Here's The Events For Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!


Track: 100m Dash, 110m Hurdles, 4x100m Relay, 400m Dash & 400m Hurdles

Field: Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, Long Jump, Triple Jump & Discus Throw


Uneven Bars, Trampoline, Rhythmic Ribbon, Balance Beam, Floor & Rings


100m Freestyle, Synchronized Swimming, Platform Diving & Water Polo

Boat Games

Canoe Sprint 1000m & Sailing - 470 (Pair)


Show Jumping

Court & Field Sports

Badminton ( Doubles ), Tennis ( Singles ), Basketball ( 3 vs 3 ), Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Hockey & Football


Archery, Pistol & Double Trap

Contact Sports

Taekwondo, Wrestling, Fencing & Boxing


Tracking Cycling - Team Pursit & BMX


Dream Events

Dream Race, Dream Hammer Throw, Dream Balance Beam, Dream Swimming, Dream Sailing, Dream Hockey, Dream Pistol, Dream Fencing, Dream BMX & Dream Dance Floor

The Rivals Can This Events!

E-123 Omega in 100m Dash and 4x100m Relay ( Rematch )

Rouge The Bat in 110m Hurdles

Birdo in 100m Freestyle and Water Polo ( Rematch )

Dry Bowser in Sailing - 470 (Pair)

Dry Bones in Table Tennis and Basketball ( Rematch )

Eggman Nega in Fencing & Dream Fencing ( Rematch )

Jet The Hawk in Dream Hammer Throw

King Boo in Boxing

Ok Guys That's All!

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