellow eyes.

ComedyKoro (Koropendora/???)

Tri-Gai (Koropendora/???)

MahjongKoro (Koropendora/???)

Dice (Koropendora/???)

Total: 23


I understand these guys lack water attacks, despite being aquatic monsters. Arrowheads ought to be given water attacks in this game.

Arrowhead (Arrowhead/Arrowhead)

Renocraft (Arrowhead/Henger) Redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. Still has the ROM disc eye.

Mustard Arrow (Arrowhead/Suezo) Redesigned to be shaped like the purebreed Arrowhead. Still has the single eye.

Priarocks (Arrowhead/Golem) Redesigned to be shaped like the purebreed Arrowhead. It has a grey stone body and glowing yellow eyes.

Selketo (Arrowhead/Joker) This one's already shaped like the purebreed Arrowhead. It's still being redesigned to have a black body with a face the same color as Joker's head. It has red eyes (not glowing red eyes) and its stinger resembles the blade of Joker's scythe.

Saint Arrow (Arrowhead/Gali) If it's not shaped like the purebreed Arrowhead, it is in this game. It's still white and it still has the gold face and gold claws.

Javelineer (Arrowhead/Tiger) Redesigned to simply be a blue and white Arrowhead. Its stinger resembles Tiger's horn.

Aqua Spike (Arrowhead/Lesione) Redesigned to be shaped like the purebreed Arrowhead. Its body colors are the same as Lesione's and the fin on its back is gone. Its head has rounded tips.

Venom Arrow (Arrowhead/Naga) Redesigned to simply be an Arrowhead that has Naga's colors. Its stinger resembles Naga's own stinger.

Ciseaux (Arrowhead/Zan) Redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. Its body is jet black, it has pincers now, it has red eyes (not glowing red eyes), and its stinger resembles the blades on Zan's appendages.

Graspecter (Arrowhead/Plant) It looks like it's related to Plant and it even sounds like it. So, I made that the case in this game. This monster is redesigned to simply be an Arrowhead with Plant's colors. Graspecter also has three flowers on its head. They're the same color as Plant's flowers.

Oldovis (Arrowhead/Antlan) Redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. It's blue and white and it has a yellow crest on its forehead. Its stinger is also yellow and resembles Antlan's forehead crest.

WhiteArrow (Arrowhead/Xenon) A pure white Arrowhead with blue eyes.

Land Diver (Arrowhead/Mogi) Redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. It has Mogi's colors, it has regular pincers now, and its stinger resembles Mogi's drill hat.

Caro (Arrowhead/Pixie) Redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. It is now pink and white, just like Aya, the Zan/Pixie mix. The wing-like blades on its arms are gone, but it still has the arrow-like stinger.

Stalgunner (Arrowhead/???) Like all non-purebreed Arrowheads in this game, this one is redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. It has regular pincers, a light blue visor, and its stinger is made of light blue lasers. It's a lightstinger.

Iron Claw (Arrowhead/???) Like all non-purebreed Arrowheads in this game, this one is redesigned to be shaped exactly like the purebreed Arrowhead. It's still white and silver.

Total: 17


Ducken (Ducken/Ducken)

Blocken (Ducken/Golem)

Duckis (Ducken/Abyss)

Machu Pichu (Ducken/Henger)

Cawken (Ducken/Monol) It looks like a Monol sub-breed monster, so I decided to make that the case in this game.

GrapaDuck (Ducken/Naga)

MagaMocken (Ducken/Maya)

Paradocken (Ducken/Gitan)

Pitan (Ducken/Ripper)

PumpkiDuck (Ducken/Pancho)

Gullken (Ducken/Tiger) Redesigned to look more like the Gullken shown in the picture on the Monster Rancher Wiki. Its top and bottom pieces are blue while its middle piece is white. It still has white feet, a white head, and white wings with blue tips.

Cuekan (Ducken/Antlan) Redesigned. It has a blue body with a big spot of white on its stomach. It also has a yellow crest on its forehead.

Caladrius (Ducken/Gali) This Ducken is mostly white. Its legs are yellow and it has a gold sun print on its belly.

