Mario and Luigi: The Star Chronicles
Developer(s) Alphadream Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release date June 8, 2016
Genre RPG, Adventure
Rating(s) E10+
Mode(s) Single Player

Mario and Luigi: The Star Chronicles (Mario and Luigi 5: Star Battles in Japan) is the fifth game in the Mario and Luigi RPG series developed by Alphadream and published by Nintendo.  The game will be released on June 8, 2016 for the 3DS.



The story begins in Peach's Castle, where Toadsworth, Toadbert, and Peach are discussing matters about Bowser and the town's security.  Toadbert thinks the castle and Toad Town should hire security guards and maybe an army when Mario isn't there to fight Bowser. However, Toadsworth disagrees and thinks that they should rely on Mario and his bro. The meeting breaks up, and Toadbert heads over to take a walk in Mushroom Woods. When Toadbert reaches it, Bowser jumps out from behind a tree and orders Toadbert to take him to the princess. Seeing this from his bedroom in Toad Town, Luigi retrieves Mario and they head off to beat Bowser.

Bowsers top three minions, Sergeant Guy, Corporal Paraplonk, and Private Goomp get Bowser and bring him back to his castle.  Bowser complains that if he's going to beat Mario, he needs some new minions to help. After hearing this, Private, Corporal, and Sergeant  go looking for someone to help Bowser. They find Wario and Waluigi, the biggest outlaws in the Garlic Kingdom. The two newly hired minions set off to Toad Town.

Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle, Mario is being congratulated for beating Bowser once again. But when he returns to his residence, Mario finds Luigi missing. After asking the townsfolk for answers, Mario decides to go to Mushroom Woods. While looking, Mario finds Wario and Waluigi carrying Luigi in a cage. Mario releases Luigi, and together they beat the Wario Bros.

When Mario and Luigi realized that Wario might have been a new threat to them, they hurry back to Peach's Castle. However, they find that Princess Peach was captured, and the Wario Bros. were just a distraction.  Because of this, Mario and Luigi head out to Bowser's Castle. Before they left, Starlow flew through a window and exclaimed she wanted to come along, too. On the way, the bros passed through Mushroom Woods in order to get to Blubble Lake. However, they suddenly see the Wario Bros once again. Instead of fighting Mario, Wario lures him and his brother into a pitfall trap. The bros were at least nine feet into the ground, and they were in trouble. Luigi then finds a strange rock in the dirt wall, and when he removed it, the pit suddenly led to an underground cave.  At the end, the bros emerged into a haunted mansion. Inside, Luigi saw Proffesor Elvin Gadd, who gave the Poltergust to Luigi for a second special attack. The bros. continued on and found out that the king of all ghosts , King Boo was haunting the mansion.

They find an exit to the mansion, but then find out they can't leave until King Boo is defeated. They go to the parlor and find King Boo messing with a short old man. Mario and Luigi attack King Boo, and defeat him, freeing the mansion of the curse. The old man they rescued was Dr. Svenicstein, a scientist who could talk to ghosts. The Dr. said he was trying to get King Boo to stop haunting his mansion. Before the bros. leave, the doctor gives the bros. directions back to Mushroom Woods.

Luigi uses the map, but he read it upside down, which got them lost. The only place they could go was an ice cave south of the Dr.'s Mansion. They passed through it in hopes of reaching the other side, but according to the map the doctor gave them, the Bros. were in another kingdom, called the Coldrock Kingdom. Down in the caves, they emerged on the other side. It appeared to be a frozen mountain pass in the Coldrock Kingdom. They came to the end, which was a giant gate that needed a key to open. They start searching in the area, and Luigi accidently hits an ice block with his hammer. It cracks open to reveal a strange creature by the name of Akylar. The creature was holding the key to get out, but Akylar exclaimed the key held extreme powers and he would not give it to weaklings. The bros. fight it and win, earning them the key. Akylar's body exploded and his soul floated away.

Starlow tells the brothers to just use it , so they pass through to reach Yoshi Jungle. Once there, the trio is relieved to have finally made it back to the Mushroom Kingdom.  They encounter a friendly blue Yoshi that guides them through the depths of the jungle. The bros. knew that just at the rim of the forest was  Mt. Violhan, which was near Bowser's castle so they could rescue the princess. They suddenly find Wario and Waluigi sleeping in the woods. Luigi hits his hammer down and the Wario Bros. wake up. Mario and Luigi were still enraged by their trickery earlier, and Starlow taunts Wario until he attacks.

Once Wario is defeated, he and his brother crawl back to Bowser's castle. The bros. celebrate, but realize they must continue. They follow the blue Yoshi once more, until they hear a rumbling in the sky. A meteorite falls in front of the bros.


Battle System

In Mario and Luigi: The Star Chronicles the game has an RPG turn based battle system, just like the rest of the series. The regular attacks the bros. can use include Jumping and Hammer.  Each character also has five special attacks, called Bros. Attacks that can be used to give a boost in the fight.


