Mario universe

Mario, Luigi, and their partners

Mario's Universe is a Platform/RPG Game. Mixes the gameplay of New Super Mario bros, Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi in this story, A Monster creates the mushroom paper kingdom, for destroy all life from the Mushroom World, an the Paper world, it's a prequel to the First Paper Mario for Nintendo 64.



Mario: The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom it's decided to explore this weird world, he is equilibrate

His stadistics in the game start

Attack: 5

Defense: 5

Speed: 6

HP: 25

Luigi: The loyal partner of mario decided help him, his jump  is more powerfull

Attack: 6

Defense 4

Speed 5

HP: 30.

Paper Mario: From the paper world, he can use his hammer, to kill al enemy in the screen (needs to charge 3 seconds)

Attack: 7

Defense: 5

Speed: 5

HP: 25

Paper Luigi: He can charge his jump and jump to sky.

Attack: 8

Defense: 4

Speed: 5

HP: 20


Toad: He will provide objets, like mushrooms, flowers, and others...

Paper Toad: he does the same thing but with the paper characters

Toadsworth: he does the same thing but with the secret characters

Bowser and Paper Bowser: they help you to destroy the World Demon.


Baby Mario: The Young Baby hero, went to the present to help you, he can go more fast but his jump is more weak

Attack: 3

Defense: 5

Speed: 8

HP: 30

Baby Luigi: The Crybaby wants to help his brother and clean his reputation, he is more slow, but his jump is more powerfull.

Attack: 9

Defense: 3

Speed: 3


And his paper forms.

Yoshi (Present): the partner of Mario And luigi wants to help they with his abbilities of yoshi.

Yoshi (Past): The Best friend of the young ones decided to help Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, despite he is very overprotective with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, he makes a friendship with the present yoshi

Yoshi Kid: The great Gonzales Jr. went to help Paper Mario and Paper Luigi, he team ups with the Yoshi of past and present, he calls mario, Gonzalez 2 and Baby Mario, Baby Gonzales


The Game has three game modes

  • Adventure 3D: this game is similar to Mario Galaxy, here you can

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