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Luigi's Mansion: Downsized

Quick Info

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Rating(s) E

Downloadable content Luigi's Mansion. Smaller place, higher concentration of ghosts, but usable with wii! Available for 1000 points.

Any other help acceptable.


Who you gonna call? Boo busters!

Updated story: Mario and Luigi are business partners of sorts. During the "day", Mario SMsunshine style cleans the mansion. During the "night", Luigi keeps the place safe.


Point to aim at objects/ghosts.

Pull/ tilt remote away to tire ghosts.

Point to aim at objects/enemies.
(A) Examine/interact (A) Examine/interact
[B] for element TBD
(C) to cut flashlight (C) to switch FLUDD
[Z] to vacuum [Z] to FLUDD
Up D - inventory Up D - inventory

Left D - Gameboy horror

Right D - Gameboy horror

Left D - Gameboy horror

Right D - Gameboy horror

Down D - map Down D - map
(+) pause (+) pause

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