Megaman 11:Project Zero (Known as Megaman:The Last Chapter,Megaman:The Birth Of X,or Megaman:Fate Of
Megaman 9 project zero by xamoel-1-

PSP Cover

The World) is the 12th and last game in the Classic Megaman series for the PSP,Nintendo 3DS,Wii,and PS3. This game shows the death of Megaman and the birth of X. Although this is the last game in the Classic series,this is actually the first game in the Megaman X series. The main theme of this game is Waiting for the End by Linking Park.


The game's gameplay is the same as the other Megaman games. However,the graphics of this game depends on what console you get. If you get the game for handheld consoles,it's game graphics will be from Marvel vs. Capcom 1. If you get the game for home consoles,it's graphics will be from the Megaman X series. It will also have anime cutscenes (which is from Megaman X4 and Megaman 8).


After Dr.Wily escaped from the hospital,he continued to figure out how to destroy Megaman. Suddenly,he came up an idea. He created Zero,the ultimate robot that could destroy Megaman. Wily told Zero to find him,but he turned on him. "I'll work by myself!", said Zero. He destroyed the castle along with Wily. Meanwhile,Megaman went to school to pick up Roll. They were walking to the car, but was cut in half and destroyed! Megaman saw the robot Wily created, it was Zero! Megaman tried to stop Zero from destroying the school, but Zero sliced Megaman's helmet and destroyed the school. Luckily, all people were evacuated from the school. Suddenly, Electricman,Gutsman,and Bombman came to stop Zero! But Zero destroyed Electricman by slicing his head, Bombman by slicing him in half, and Gutsman by stabbing his heart. Now,with three of his friends lost and Zero wrecking havok throughout the city,can Megaman stop him before it's too late?


Megaman (Rockman) - The game's main protagonist

Zero - The game's main antagonist

Roll - Megaman's sister and the 2nd protagonist

Bass (Forte) - The 3rd protagonist

Protoman (Blues) - Megaman's brother and the 4th protagonist

X - Seen at the end of the game

Iris - Also seen at the end of the game

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