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Following when Nintendo buys back Rareware, A new Fast paced, Gritty, Violent killer instinct is released with new playable character along with the returning favorites

New Characters

BloodSmith: Whereing a steel mask over his burnt, scarred face, the blood smith is a heavy, and fast character. His Left hand is replaced by a set of steel tongs which he uses for various grapple, and pulling attacks, and his right is replaced by a Mallet which he uses for a series of brutal attacks. He also uses his steel toe boots and a rhino like spike on his mask for many attacks. His most brutal move is when he grabs his enemy around the neck, lifts them into the air, throws them into the ground, and then hit them as hard as he can in the spine as they try to get up.

Rayzzer: equipped with ultra-Tech weapons, Rayzzer is equipped with optic beams, and spikes covering his body. His fingers have all been replaced with huge blades, his head is covered in them, and also his back, feet, knees and elbows. His most brutal attack is when he uses his toe spines to slash an enemies tendons, then slides on the ground, tripping them onto thier backs; following up by jumping on top of them with his back spikes, and then rolling into a saw blade, grinding thier backs open.

Kongo: A Mutant Mandrill beast created by Ultra Tech, but was broken free from his containment by Riptor, the two then teamed togethor to battle thier creators. Kongo Fights like an ape should, he is quick, hard hitting, and his small size makes it easy to avoid attacks. His mst brutal attack is launching himself towards enemies, knocking them to the ground before scratching, biting, and pounding on them with his fists.

NightWalker: A living shadow that materializes into the ground, he has a pair of horns on its head, and has a spine- like series of lumps down his neck, all the way down his body, his arms start below his neck, and go all the way to the ground ending in huge three fingered hands. His attacks involve morphing into different shapes and weapons, and materializing into the ground for attacks from a low area. His most brutal attack is completely enveloping his opponents body, and after a few seconds of struggling, lifts them into the air in a sack of shadow, slamming them on the ground violently several times, before throwing them back down from a hand shaped form.

Ratt'ler: The ghost of a deadly highway man from the wild west, the ratt'ler killed people with a hook on a chain rather than guns or knives, one night while sleeping, the thief was bitten by a rattlesnake on his forehead, he killed the snake, before he succumbed to the poison. Now a wandering spirit, he can change his whole body, or parts of it into chains, and the spirit of the rattle snake resides under his hat. He fights with various chain and hook attacks, as well as loosing the snake through his wrist. His most Brutal attack is forming entirely into chain, wrapping around his opponents body, then the snake bites thier neck, he then turns to smoke, go's into thier body, and comes out after causing a lot of damage directly to thier soul.

Grease Fire: Once an Ultra Tech sewage control worker, he accidently fell into a vat of experimental feul, when he came out, it had bonded to his genetical code, turning him into a deadly blob of flammable tar. His Hasmat suit remains, but his head, arms and legs are visible through it. His attacks involve using the slime, and setting it on fire, as well as projecting flames. His most Brutal attack is grabbing an opponent by the back of the head, shoving them into his stomack, and after a few seconds of drowning them, he sets his innards on fire with thier head still submerged.

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