Over the years, the entire Megaman X series (except X7, which sucked to no end) has pleased us all with their near-perfect gameplay, physics, and overall storylines. One thing I have a big problem with are the Mavericks you fight in each game. Now as each new Megaman X installment was released, the names of the Mavericks were slightly becoming less cooler and more into the flesh of boredom and uncreativity. X6 and X8 had much more experimental feels with their Maverick designs and overall are pretty good, but they still lack the spirit of the SNES and older Playstation 1 titles before X6. Don't even get me started on Megaman X7, as it was a completely rushed game with terrible gameplay, decent music, pathetic voice acting, and overall suckiness. One question still remains: WHERE IS MEGAMAN X9?!?!?!?!?!?!?! While on top of that, I feel that making this article was to show some name ideas for Mavericks that are considerably a bit more creative and experimental (using that word is awesome to no end!). Down below are a list of Maverick names and ideas for Mavericks in my not-so developed article of Megaman X9

Maverick Names

Killer Reptile

  • Soul Reaper
  • Inferno Fox
  • Neo Matter
  • Chrome Oblivion
  • Red Masquerade
  • Raging Destroyer
  • Frost Dragon
  • Blitz Thunder


  • Feel free to set up a talk page concerning this!

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