The purpose of this page is to make it easier to find someone to go into chat with (if your actually looking for a date then try Often times I'd visit this wiki looking to share some ideas with you marvelous people and find that no one was available, so I decided to make a page that would help everyone find that lonely someone to talk to.

With that in mind please feel free to use this thread in your search for a partner.

In posting please state the following....

Your username

What timezone you live in (and days you’re available to chat)

If you’re looking to talk about a particular subject or just matches in general

NOTE: This thread is for match making only, please use the pre existing threads for discussion on the games. Off topic posts will be removed.

Time Your username Their username Timezone Notes
August 18, 2017 Example Example 2 UTC Weekends from 5 to 8 UTC

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