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[[Category:{{{2}}}'s games]]Template:Infobox video gameMasGaling vs. Capcom is an HD fighting game developed by MasGaling Studios and Capcom and published by MasGaling Studios. The game is only available for Konzol and Konzol Tiny.


The gameplay is like the Gintong Suntok series.


Main article: w:c:vgi:MasGaling vs. Capcom/Characters


Main article: w:c:vgi:MasGaling vs. Capcom/Stages


The game Universal Acclaim. IGN gave it a 10/10 saying "[t]his is the best fighting game I've ever played on the Konzol!" Metacritic and GameRankings both gave the game a 98/100 and 99/100, respectively. The game received lots of awards.

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