The brothers have badges, special items that are used for purposes such as healing and doubling damage on attacks. The first badges are given to Mario and Luigi by Gramkoop in Yoshi Jungle. Once you use a badge, the player is still allowed to attack for that turn.


  • Mushroom Rank (default) - 1 piece of gear.
  • Shell Rank (level 5) - 2 pieces of gear
  • Flower Rank (level 10) - 3 pieces of gear.
  • Shine Rank (level 20)
  • Star Rank (level 30)
  • Rainbow Rank (level 40)

Bros. Attacks


  • Red Shell
  • Fire Flower
  • Spin Digger
  • Trampocannon
  • Rising Star


  • Green Shell
  • Poltergust Mixer
  • Ice Flower
  • Copy Fower
  • Stardust Fire



  • Mario - The main hero of the game.
  • Luigi - Mario's younger and cowardly brother.


  • Smithy - An android knight who is looking for the six Stardust Pieces. He wants to take over the world, and defeat Mario.
  • Akylar - The guardian of the Stardust Key, who's soul was corrupted by Smithy after the Bros. fought him.
  • Bowser - The King of Koopas, who has a goal of kidnapping Princess Peach and defeating Mario.
  • Wario - A garlic addicted mustachioed man that Bowser hired to defeat Mario and Luigi.
  • Waluigi - Wario's tall and slimmer brother that helps Wario out.
  • Elite Trio - Some of Bowser's best minions - Sergeant Guy, Corporal Paraplonk, and Private Goomp.


  • Princess Peach - The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who is always captured by Bowser.
  • Toadsworth - Princess Peach's advisor.
  • Toadbert - A smart Toad that helps out the Bros.
  • Toada - Toada is a small Toad that shrank when he was attacked by Shadnal the Great. He ocassionally gives the bros advice.
  • Dr. Toadley - The fortune telling doctor of Toad Town.
  • Mrs. Toadley - Dr. Toadley's wife.
  • Captain Toadluth - The captain of Paradise Cruise.
  • Yoshi - A blue Yoshi found in Yoshi Jungle.
  • Midbus - The former henchman of Fawful, who know wants to get revenge on Bowser.
  • Professor Elvin Gadd - The most awarded Proffesor in the kingdom, as he invents helpful things.
  • Doctor Svenicstein - Gadd's friend, who can see and talk to ghosts.
  • Coldrock Boy - A mysterious frozen BeanBean child who dosen't speak, but walks through Coldrock Pass.
  • Supremeyosh - The leader of all Yoshis.
  • Shadnal the Great - A superior giant fire breathing monster that lives at the summit of Mount Violhan.
  • Baygarm - An insect like creature that protects the second Stardust piece.
  • Barletta - A strange Barararin that can use magic.
  • Baruyti - The mayor of the Bararins.
  • Bardoser - A tough but nice Bararin.
  • Barwygin - Bardoser's sister.
  • Broque Moniesur - A Brock with a German accent and a mustache. He is a famous block collector.
  • Broggy - Broque Monsieur's pet.
  • Popple - A shadowy thief that tries to rob Paradise Cruise.
  • Big Arioss - Protector of the fourth Stardust piece.
  • Starlow - A Starite that helps the Mario Bros.
  • Stareen - A Starite that advises King Starbow.
  • Starack - An energetic Starite.
  • King Starbow - The King of the Starites.
  • Jimmo Lommo Dombo - A big BeanBean soldier.
  • Gramkoop - A old koopa.
  • Cannonmaster - The guy who sells cannons.


Mushroom Kingdom

  • Toad Town
  • Peach's Castle
  • Mushroom Woods
  • Toad Town Caves
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Paradise Cruise
  • Doctor's Mansion
  • Yoshi Jungle
  • Mt. Violhan

BeanBean Kingdom

  • HooHoo Mountain
  • HooHoo Village
  • Oho Ocean
  • Arioss Island
  • Gobobin Sands

Coldrock Kingdom

  • Bararar Lake
  • Bararar Park
  • Dawnark Shrine
  • Koopil Tunnel
  • Coldrock Pass
  • Coldrock Caves
  • Coldrock Peak
  • Cyber Dimension Castle


This shows a list of the enemies in Mario and Luigi: The Star Chronicles.

