MegaHeroes 2 (The Renegade) is a sequel to the famous MegaHeroes. Level Editor and Multiplayer are removed due to including story mode. This game was created in the year 2005, and this game contains Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Link and other characters from other games, and also, original characters.


Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Megaman enjoyed a lot of adventures beating all evils, but suddenly Dr. Gamma has taked over all of the Veturcity, new heroes comes to save Veturcity. Dr. Gamma buildt 14 robot masters: Disk Man, Rider Man, Seizure Man, Gun Man, Dash Man, Puzzle Man, Heaven Man, Duo Man, Solid-er Man, City-Scaper Man, Chinese Culture Man, Slide Man, Buster Man and Force Man. Will Megaman and his heroes stop him?

After defeating all robot masters

His heroes beated all robot masters, but...

  • Dr. Gamma: NOOO!
  • Dr. Gamma: MY ROBOTS!!
  • You: Yeah! You gotta die, loser!
  • Dr. Gamma: Good!
  • Dr. Gamma: But get ready for a big suprise! The adventure does not ends here!
  • You: Alright...!
  • Dr. Gamma: THE CASTLE IS READY!!!
  • You: Heroes, let's go!

First Gamma Battle

  • Dr. Gamma: My machine is too strong!
  • You: We gotta kill you!
  • Dr. Gamma: ATTACK!!


  • Dr. Gamma: We will see you in *boing!*
  • You: A FAKE!!
  • Heroes: Dr. Gamma must be on the next floor, or in underground...
  • You: Let's go.

Second Gamma Battle

  • Dr. Gamma: Welcome back kids!
  • Dr. Gamma: I have a form that i am gonna be giant!
  • Dr. Gamma: BEHOLD GENTLEMENS!!! *transforms*
  • Giga Gamma: ROAR!!!
  • You: It's Dr. Gamma's 2nd form! Let's fight!


  • Giga Gamma: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *dies*
  • Everyone: RUN!!! *escapes castle*


Megaman and his heroes, escaped Dr. Gamma's (Giga Gamma, duh) castle for good.

Single Mode

In single mode, you can choose the characters:

Character Name: Info (ingame): Unlocked when:
Megaman "A good robot master used to defeat Dr. Wily and his fiends." None
Protoman "Megaman's sidekick, always gets impersonated by robot masters." Defeating the first 6 robot masters with Megaman.
Mario "An italian plumber, can use fire flowers." None
Luigi "Mario's sidekick, scared of ghosts." Defeating the first 6 robot masters with Mario.
Dante "A legendary swordsman who is Gamma's former guardian." Defeating the second 8 robot masters with Megaman.
Bowser "Mario's horrible enemy, and the king of the koopas." Defeating Bowser with Mario.
Trapotan "A flying shape creature, always gets splitted to dodge the enemies' projectiles." Completing the game twice.

Every character is on a save data slot.

Level Editor Mode

The level editor was appeared on the DLC "MegaHeroes 2: Developer's Pass". The mode is like on the first game, but with new features.

Multi-Player Mode

Unlike the first game, Multi-Player can put other players from playing your save data, and helping you from completing levels, bosses, etc.


See the list on the section Single Mode.


Same than the megaman games and the first game, otherwise, there are different HUDS on playing different modes.

New Modes

Time Trial Mode

In Time Trial Mode, you can choose a level that you've played ago, you can set the time you would like to beat the level with possible time.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, you will play a level which it has NO exit, it generates random levels.


The enemies are new, improved and better than from the first game, it also uses enemies programmed from the first game by users.


Name Fought in
Disk Man DJ World
Rider Man Rally Place
Seizure Man Flashy World
Gun Man Metal Fortress
Dash Man Ice Thin Center
Puzzle Man Puzzle Piece Factory
Heaven Man Heaven Country
Duo Man Splitty Place
Solid-er Man Framment Stone World
City-Scaper Man New York
Chinese Culture Man China
Slide Man Las Vegas
Buster Man Laser Fortress
Force Man Airport
Mairse Dr. Gamma Fortress Level 1
Dr. Gamma Dr. Gamma Fortress Level 2
Rematchs Dr. Gamma Fortress Level 3
Giga Gamma Dr. Gamma Fortress Level 4


The levels can take place to the factory, places, etc. more info coming soon.


The secrets were added on the christmas update, info about the secrets coming soon.

Sequel Plans

The creator of MegaHeroes didn't announce MegaHeroes 3, but in the future it will be.

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