2012-09-28 19.28.15

My Arena. Yes, it looks like a giant bathtub, but it's still in the beta tests.

Hello all I'm currently trying to make a Minecraft Arena, that uses a large amount of mods, primarily Red Power, and SinglePlayerCommands.

One of the main things I'm using in my arena is the command SPAWNSTACK. For those who dont know, SPAWNSTACK is a special command that lets you spawn creatures, one ontop of another. for example, if you have the mod SinglePlayerCommands instaled, typing SPAWNSTACK ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE will spawn three zombies, each ontop of the next. You can even use different creatures if you like.

2012-09-28 20.00.15

An example of the command SPAWNSTACK in use.

T he other command it uses are macros. Those excel coders out there know what i mean, but for those who dont, macros are neat files you can use wt minecraft to execute a large amount of commands instantanously. for example, if you typed MACRO CREATE TEST it would open up a notepad file. You then type a list of commands, each on a new line. for example, FLY FLYMODE STANDARD KILLALL MSG Hello World You would then close it. Then, in minecraft, if you typed MACRO TEST, it would act as if you typed all the commands you types into the notepad file.

I'm also using the mod Red Power, simply for all the mechanical stuff. I'm also using wireless redstone, as a combination.

Anyway, any assistance or ideas would be GREAT!!!

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