The sequel idea for Kirby: Return to Dreamland on Wii U. The animal friends can help Kirby and crew to stop marx & Nightmare from ruliling dreamland.


Character Voice Suggestion
Kirby Makiko Omoto
King Dedede Roger Bumpass
Meta Knight Brain Drummond
(Bandana) Waddle Dee Matt Hill
Red Kirby Makiko Omoto
Blue Kirby Makiko Omoto
Yellow Kirby Makiko Omoto
Green Kirby Makiko Omoto
Pink Boshy Makiko Omoto

Animal Friends to Ride On

Character Voice Suggestion
Rick Scott McNeil
Coo Richard Newman
Kine Paul Dobson
Chuchu Chiara Zanni
Nago Scott McNeil

Mini Bosses

Character Voice Suggestion
Bonkers Brendon Small
Bugsy Sam Vincent
Chef Kawasaki Andrea Libman
King Doo Bill Farmer
Super Bonkers Brendon Small
Kibble Blade Brendon Small
Bohboh Peter New
Huge Fire Scarfy Jame Wood


Character Voice
Moley Tony Pope
Max Flexer Corey Burton
Galatica Knight Peter New
Chef Shataki Tony Pope
Marx/Super Marx Jason Alexander (Marx) and Jess Harnell (Super Marx)
Nightmare Jim Cummings


Character Voice Suggestion
Waddle Dee Matt Hill and Jess Harnell
(Parasal) Waddle Dee Kari Wahlgren
Knuckle Joe Lee Tockar
Tsukikage Billy West
Poppy Bro Jr. Billy West
Blade Knight Dwight Schultz
Waddle Doo Bill Farmer
Sir Kibble Brendon Small
Rocky Lee Tockar
Pluid Andrea Libman
Walky Paul Dobson
Chilly Billy West
Scarfy Billy West
(Parasal) Waddle Doo Tony Pope
Pierce Chantal Strand
Twister Peter New
Blipper Charlies Adler
Marx Diamond Peter New

Copy Ability

  • Parasal
  • Sword
  • Hammer
  • Animal
  • Spear
  • Water
  • Ninja
  • Fighter
  • Beam
  • Cook
  • Mike
  • Ice
  • Rock
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Cutter
  • Bomb

Recurring Songs

  • Butter Building
  • Room Guarder
  • Track 15 of Canvus Curse
  • King Dedede's Theme
  • Mini Boss theme from Squeak Squad
  • Top Ride: Light
  • Top Ride: Grass
  • Castle Stage
  • Chef Kawasaki
  • Final Boss: Nightmare

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