Mario Super Sluggers 2 is a Baseball Game for the Wii and Xbox kinect the game will only be released in Europe and Japan.

Date Released

Europe: January 2013

Japan: Febuary 2013

Name Type Team
Mario All-rounder Team Mario
Luigi All-rounder Team Mario
Peach Technical Team Peach
Daisy Technical Team Peach
Yoshi Speedy Team Yoshi
Birdo All-rounder Team Yoshi
Wario Powerful Team Wario
Waluigi Technical Team Wario
Donkey Kong Powerful Team DK
Diddy Kong Speedy Team DK
Bowser Powerful Team Bowser
Bowser Jr Speedy Team Bowser
Pianta Powerful Team Mario
Noki Speedy Team Mario
Baby Mario Speedy Team Mario
Baby Luigi Technical Team Mario
Blooper Technical Team Mario
Monty Mole All-rounder Team Mario
Lubba Technical Team Mario
Metal Mario Powerful Team Mario
Toad All-rounder Team Peach
Toadette Speedy Team Peach
Toadsworth Powerful Team Peach
Baby Peach Technical Team Peach
Baby Daisy Speedy Team Peach
Petey Piranha Powerful Team Peach
Rosalina Technical Team Peach
Luma Speedy Team Peach
Shy Guy Technical Team Yoshi
Fly Guy Speedy Team Yoshi
Wiggler Powerful Team Yoshi
Lakitu All-rounder Team Yoshi
Cheep Cheep Speedy Team Yoshi
Honey Queen Powerful Team Yoshi
Baby Yoshi All-rounder Team Yoshi
Star Bunny All-rounder Team Yoshi
Goomba Speedy Team Wario
Paragoomba Technical Team Wario
Boo Technical Team Wario
King Boo Powerful Team Wario
Bob-omb Powerful Team Wario
Big Bob-omb Powerful Team Wario
Spike Powerful Team Wario
Baby Wario All-rounder Team Wario
Dixie Kong All-rounder Team DK
Tiny Kong Technical Team DK
Funky Kong Powerful Team DK
Baby DK All-rounder Team DK
Kritter Powerful Team DK
King K Rool Powerful Team DK
Cranky Kong All-rounder Team DK
Tiki Goon Powerful Team DK
Koopa Troopa Speedy Team Bowser
Paratroopa Technical Team Bowser
Dry Bones All-rounder Team Bowser
Hammer Bro All-rounder Team Bowser
Magikoopa Technical Team Bowser
Dry Bowser Powerful Team Bowser
Boom Boom Powerful Team Bowser
Pom Pom Technical Team Bowser

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