Mech is a playstation exclusive game staring And. 1. This is a platformer shooting game.

And. 1

And 1 stands for Android #1. He was created by doctor Steven and he was the first android ever made.


He has the ability to absorb the 4 elements of Fire, Thunder, Water, and Nature.  They are absorbed into a watch-like machine that inhales the elements and spits them out.

He also has a microchip installed inside of him that lets him have a personality, his own thoughts, and even dreams!

When he is determined, his abilities are douled in power.

Finally, He has retractable wheels inside of his shoes and they have powerful, but microscopic, rockets that speed them up.


He is nice but he is also a joker. He only get's serious when he is determined.


Fog - Fog is a robotic dog. he has the abilities to float and dissapear and he can be summoned with a very high pitched whistle that neither dogs, humans, or robots can hear but robotic dogs can.

An. 2 - An also stands for Android but stands for Anne. She is the second android made and isn't nessicarily a sidekick but another hero who happens to be a friend with basicaly the same power.

Pixel Appearance



It is just like Megaman with slightly different abilities and levels.

Their are mobile platforms, pushable objects, switches, keys, locks, and malfunctioning robots.


The original androids (And 1 and an 2) were the 1st to be created. All the ones after had different Blueprints. They had antennas in different places on their body while the first 2 didn't have any. The Antennas were supposed to be made for better control, and it worked at first. Then, their was an incident at the control tower and all the antennas made the androids and robots malfunction and attack the humans. And 1 and An 2 were the only non-effected ones and they had tp save the day.

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