Marvel vs. DC: Worlds Collide is an upcoming action adventure video game developed by Prodigal Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Activision for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is sometimes recognized as the only "non-IP" from Prodigal Games. Marvel vs. DC: Worlds Collide is set for release some time in the fourth quarter of 2019.



The game features an enitrely original story written by veteran authors Frank Miller, Paul Dini, Robert Jones-Bussing, Tom DeFalco, Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon and Joss Whedon. The plot will reportedly involve a "cataclysmic event" that causes the Marvel and DC universes to merge together. As the most iconic and famous characters from both universes find themselves at odds, a greater threat emerges; a threat that may just take the united power of all the heroes and villains to prevent.


The following characters have been confirmed to be in the game so far:

Marvel Universe DC Universe
Spider-Man Batman
Wolverine Superman
Captain America Wonder Woman
Hawkeye Green Arrow
Cyclops Green Lantern
Nick Fury Aquaman
Thor Braniac
Luke Cage Solomon Grundy
Black Cat Catwoman
Cardiac Prometheus
Electro Lex Luthor
Venom Gorilla Grodd
Psylocke Vandal Savage



Ultimate Spider-Man

Hindsight Lad

SuperMan (Dark Knight Returns)