The M8 Personal Defense System is a common handgun featured in Downfall

Design Details

The M8 Personal Defense System is a semi-automatic, lock-breach short recoil operated, magazine fed, 9mm handgun.

In-Game Details

The M8 Personal Defense System is another common handgun found in the game. It was issued to various SWAT divisions along side it's slightly stronger cousin the Glock R26. It is Mostly found in SWAT ARV's.


The M8 boasts moderate damage, low recoil and medium range. It is a very rewarding weapon for accurate players, like almost all handguns it's a great back-up weapon. The M8 has a faster reload time than an other handgun in the game due to it's 12 Round Magazine.


  • Bridge Mount Tactical Rail
  • Ghost Ring Sights
  • Tru-Dot Day/Night Sights
  • Weaver Micro Dot
  • 9mm Extended Magazine
  • LaserLyte V3 Subcompact Laser
  • TRL-3 Tactical Illuminator
  • SilencerCo 9mm Osprey Supressor
  • Adaptive Carbine Platform-Law Enforcement

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