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Megaman:Powered Up 2 (also known as Rockuman Rockuman 2) in Japan, is a complete remake of Megaman 2 and a sequel to Megaman: Powered Up for PSP. PSV, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360.


The game's gameplay is the same as the first game, but now with new features. The game includes new modes, like Create mode. The new Multiplayer mode allows you to create and play story mode together. The create mode gameplay is the same as LPB2 (Little BIG Planet 2).

Game Modes

Story Mode

  • Co-Op Story Mode
  • Create 2
  • Online


  • Vs Mode
  • Team Create
  • Team Vs
  • Options


  • Trailer: Sonic Generations [Ps3 Xbox 360 3DS]
  • Trailer: Megaman 11: Project Zero
  • Trailer: Megaman X9
  • Trailer: Cave Story 3D [3DS]
  • Trailer: Rayman Origins [Wii]
  • Music
  • Trailer: Megaman: Upon A Star TV Series

Playable Characters

  • Megaman (Starter)
  • Roll (Starter)
  • Protoman (Starter)
  • Gutsman (Starter)
  • Cutman (Starter)
  • Iceman (Starter)
  • Fireman (Starter)
  • Bombman (Starter)
  • Elecman (Starter)
  • Timeman (Starter)
  • Oilman (Starter)

How To Unlock Characters

  • Flashman - Defeat him as Timeman
  • Heatman - Defeat him as Fireman
  • Metalman - Defeat him as Iceman
  • Quickman - Defeat him as Protoman
  • Airman - Defeat him as Roll
  • Woodman - Defeat him as Megaman
  • Bubbleman - Defeat him as Oilman
  • Crashman - Defeat him as Gutsman

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