Mermaid is a recurring character in the Starfy series. She helps Starfy into saving his progress in the game.

She should be a playable in the next Smash Brothers game. However, that should be the first game where she gains a human form. Here human apperance, she still keeps the top and bracelets, wheres a purple jacket, long light-blue skirt and white sandals.


  • B: Echo-Uses her singing.
  • B Side: Spin-Spins like Starfy using her long skirt, but long and faster.
  • B Up: Clam Jumper-Uses her clam to jump up high.
  • B Down: Icy Tail-Turns into her original self (when she gets near a rival, she can Ice them).
  • Final Smash: Fishy Whirlpool-Turns into a mermaid, hides into her clam, comes out and lauches a whirlpool ands turns back human.


  • Up: Hides in her shell, turns into a mermaid and says "hi", and hides back.
  • Down: Gets fashiable, winks and blows a kiss
  • Side: Looks at the stage around her, worried.

Color Schemes

  • Pink Hair, Pink Top, Pink Braceslets, purple jacket, Long Light-Blue Skirt, White Sandals (Light Blue)
  • Pink Hair, Black Top, Yellow Bracelets (with a black line on them), Yellow Jacket, Long Black Skirt and grey sandals (Yellow)
  • Pink Hair, Blue Top, Light-Blue Bracelets, Light-Red Jacket, Long Neon-Red Skirt, Burgany Sandals (Red)
  • Blonde Hair, Aqua Top, Red Bracelets, Neon-Blue Jacket, Long Dark-Blue Skirt,Purple Sandals (Blue)
  • Red Hair, Purple Top, Purple Bracelets, Pink Jacket, Long Forest-Green Skirt (with clearish-Green elestic waistband) and Clearish-Green Sandals (Green)
  • Pink Hair, White Top, White Bracelets, Grey Jacket, Long White Skirt and Grey Sandals (White)


  • Her Up Taunt


  • "Hi" (also the Wii-Mote sound)
  • "Aggghhh"
  • "Hmmm"
  • "Yeya!"

Trophy Info

A Beautiful Mermaid who aids Starfy on his adventures by helping him save the game. She also has a collum called "Mermaid Gossip" in The Legendary Starfy in which she gives out hints and suggestion in the level. Alothough, She's able to go up above the sea without taking human form. The mermaid still remains beautiful, human or not.

  • Densetsu no Starfy (GBA)
  • Densetsu no Starfy 2 (GBA)
  • The Legendary Starfy (DS)


  • Kirby Hat: Mermaid's Hair
  • Snake Call: Roy Campbell
  • Voice-Suggestion: Luci Christian

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