Well, after searching the internet and finding nothing, I'll explain in my own words what cleaning house means. It is not Mario and Luigi's Cleaning House of Soap and Mops. Instead, it is the act of completely cleaning a house from top to bottom. Cleaning house is a condensed and more action-filled version of cleaning a house. Instead of simply mopping the floors and dusting, think fire hoses and leaf blowers. Heavy duty and super fast cleaning. In this case, Cleaning House means Mario and Luigi are completely cleaning out a castle with a powered-up vacuum and super-soaker: the Poltergust and FLUDD to the rescue.

Originally their target is a mansion, but a castle works muuuuch nicer. This is a mini-title, likely taking place after SM Sunshine. The Mario bros. arrive at Peach's castle to find it overrun with ghosts and minor monsters. Totally unrelated to Bowser, since he is out of commission for awhile (SMSunshine ending). Luigi removes the ghosts, Mario removes the rest, and together they Clean House.


For the WiiU?


  • L Circle Pad - Move


Etc. I'll come back to this.

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