Piekan (Ducken/Pixie) Redesigned to be a Ducken with Pixie's colors. It loses the Pixie wings on its back, but it still has the heart mark and pointed tail.

Whiten (Ducken/Xenon) A pure white Ducken.

KingTutDuck (Ducken/???)

Cookun (Ducken/???)

Eggukken (Ducken/???)

Total: 18


Rhinoroller (Rhinoroller/Rhinoroller)

CarRoller (Rhinoroller/Henger)

QueenRoller (Rhinoroller/Ogyo)

HighRoller (Rhinoroller/Dragon)

BakuRoller (Rhinoroller/Baku)

KoroKoroRoller (Rhinoroller/Koropendora)

RocknRoller (Rhinoroller/Golem)

SkunkRoller (Rhinoroller/Ripper)

Solaroller (Rhinoroller/Gali) A white Rhinoroller with a gold horn. Its wheel is white and has two gold sun prints, one on each side.

RoadRoller (Rhinoroller/Zuum)

BlackRoller (Rhinoroller/Monol) A jet black Rhinoroller with a black wheel.

WhiteRoller (Rhinoroller/Xenon) A pure white Rhinoroller with a white wheel.

VenoRoller (Rhinoroller/Joker) Redesigned to be a black Rhinoroller with a head the same color as Joker's head. Its horn is black and its wheel is black and has two skull prints, one on each side.

MogRoller (Rhinoroller/Mogi) Redesigned to be a Rhinoroller with Mogi's colors. It has a horn that resembles Mogi's drill hat. It also has brown hair on its head. Its wheel is Mogi-colored with two drill prints, one on each side.

RygaRoller (Rhinoroller/???)

BearRoller (Rhinoroller/???)

Total: 16


Zuum (Zuum/Zuum)

Salamander (Zuum/Dragon)

Hound Saurian (Zuum/Tiger) Redesigned. It has a Tiger head now. Hey, they made a Dragon with a Tiger head and it worked. Why wouldn't a Zuum with a Tiger head work?

Jelly Saurian

Mustardy (Zuum/Suezo) Mustardy's design in this game is a combination of its old design and its current one. It has the three-point head like it did in Monster Rancher 2, but it still has the single eye like it does now. It also still has a round tip on its tail.

Crab Saurian (Zuum/Arrowhead)

Noble Saurian (Zuum/Gali)

Aloha Saurian (Zuum/Plant) Reverted to its old design.

Naga Saurian (Zuum/Naga)

Rock Saurian (Zuum/Golem)

Psirow (Zuum/Rhinoroller)

Fairy Saurian (Zuum/Pixie) Let this one keep her design from Monster Rancher 2.

Black Saurian (Zuum/Monol)

White Saurian (Zuum/Xenon) A pure white Zuum.

Cocadrille (Zuum/Gitan)

Shell Saurian (Zuum/Beaklon) The design is pretty much the same, but the sub-breed needs changed for this game.

Kirin (Zuum/???)

Dino (Zuum/???)

Zebra Saurian (Zuum/???)

Total: 19


I still stand by what I said about Wracky and some of its sub-breeds being redesigned while others were scrapped. All Wrackies and all monsters with Wracky sub-breeds are male only. In Monster Rancher Rebirth, Wrackies promote Power and Speed. I don't know if these were the stats it promoted in Monster Rancher 2.

Wracky (Wracky/Wracky) Redesigned to look like a young boy in a white T shirt, black shorts, white socks, and black and white sneakers. Wields a basic sword.

Mini Golem (Wracky/Golem) Renamed and redesigned in accordance with Golems current design. Wields a club.

Little Reaper (Wracky/Joker) Renamed and redesigned to look like a young boy in black hooded robe and black shoes. He wields a small scythe.

Sun Priest (Wracky/Gali) Looks like a young boy in a white robe and white shoes. His hair is blonde, we wears a sun mask, and he wields a morning star.

Little Knight (Wracky/Durahan) Looks like a young boy in knight's armor. Wields a knight's sword.

Circus Clown (Wracky/Piroro) Looks like a young boy dressed as a circus performer. Wields the kind of blade circus performers are often seen juggling.

Shinobi (Wracky/Antlan) Looks like a young boy in a ninja costume. Wields a ninja sword.

