This game can make a good sequel or Special Edition to the PSP game, Mega Man: Powered Up. But this one is aimed at Nintendo 3DS. It also contains special Nintendo themed costumes for Roll.




Roll Costumes

  • Roll.EXE (base on NT Warrior)
  • Chef Kawasaki Roll
  • Princess Daisy Roll
  • Funky Kong Roll
  • R.O.B. Roll
  • Koopa Troopa Roll
  • Shy Guy Roll
  • Captain Olimar Roll
  • Diddy Kong Roll
  • Princess Zelda Roll
  • Porky Statue Roll
  • King Dedede Roll
  • Wario Roll (Wario Ware Version)
  • Goomba Roll
  • Wiggler Roll
  • (Bandana) Waddle Dee Roll
  • Slippy Toad Roll
  • Louie Roll
  • Mermaid Roll (base on Starfy)
  • Toadette Roll

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