Genre: Platformer/Beat 'em up

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Team Beecanoe

Platform: Wii U

ESRB: E10+

Mario has made himself quite a few enemies, hasn't he? In Mario VS, you get to fight just about every villain Mario's ever faced. Adding to the mix include fighting:

  • his allies
  • new villains
  • third-party rivals

The game bears resemblance to the classic Megaman games. You choose an enemy, play through their level, and fight him/her. The only differences are that you're playing as Mario, the graphics are better, and once you beat all of the enemies, another slew of them opens up.


Wii Remote (horizontal)

  • Control Pad: Move left/right, crouch, and jump
  • B Button: Use Item Ability (if no item, a strong attack)
  • A Button: Grab
  • 1 Button: Block
  • 2 Button: Attack
  • Shake Wii Remote: Special Move

Wii Remote and Nunchuck

  • Control Stick: Move left/right, crouch, and jump
  • Z Button: Block
  • C Button: Grab
  • A Button: Attack
  • B Button: Use Item Ability (if no item, a strong attack)
  • Shake Wii Remote: Special Move


Item Use/Affect
I-Up Mushroom Adds 1 Life
Coin Collectible - Can be used to purchase items.
P-Balloon Allows Mario to float
Bomb Used for blowing up walls and for destroying enemies
Key Used to open doors
Poison Mushroom Halves health

Transformation Items

Item Item Ability Item Special Item Properties
Mushroom N/A Basic Special

Doubles Health

Fire Flower Fireball Mario Finale

Triples Health

Star Mario N/A Star Blast

Damages (usually kills) enemies on contact

Slightly increases running speed and jumping height

Hammer Suit Hammer Throw Megahammer

Triples Health

Blocks deflect more damage

Tanooki Suit Tail Spin Cyclone

Triples Health

Allows Flight

When blocking, transforms into a statue and is impervious to attack, but immobile.

Frog Suit N/A Mud Slide

Triples Health

Moves faster in water but slower on land

Cape Feather Cape Spin Thunderstorm

Triples Health

Allows Flight

Have the ability to slam down on enemies when hitting the ground after flight.

Metal Box N/A Laser Blast


Impervious to most attacks.

Sink in water

Vanish Cap N/A Matter Wave


Impervious to all attacks.

Cannot attack

Can go through thin walls

Wing Cap N/A Typhoon


Allows Flight

Ice Flower Iceball Cold Snap

Triples Health

Mega Mushroom N/A Earthquake


Destroys anything in the way

Mini Mushroom N/A Army

Allows access of small areas

Can avoid most enemies

Cuts Health in half.


Coin Cup

  1. Mr. Game & Watch
  2. Mach Rider
  3. Falco Lombardi
  4. Birdo
  5. Petey Pirahna
  6. Princess Zelda
  7. Miles "Tails" Prower
  8. King Dedede
  9. Snorlax
  10. Final Boss: Baby Mario

Shell Cup

  1. Mike Jones
  2. Starfy
  3. Ice Climbers
  4. Waluigi
  5. Diddy Kong
  6. Proto Man
  7. Sasuke
  8. Vegeta
  9. Knuckles the Echidna
  10. Final Boss: Koopa Bros.

Mushroom Cup

  1. R.O.B.
  2. Isaac
  3. Olimar
  4. Ray MK II
  5. Axem Rangers
  6. Charizard
  7. Zero
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog
  9. Tatanga
  10. Final Boss: Wart

Banana Cup

  1. Little Mac
  2. Heddo
  3. Fireboy
  4. Black Mage
  5. Marth
  6. Ness
  7. King K. Rool
  8. King Boo
  9. Captain Falcon
  10. Final Boss: Dark Star

Flower Cup

  1. AiAi
  2. Billy Hatcher
  3. Pit
  4. Morris Jade
  5. Wolf O'Donnel
  6. Dr. Wily
  7. Dr. Eggman
  8. Inuyasha
  9. Fawful
  10. Final Boss: E.T.G.

Leaf Cup

  1. Maxwell
  2. Sephiroth
  3. Snickard
  4. Kamek
  5. Smithy
  6. Jason & Sophia the 3rd
  7. Ichigo Kurosaki
  8. Naruto Uzumaki
  9. Arceus
  10. Final Boss: Galactic Petey

Star Cup

  1. Celio
  2. Geno
  3. Ridley
  4. Viewtiful Joe
  5. Rayman
  6. Son Goku
  7. Simon Belmont
  8. Bill Rizer
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Final Boss: Genius Guy

Lightning Cup

  1. Metaknight
  2. Chris Redfield
  3. Lloyd Irving
  4. Ryu (Street Fighter)
  5. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
  6. Dastan
  7. Ganondorf
  8. Bowser Jr.
  9. Shadow Mario
  10. Final Boss: Jared Raigan

Special Cup

  1. Pikachu
  2. Yoshi
  3. Wario
  4. Fox McCloud
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Kirby
  7. Samus
  8. Solid Snake
  9. Dry Bowser
  10. Final Boss: Beecanoe Drygly

Rainbow Cup

  1. Link
  2. Cloud Strife
  3. Megaman
  4. Master Chief
  5. Pac-Man
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog
  7. Bowser
  8. Luigi
  9. Your Profile Mii
  10. Final Boss: Shigeru Miyamoto: Creator of Mario
  11. Extra Boss: Weegee


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