Hayabusa (Wracky/???) Modeled after Ryu Hayabusa. Wields a copy of Ryu's Dragon Sword.

Hayate (Wracky/???) Modeled after Hayate from Dead or Alive. Wields a copy of Hayate's sword.

Total: 9


All Wickies and all monsters with Wicky sub-breeds are female only. Remember, Wicky is an OC of mine. She has never once been seen in any Monster Rancher game. Wickies promote Intelligence and Accuracy.

Wicky (Wicky/Wicky) Looks like a young girl in a pink T shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and white Mary Jane shoes. Wields a basic sword.

Baby Doll (Wicky/Pixie) Her design is the same, but her sub-breed has changed.

Little Reapette (Wicky/Joker) Looks like a young girl in a black hooded robe and black shoes. Wields a small scythe

Sun Priestess (Wicky/Gali) Looks like a young girl in a white robe and white shoes. Her hair is blonde, she wears a sun mask, and wields a morning star.

Circus Dancer (Wicky/Piroro) Looks like a young girl dressed as a circus performer. Wields the type of blade circus performers are often seen juggling.

Little Knightress (Wicky/Durahan) Looks like a young girl in knight's armor. Wields a knight's sword.

Kunoichi (Wicky/Antlan) Looks like a young girl in a ninja outfit. Wields a ninja sword.

Rachel (Wicky/???) Modeled after Rachel from Ninja Gaiden. Wields a copy of Rachel's hammer.

Momiji (Wicky/???) Modeled after Momiji. Wields a copy of Momiji's spear.

Total: 9


You probably don't know who this monster is. Anyamu is a bipedal cat monster introduced in Monster Farm Lagoon. Unlike Mew, who is a living cat doll, Anyamu is a real cat and it has braided cords around its neck. I found it interesting, so I've decided to add it to this roster. I don't know what techniques Anyamu actually has, so all I can do is give ideas of techniques it could have in this game. Like I said, Anyamu is a bipedal cat monster, so it would obviously have attacks where it punches the enemy, slashes them with sharp claws, and maybe even a headbutt attack. It could also fire lasers and energy blasts using the bubble-like things on the ends of the cords around its neck. Those things have to serve a purpose of some kind, right? Maybe Anyamu could also have attacks that involve it doing a little dance? I'm afraid that's all I can come up with. And in this game, Anyamu promotes Accuracy and Intelligence. I don't know if it did in Monster Farm Lagoon, but it does in this game.

Now, one thing you'll notice as you look through this section is that the colors and shapes of the bubble like objects on Anyamu's cords are different depending on the Anyamu's sub-breed. In Monster Farm Lagoon, these bubble-like things were the same color and the same shape no matter which variant the Anyamu was.

Anyamu (Anyamu/Anyamu)

Icyamu (Anyamu/Tiger) It's basically the blue variant, but with a tweaked design. The parts of Icyamu's fur that aren't blue are white as snow, the bubble-like things on the ends of its cords are also pure white, and Icyamu also has a tiny horn on its head. Icyamu also has green eyes.

Fairyamu (Anyamu/Pixie) A pink and white Anyamu with brown eyes. The bubble-like things on the ends of its cords are white and heart-shaped.

Holyamu (Anyamu/Gali) A white Anyamu with gold accents, including a gold mask on its face and what look like gold rings around the bubble-like things on the ends of its cords. Speaking of which, the bubble-like things on the ends of Holyamu's cords are white, save for the gold rings around them.

Jellyamu (Anyamu/Jell) An Anyamu-shaped gel monster. Like all Jell sub-breed monsters, Jellyamu's entire body is the same color as Jell and it has a red core in its body. Jellyamu's core is in its chest.

Mayamu (Anyamu/Maya) An Anyamu with Maya's body colors and a more Maya-like head. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are rainbow-colored.

Blackyamu (Anyamu/Monol) An Anyamu with black fur and red eyes (Not glowing red eyes like some other Monol sub-breed monsters). The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are red.

Whiteyamu (Anyamu/Xenon) A pure white Anyamu with blue eyes. Even the bubble-like things on its cords are white.

