This game is not real and may or may not be made. Even the real life tournament players' roles are fake and pertain to this game IDEA.


Marvel vs Capcom Turbo is a fighting game that embraces teamwork and assistance, no matter what form of team cooperation is used. It is for PS3, Xbox 360, Arcade, and PC. 

Gameplay Mechanics

MvCT has four types of gameplay modes for each character chosen. Here they are:

  • Alpha Groove - Three characters, assist types are chosen and all share a 5 maximum hyper bar.
  • Beta Groove - Two characters, assist types chosen, and both share a 5 maximum hyper bar (increased life).
  • Gamma Groove - Two characters, one assist character (buffed damage but debuffed vitality to make it fair with Alpha and Beta Groove).
  • Omega Groove - One character, buffed damage and life to make it competitive with other types. Really discouraged but surprisingly commonly played at tournaments.

Button Layout:

Square/X: Light Punch

Triangle/Y: Heavy Punch

X/A: Light Kick

Circle/B: Heavy Kick

L1/LB: Assist 1/Assist

L2/LT: Assist 2/Assist

R1/RB: Double Punch

R2/RT: Double Kick

Start: Pause

Select: Special Select (When held can select Gill and special colors)

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