A 3ds and wii u title metroid legacy When samua is convicted for a crime she did not commit she disappears only for a new metroid to rise with the coded identity 'decendent'as jetties to clear Samus's name Prolouge: Ambush It starts with Samus receiving a transmission for a bounty on byrissa 4. When she gets there she meets the mysterious Nebulon Pirates who attack her! She eventually defeats them but a device is activated killing half the planet. The Galactic Peace Keepers arrive and declares her a war criminal who must be eliminated. She activates a bomb killing her self and several soilders Chapter one: Witnesses It's starts with Samus II infiltrating A GPK Space Station after being tipped of. He uses his upgrades suit to sneak past the GPK officers and eventually reach the data files. His stealth suit short circuits and he is forced to fight of GPK officers until the next space cargo ship arrives. When it does he realizes that the pilot is the original Samus Aran. Chapter two

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