Bunnyamu (Anyamu/Hare) An Anyamu with Hare's colors and a more rabbit-like head. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are brown and shaped like rabbit heads.

Daisyamu (Anyamu/Plant) A green Anyamu with green eyes. The bubble-like objects at the ends of its cords are shaped like flowers and are the same color as Plant's flower.

Maneyamu (Anyamu/Garu) An Anyamu with Garu's body colors and a more lion-like head. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are red and shaped like lion heads.

Pinkyamu (Anyamu/Ogyo) An Anyamu with Ogyo's body colors and dark blue eyes. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are red and heart-shaped.

Rockyamu (Anyamu/Golem) An Anyamu with a gray stone body and glowing yellow eyes. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are yellow.

Clownyamu (Anyamu/Piroro) An Anyamu with Piroro's colors. It has black fur on its face and its eyes are like white dots. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords look like the little balls on Piroro's headdress.

Foxyamu (Anyamu/Kitsune) An Anyamu with Kitsune's colors and a more fox-like head. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are orange and shaped like flames.

Grayamu (Anyamu/???) It's the gray variant from Monster Farm Lagoon. It's design is the same as before.

Puppyamu (Anyamy/???) An Anyamu with a Beagle's colors and a Beagle-like head. The bubble-like objects on the ends of its cords are white and shaped like dog bones.

Total: 17


Gaboo is a monster that is exclusive to Monster Rancher 2. It's a living ball of clay with a face. It can morph itself, but unlike Jell, who can take many forms and shapes, Gaboo just grows and retracts limbs. Still, I find it interesting and I've decided to bring it back to this game's roster.

Gaboo (Gaboo/Gaboo)

Frozen Gaboo (Gaboo/Tiger)

Jelly Gaboo (Gaboo/Jell)

Dokoo (Gaboo/Joker) Redesigned. It is now the same color as Joker's head and has red eyes.

Taroo (Gaboo/Monol) A black Gaboo who has red eyes.

Lavoo (Gaboo/Dragon) A red Gaboo with yellow eyes.

Pastoo (Gaboo/Xenon) A pure white Gaboo with blue eyes.

Gaboo Soldier (Gaboo/Zuum) People seem to think this monster is a Zuum sub-breed monster and it looks like it, so I'm making that the case in this game.

Watoo (Gaboo/Undine) A blue Gaboo with blue eyes.

Silvoo (Gaboo/Durahan) A silver Gaboo with blue eyes.

Pirate Gaboo (Gaboo/???) A much smaller of Don Mudleone from Monster Rancher 4. Unlike Don Mudleone, these Pirate Gaboos are not biologically altered.

Total: 11


The Kitsune is exactly what you think it is: a nine-tailed fox. Kitsunes promote Speed and Intelligence and they pack a lot of Fire attacks. Kitsunes can be either male or female.

Kitsune (Kitsune/Kitsune) The purebreed Kitsune is a red nine-tailed fox.

Arcticsune (Kitsune/Tiger) A blue and white Kitsune.

Whitesune (Kitsune/Xenon) A pure white Kitsune.

Jellune (Kitsune/Jell) A Kitsune-shaped jell monster with a solid red core in its chest.

Goldsune (Kitsune/Gali) A gold and white Kitsune.

Blackitsune (Kitsune/Monol) A jet black Kitsune with red eyes.

Drillune (Kitsune/Mogi) A Kitsune with Mogi's colors. Its tails have Mogi's drill hat on the tips.

Garune (Kitsune/Garu) A Kitsune with Garu's colors.

Circusune (Kitsune/Piroro) A Kitsune with Piroro's colors. Its tails have the little blue balls from Piroro's headdress on the tips.

Rocksune (Kitsune/Golem) A Kitsune with a grey stone body and glowing yellow eyes.

DeviKitsune (Kitsune/Gitan) A Kitsune with Gitan's colors.

Silver Kitsune (Kitsune/???) A Kitsune with the colors of a silver fox.

Gray Kitsune (Kitsune/???) A Kitsune with the colors of a gray fox.

Marble Kitsune (Kitsune/???) A Kitsune with the colors of a marble fox.

Culpeo Kitsune (Kitsune/???) A Kitsune with the colors of a culpeo fox.

Total: 15

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