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
Mushras 7 6 2 Mushroom Woods
Ninterson 10 7 2 Mushroom Woods
Toley 11 8 4 Mushroom Woods
Ubeeson 17 14 5 Toad Town Caves
Brooster 26 22 10 Doctor's Mansion
Boo 24 23 12 Doctor's Mansion
Polterpup 29 25 15 Doctor's Mansion
Dinodino 83 60 58 Yoshi's Jungle
Fly Guy 42 30 20 Yoshi's Jungle
Blizzard Guy 45 34 22 Coldrock Pass
Freezthif 50 45 25 Coldrock Pass
Coldinon 47 58 26 Coldrock Pass
Fiery Pirahna 98 100 80 Yoshi's Jungle
Gutson 72 45 35 Yoshi's Jungle
Rocknor 69 77 40 Coldrock Caves
Spitoflame 76 103 42 Mt. Violhan
Durapurl 86 107 45 Mt. Violhan
Giant Goomba 126 150 50 Bowser's Castle
Whomp 104 156 55 Bowser's Castle
Magikoopa 118 153 58 Bowser's Castle
Paratroopa 110 112 60 Bowser's Castle
Fury Bones 132 167 65 Bowser's Castle
Fisgish 167 160 70 Oho Ocean
Octoomba 154 165 75 Oho Ocean
Drillbit 144 140 72 Arioss Island
Crawdile 178 170 75 Arioss Island
Pokey 180 185 80 Gobobin Sands
Mummipoke 186 190 82 Gobobin Sands
Dry Dino Dino 234 320 85 Gobobins Sands
Sombrero Guy 165 220 90 Gobobin Sands
Beehoss 197 235 95 Bararar Lake
Monty Mole 138 250 98 Bararar Lake
Wariocopter 206 300 100 Bararar Lake
Waluicopter 203 300 105 Bararar Lake
Danerson 183 390 110 HooHoo Mountain
Fire Guy 213 450 130 Hoohoo Mountain
Lupsup 105 460 150 Koopil Tunnel
Boomerang Bro. 98 500 140 Koopil Tunnel
Hammer Bro. 110 470 145 Koopil Tunnel
Mecholsmith 224 610 200 Dawnark Shrine
Piranha Monster 339 760 230 Dawnark Shrine
Hibnosk 167 670 130 Akylar's Tomb
Sprudutt 240 710 165 Akylar's Tomb
Cannonmini 275 780 190 Coldrock Caves


Image Name HP EXP Coins  Location
Bowser 15 0 0 Toad Town
Wario & Waluigi 35 / 30 75 10 Mushroom Woods
King Boo 110 100 30 Doctor's Mansion


209 200 50 Coldrock Pass
Wario & Waluigi 145 / 156 300 75 Yoshi Jungle
Midbus 433 600 100 Yoshi Jungle
Baygarm 525 750 125 Mt. Violhan
Shadnal the Great 690 800 150 Mt. Violhan
Sergent Guy, Corporal Paraplonk, and Private Goomp 340 / 266 / 231 1,300 200 Bowser's Castle
Wario & Waluigi 356 / 378 1,200 175 Bowser's Castle

Bowser (second time)

920 3,500 100 Bowser's Castle
Smithy 1000 4,000 50 Coldrock Caves
Popple 870 4,200 160 Paradise Cruise
Wario & Waluigi 567 / 602 6,000 225

Oho Ocean

Big Arioss 1,458 7,500 300 Arioss Island
Kamek, Bowser, Sergent Guy, Corporal Paraplonk, and Private Goomp

520 / 1100 / 450 / 330 / 285

9999 500 HooHoo Mountain
Wariobot 1,660 7,900 100 Gobobin Sands
Smithy (second time) 1,500 8,000 0 Dawnark Shrine
Copicater 1,769 8,000 275 Bararar Lake
Possessed Star Sprite King 500 8,500 0 Akylar's Tomb
Akylar's Spirit 2,090 9,999 800 Akylar's Tomb
Smithy (third time) 2,500 0 0 Colrock Peak
Dawnark Bowser

Main - 2,000

Head - 900

Sword - 1,200

0 0 Cyber Dimension Castle


Optional Bosses

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
King Boo X 576 0 800 Violhan Stadium
Midbus X 894 0 1.500 Violhan Stadium
Shadnal X 1,430 0 3,000 Violhan Stadium
Big Arioss X 2,627 0 8,000 Violhan Stadium
Smithy X 4,100 0 10,000 Violhan Stadium
Koopalings X 900 each 0 15,000 Violhan Stadium



Key Items

  • Stardust Key
  • 1st Stardust Piece
  • 2nd Stardust Piece
  • 3rd Stardust Piece
  • 4th Stardust Piece
  • 5th Stardust Piece
  • Toada's Pendant
  • Poltergust 6000

Consumable Items     

  • Mushrooms
  • Super Mushroom
  • Ultra Mushroom
  • Max Mushroom
  • Syrup Jar
  • Supersyrup Jar
  • Max Syrup Jar
  • Candy
  • Super Candy
  • Star Candy
  • Green Pepper
  • Yellow Pepper
  • Red Pepper

Additional Info

Refrences to Other Games

  • Midbus uses most of the attacks he uses in Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Popple is a beanish character who also appears in Superstar Saga and Dream Team.
  • Beanbean Kingdom is an area also explored in Superstar Saga.
  • In the Doctor's Mansion, Proffessor E. Gadd gives Luigi th Poltergust 6000, an upgraded version of the Poltergust 5000 in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
  • In this game, Smithy tries to get the six Stardust pieces, and in Super Mario RPG, Smithy tries to get the seven stars.
  • The main theme has a slight remix of Super Mario Galaxies theme.
  • When fighting Kamek, he uses the book attack he uses in Mario Party DS.
  • The Koopalings appear as a multi boss challenge in the Challenge Stadium.