Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Hayato Kanzaki

Hayato is intended to play as a sword character focused on a mix of tactics and speed, having a large array of attacks and techniques that change up his gameplay, from his Ashura blade extending techniques, to his team follow up attacks. While having a laggy nature to his faster attacks, they are remedied through being swift upon timing blows, where pressing their associative attack buttons during his attack will move him faster, with access to finishing followup attacks, and his Shinashuradou, which will boost his speed considerably with his attack power.

He is recommended for advanced players, as he has many moves to memorize, both in their quantity and their workings for his maximum utilization, and still suffers from a somewhat weak durability for his speed.

Special Moves

  • Shidan - QCF + Punch
  • Guren - DP + Punch
  • Engetsurin - HCB + Punch
    • Getsukozan - During Engetsurin, Punch
  • Byakkohou - BF + Kick: Hayato grabs and lifts the opponent after punching them in the stomach, before knocking them into the air with his elbow. Makes for a great starter for air combos.
  • Gekishinhaten - HCB + Kick
  • Hayagakezuri - While running,
  • Dokuryu -
    • Souryu -

Hyper Moves

  • Ashura - Down x4 + LP+HP: Hayato will charge up his blade, and will be surrounded by a force field that will combo opposition should they get close. After charging, Hayato's blade will be given a longer range and he will also inflict greater damage for a period of time. All blades given by Ashura will only cancel out if Hayato finishes or halts a combo should its time limit give out.
    • Shinashura - During Ashura, LP+LP+Forward+LK+HP: During Ashura, Hayato will power up his blade greater, extending it to a large hot yellow. While Hayato will have his power and range increased considerably without sacrificing speed, the blade's manifestation will have a shorter time limit.
      • Shinashuradou - During Shinashura, Down x4 + LP+HP: Hayato will draw the energy back into the blade, and the force field will instead draw the enemy into the field. His sword will morph into a smaller, but more mobile blade. At the cost of range, Hayato will become even faster and powerful with his short sword, and without a time limit. Using Shinengetsu, Nishippuzan, and Byakkoraizanken will cancel out its form after their use.
  • Rasetsuzan - QCF + LP+HP
  • Gurenrenbu - HCF + LP+HP
  • Shinengetsu - HCB + LP+HP
  • Gokuraimezan - HCB + LK+HK
  • Plasma Field -
  • Nishippuzan -
  • Byakko Raikenzan- During final blow of attack, 360 degrees forward + LP+HP: Hayato stabs forward with his Plasma Blade. If it hits, Hayato will charge his blade, before frontfliping into the air and landing a powerful lighting strike onto the opponent.

Emperor Gill

Emperor Gill is intended to play as a borked and super broken boss character Gill.

After a period of intense training, Gill had finally mastered the balance of elements in his aura to be able to use them to create more elements. Like a deity wielding omnipotence like a toy, Gill has transcended to use powers of nature's own make.

  • Pryokinesis/Cryokinesis-
  • True Cyber Lariat- Gill rushes forward, as he charges his striking arm with electricity.
  • Great Flood Kneedrop- Gill flipkicks, all the while his legs are enveloped in dense water, before twisting himself to accelerate and position himself to land with his knees dropping onto the opponent.
  • Earth Titan Crown- Gill rises from the floor after crouching, raising his elbow up to stun the opponent before he headbutts the opponent with his head charged with earthly energy.
  • God Meteor Punishment- Gill poses akin to his Meteor Storm Super Art, however this variation sends down meteors of light and dark energy falling onto the opponent.
  • All Creation Destruction- Gill places both hands together in front of him, and fires off a twin clashing Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis that generates and chaotically manifests various phenomena in its trajectory.
  • Seraphic Wing
  • Ressurection
  • Seraphic Wing

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