LEGO Back to the Future
[[File:LEGO Back to the Future|250px]]
Developer(s) TT Games
Publisher(s) Universal Studios
Platform(s) Xbox One

PlayStation 4
Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation Vita

Release date July 3rd, 2015
Genre Action-adventure
Rating(s) ESRB: E

PEGI: 12

Mode(s) Single-player, co-op multiplayer

 LEGO Back to the Future is a 2015 action-adventure LEGO game following the storyline of the Back to the Future franchise developed by TT Games and published by Universal Studios. The game plays similar to other LEGO titles, having multiple puzzle solving and adventure sequences. LEGO BTTF implements an open world map, similar to the of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, allowing the player to roam around the entirety of Hill Valley in any of the four time settings; the 1980s, the Old West, 2015, and the 1950s.


Similar to other LEGO games, each unlockable character has a special ability that can be used in both the missions and in the open world. Also similar to other LEGO games is the ability to destroy objects and gain studs for characters and cheats. LEGO BTTF has an open world landscape, allowing the player to go through the entirety of Hill Valley, in four different times; 1985, the Old West, the 50s, and 2015, each having different characters, missions, and a slightly altered map. Times can be swapped by simply using the Delorean time machine. During the game, the player must strive to avoid creating paradoxes created by messing with the main storyline. Creating a paradox during a mission will reset it completely.


The story follows mainly the story of the film franchise, starting with Marty as the first unlocked character roaming Hill Valley. He must go to save Emmett Brown, and is teleported back to the 1950s, where the events of the first movie in the franchise takes place. After his adventures in the 50s, Marty or any other characters the player has unlocked, is allowed to roam around Hill Valley either in the 50s or 80s. Next, when the player is ready, Emmett Brown takes Marty to 2015. Note that while in a different time for the first time, the player must complete the storyline missions before returning to the other times. Once Marty is done in the future, the player is able to return to the other times, with Emmett Brown unavailable as a character. Marty then goes back to the 50s to find the old Doc Brown, and travels to the Old West. Once the player has completed all of the storyline missions in the Old West, the main story is over and the player is free to roam in any time with all the characters they have unlocked for as long as they want.


Western Union Telegrams

Collect all of the scattered Western Union telegrams to unlock the Western Union Man.


Collect enough bio-fuel to unlock the Flying Delorean.

Cow Hunt

Find all of the Rancher's cows scattered throughout the timescape to unlock the Rancher and the rideable Cow.

Fragments of Time

Collect all the scraps of the Time Travelers Handbook and unlock the Pohatchee Indian and the Horse.


  • 3-D
    • 3-D (Bodyguard)
  • A. Jones
  • Babs
  • Barbwire Salesman
  • Biff Tannen
    • Biff Tannen (50s)
    • Biff Tannen (Rich)
  • Buck
  • Buford Tannen
  • Clara Clayton
  • Ceegar
  • Chester the Bartender
  • Chester "Whitey" Nogura
  • Dave McFly
  • Elmer H. Johnson
  • Emmett "Doc" Brown
    • Emmett "Doc" Brown (Young)
    • Emmett "Doc" Brown (Old West)
  • Foley
  • George McFly
    • George McFly (50s)
  • Goldy Wilson
    • Goldy Wilson (Mayor)
  • Griff Tannen
  • Gunslinger
  • Hill Valley Policeman
    • Hill Valley Policeman (50s)
    • Hill Valley Policeman (Future)
    • Hill Valley Policeman (Old West)
  • Hubert
  • Ito T. Fujitsu
  • Jaws 19 Blowup
  • Jennifer Parker
    • Jennifer Parker (Old Woman)
  • Jules Brown
  • Lesley "Spike" O'Malley
  • Lester
  • Lewis
  • Linda McFly
  • Lorraine McFly
    • Lorraine McFly (50s)
  • Lou Caruthers
  • Lybian
  • Maggie McFly
  • Mark Dixon
  • Marlene McFly
  • Marshall Strickland
  • Marty McFly
    • Marty McFly (Old Man)
    • Marty McFly (Future)
    • Marty Mcfly (Old West)
  • Marty McFly Jr.
  • Marvin Berry
  • Match
    • Match (Bodyguard)
  • Needles
  • Otis Peabody
  • Pohatchee Indian
  • Principal Strickland
    • Principal Strickland (Future)
  • Rafe "Data" Unger
  • Rancher
  • Ranger
  • Reese
  • Roger Strickland
  • Schoolkid
    • Schoolkid (Future)
    • Schoolkid (50s)
  • Seamus McFly
  • Skinhead
    • Skinhead (Bodyguard)
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Stubble
  • Terry
  • U.S. Calvary Trooper
  • Verne Brown
  • Western Union Man


  • Delorean Time Machine
    • Delorean Time Machine (Flying)
  • Marty's Hoverboard
  • Griff's Hoverboard
  • James Nogura's Hoverboard
  • Rafe's Hoverboard
  • Leslie's Hoverboard
  • Marty's Truck
  • Needles' Truck
  • Biff's Ford Super De Luxe
  • Ford Probe
  • Manure Truck
  • Manure Wagon
  • Hovercar
  • Rolls-Royce
  • 1950s Bug
  • Skateboard
  • Bike
  • Locomotive
  • Horse and Wagon
  • Horse
  • Cow



  • Jaws 19 Blowup-AA4X1
  • Barbwire Salesman-ZO988
  • Rancher-4SA0P


  • Locomotive-7BV31
  • Hovercar-65EFP
  • Needles' Truck-JE3W


  • Dinosaur Paradox-11E4K
  • Apocalyptic Paradox-CC21A
  • Zero Gravity Paradox-3CIPQ
  • Flood Paradox-RE2Z0


  • 2x Studs-S4S3A
  • Disguises-ZJJIU
  • Robots-10A9S

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