Megadream Vs. Gamecom is a Super Gamer and GigaCom fighting game that's similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and stuff. Developed and created by Megadream, and Gamecom did some of the work. Rated T.

Playable Guys


  • Al (Al and Zach) - the hero of Al and Zach. His friend is Zach.
  • Zach (Al and Zach) - the friend and sidekick of Al.
  • Elera - A friend of Al's
  • Soaring Eagle (Bones and Blood) - a half man, half eagle fighter.
  • Burning Flame (Bones and Blood) - a man that harnessed the power of flames.
  • Vine (Bones and Blood) - a woman that can control nature.
  • Freezing Icicle (Bones and Blood) - a woman once frozen for 130 years.
  • Mechanic Man (Super Mechanic Man) - a mechanic that saves the world using tools.
  • The President (Super Mechanic Man) - the 45th president of the USA.
  • Firestar (Warriors) - the leader of ThunderClan and the hero of the forest.
  • Dovewing (Warriors) - a young warrior and one of the four.
  • LIonblaze (Warriors) - a huge golden tabby and one of the four.
  • Tigerstar (Warriors) - the main villain in the Warriors series.


  • Genius Guy # 445 (Epic Saga) - a green shy guy in Epic Saga
  • Jared the Saurian (Epic Saga) - a huge rock golem from the planet Sauria
  • Beecanoe (Epic Saga) - a dry bones with a cape and a hat
  • ETG (Epic Saga) - a ninja
  • Galactic Petey (Epic Saga)
  • Sephira (Epic Saga)
  • Heddo (Heddo)
  • Snickard (Zagodah)
  • Lina (Orochi Breaker)
  • Fireboy (Fireboy)
  • Cyclone(Fireboy)
  • Ryu (Eon)
  • Light Nova (Space Warriors)
  • Kiru (Orochi Breaker)
  • Yun (Frontier adventure)
  • Yuri (Frontier Adventure)
  • Lea (Combat Park)
  • Saul (Combat Park)



  • Hisdton Harbor(Al and Zach)
  • Fourtrees (Warriors)
  • Blood Tower (Bones and Blood)
  • Neon Portal (Super Mechanic Man)


  • Sauria (Epic Saga)
  • Planet of the Dead (Epic Saga)
  • Nuclear Plant (Fireboy)
  • Grand Fortress (Combat Park)

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