This game sounds really dumb, until you see how well it could work.

This game is somewhat base on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Lego Nintendo will feature the major Nintendo franchises, such as Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, etc, and translate them into Lego. The game will mainly be broken into the number of sections per franchise, with another section for cameos. Stories will be based on an overview of the series, shortened to a playable length and filled with some of the notable points of the series. E.g. Boss battle all the time.

Again, sorry for the short length. But I'm tired, as I always seem to do the most right before bed. :/ What's with that anyways?


  • Platformer - What is sounds like. Main focus on level.
    • Timed Platformer - Platformer, with a timer
    • Exploratory Platformer - Platformer, with an emphasis on exploration (most Lego Star Wars levels)
    • Puzzle Platformer - Solving level puzzles
  • RPG - Main focus on people.
    • Fetch Quest RPG - Focus on getting items for people
    • Combat RPG - Fighting people
  • Vehicles - Using vehicles



Styled as:

  • Timed Platformer/The original game
  • Puzzle Platformer/
  • Vehicles/Mario Kart
  • Fetch Quest RPG/Sunshine
  • Exploratory Platformer/Galaxy

Legend of Zelda


  • RPG/Four Swords
  • Exploritory Platformer/Ocarina of Time
  • Puzzle Platformer/Phantom Hourglass
  • Vehicles/Trains/Spirit Train
  • Birds/Cucco
  • Fetch Quest RPG/A Link to the Past
  • Combat RPG/Link's Awakening


  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Ganon
  • Add important people



  • Puzzle Platformer/Original
  • Exploratory Platformer/
  • Fetch Quest RPG/
  • Vehicles/Space Battle
  • Timed Platformer/Self destruct sequence
  • Combat RPG/Other M styled



  • Exploratory Platformer/
  • Platformer/
  • Fetch Quest RPG/
  • Vehicles/Rocket Cars
  • Combat RPG/
  • Exploratory Platformer/

Star Fox


  • Vehicles/
  • Vehicles/
  • Fetch Quest RPG/
  • Vehicles/
  • Combat RPG/
  • Vehicles/



  • Combat RPG/
  • Exploratory Platformer
  • Fetch Quest RPG
  • Vehicles/
  • Puzzle Platformer/
  • Combat RPG/

Outside Areas


  • Combat RPG's

Subspace Emissary

  • Exploratory Platformer
  • Puzzle Platformer
  • Fetch Quest RPG

Nintendo Kart

  • Vehicles


  • Free Play
  • Time Trial

Glitz Pit

  • Combat RPG for Fetch Quest


Series Name Type Notes
Mario Mario
Mario Luigi
Mario Peach
Mario Bowser
Legend of Zelda Link
Legend of Zelda Zelda
Legend of Zelda Ganon
DK Donkey Kong
DK Diddy Kong
DK Kritter
Metroid Samus
Metroid Zero Suit Samus
Pokemon Pikachu
Pokemon Lucario
Pokemon Charizard
Pokemon Ivisaur
Pokemon Squirtle
Pokemon Jigglypuff
  • Mario Bros.Go to Source
  • Lego LinkGo to Source
  • Lego LandmasterGo to Source
  • Lego SamusGo to Source
  • Lego Zero suit SamusGo to Source

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