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Leya and Lily

This game is about a cat named Leya (from the Al and Zach series). Leya, one day, finds out that Al and Zach have been kidnapped by an evil villian named Phoenix. Phoenix is the main villain in the series, so they have fought him many times. Leya teams up with the other three super cats to stop Phoenix.

Playable Characters:(Super Cats)

Leya (Attack)

Lily (Defense)

Smokey (Speed)

Leya's Attacks

Black Paw Swipe

Hunters Lunge

Special Attack: Power Claw Fury

Lilies Attacks

White Paw Counter

Shield Spin

Special Attack: Super Counterattack

Smokey's Attacks

Rush Smash

Fast Bite

Special Attack: Top Speed Overun



Post Scratcher


Power Fang

SuperPower Fang

Alpha Power Fang

Speed Claw

Super Speed Claw

Omega Speed Claw

Defense Tail

Super Defense Tail

Beta Defense Tail


World 1: (Ice World)

World 2: (Rock World)

World 3:(Swamp World)

World 4: (Cyber World)

World 5 :(Lava World)


Catnip Eater

Post Scrather

Ball Throw

Meow Meow

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