Life of Crime is a third-person action role-playing open world video game. Life of Crime is set in the fictional city of New Angels and its surrounding areas. 


The gameplay in Life of Crime is much like other open world games, which gives the player freedom of choice. There are little to no restrictions in the game. Players can jump into the game and do what ever they want. Players have the option to explore the vast open world, hijack vehicles, participate in mini-games, rob buidlings, and much more.

The world in the game is massive and diverse, spanning from the sun-soaked metropolis to the mountain tops. Taking place in modern times, everyone is trying to survive.

You survive and build your success how you want. You can steal and sell cars, rob liquor stores and ATM's, compete in cage fighting and drag racing, drug dealing, gambling, and more. But to score big, you'll have to pull of grand heists, which take careful planning, recruiting, and perfect execution.

Cash is the most important role. You can earn it in hundreds of different ways and spend it on whatever you want. Players can buy and customize vehicles, clothes, guns and attachments, homes, buisnesses, tattoos, and plenty more.


The plot of the game is simple: there is no plot. The player creates the story themselves. Creating their own character, players can write their characters own story. Their character can be a hardcore drug dealer, a gangster, a successful bank robber, or whatever. The story is yours to create.


  • The game is set in New Angel and surrouonding hills and countryside
  • Features over 400 vehicles
  • Features over 50 different weapons
  • Can customize vehicles and weapons
  • Buy clothing and tattoos
  • Create your own character and backstory

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