Just Dance Wii EX Edition is a dancing game released by Ubisoft Japan in 2013, An enhanced version for Wii U will be released in 2014 with the name "Just Dance U EX Edition" featuring several extras unavailable on the original Wii version


From 1 to 4 players must dance to the choreographies available in the game earning points and levelling up, Just Dance mode, Challenge mode, Tournament mode and Training mode are the four available game modes on the game

Unlike its predecessor Just Dance Wii 2, songs will be separated into 8 genres (J-Pop, J-Rock, Anime songs, Nintendo songs, Classic songs, English songs, International songs and Vocaloid songs) including unlockable versions as well as modifiers featuring 48 songs on Wii and 56 songs on Wii U separated into 4 difficulty levels (Simple, Regular, Complex and Brutal)

This game will be compatible with Wii Motion Plus on both versions as well as Miiverse community on Wii U version

Song list

Each genre contains 6 songs (7 on Wii U) as well as unlockable versions

Song Genre Difficulty Artist/Show/Game Dancers
Won't be long J-pop Regular Exile Duet
Mata Aimashou J-pop Simple Seamo Duet
Dance 2 J-pop Complex Orange Range Solo
Lifetime Respect J-pop Simple RSP Crew
Age Age Every Night J-pop Regular DJ Ozma Duet
Peach J-pop Regular Ai Otsuka Crew
My Heart Draws a Dream J-rock Simple L'Arc-en-Ciel Crew
Chu Bura J-rock Complex Kelun Duet
Romance J-rock Regular Buck-Tick Solo
Rusty Nail J-rock Complex X-Japan Crew
Stay Away J-rock Regular L'Arc-en-Ciel Solo
Endless Rain J-rock Simple X-Japan Solo
Yatterman Medley Anime Regular Yatterman (2008) Duet
Tensai Doronbo Anime Simple Yatterman (1977) Crew
Chala Head Chala Anime Complex Dragon Ball Z Solo
Pokemon Medley Anime Simple Pokemon Duet
Motteke Sailor Fuku Anime Complex Lucky Star Crew
Daybreak's Bell Anime Regular Mobile Suit Gundam Solo
Super Mario Trilogy Nintendo Complex Super Mario Bros Duet
Legend of Zelda Medley Nintendo Simple Legend of Zelda Solo
Wii Sports Medley Nintendo Regular Wii Series Crew
Animal Crossing Nintendo Simple Animal Crossing Duet
Mute City Nintendo Complex F-Zero Solo
Famicom Medley Nintendo Complex Famicom Mini Series Duet
Flight of the Bumblebee Classic Complex Rimsky-Korsakov Solo
Turkish March Classic Regular Mozart Crew
Heaven and Hell Classic Regular Offenbach Duet
Carmen Overture Classic Simple Bizet Solo
William Tell Overture Classic Regular Rossini Duet
Ruins of Athens Classic Simple Beethoven Solo
Thriller English Regular Michael Jackson Duet
I Was Made for Loving You English Complex Kiss Crew
U Can't Touch This English Complex MC Hammer Solo
Firework English Simple Katy Perry Solo
Viva Las Vegas English Regular Elvis Presley Solo
Good Feeling English Simple Flo Rida Solo
Cercavo Amore International Regular Emma Solo
Kurio Ko Uddah Le Jana International Simple Bollywood Rainbow Duet
Marcia Baila International Simple Les Rita Mitsouko Solo
Asereje International Complex Las Ketchup Duet
Pata Pata International Regular Miriam Makeba Duet
Gangnam Style International Complex PSY Duet
World is Mine Vocaloid Complex Hatsune Miku Solo
Suki Kirai Vocaloid Simple Len-Rin Kagamine Duet
Nishiki no Mai Vocaloid Regular Kamui Gakupo Solo
Matryoshka Vocaloid Complex Gumi-Hatsune Miku Duet
Love is War Vocaloid Simple Kaito Crew
Po Pi Po Vocaloid Complex Hatsune Miku Solo
River (U) J-pop Complex AKB48 Crew
Boys Don't Cry (U) J-rock Regular Kelun Solo
The World (U) Anime Complex Death Note Duet
Tetris Medley (U) Nintendo Simple Tetris Solo
The Entertainer (U) Classic Complex Joplin Duet
Umbrella (U) English Regular Rihanna Solo
Futebol Crazy (U) International Complex World Cup Girls Solo
Romantic Night (U) Vocaloid Complex Len-Rin Kagamine Duet

Songs with a (U) are Wii U exclusive versions

Unlockable versions

There are 24 unlockable versions (30 on Wii U) on the game including Brutal versions, Dance Mashups and Alternate choreographies

Song Genre Difficulty Version
Won't Be Long J-pop Complex Mashup
Dance 2 J-Pop Brutal Brutal version
Age Age Every Night J-pop Regular Mashup
My Heart Draws a Dream J-rock Simple Mashup
Romance J-rock Regular Hold my hand
Endless Rain J-rock Simple Mashup
Tensai Doronbo Anime Complex Hold my hand
Chala Head Chala Anime Regular With a stick
Motteke Sailor Fuku Anime Brutal Brutal version
Legend of Zelda Medley Nintendo Complex With a sword
Wii Sports Medley Nintendo Simple Hold my hand
Mute City Nintendo Brutal Brutal version
Flight of the Bumblebee Classic Complex Mashup
Heaven and Hell Classic Regular Hold my hand
William Tell Overture Classic Brutal Brutal version
Thriller English Simple Mashup
I Was Made for Loving You English Brutal Brutal version
Good Feeling English Brutal Brutal version
Cercavo Amore International Regular Mashup
Asereje International Regular Hold my hand
Gangnam Style International Brutal Brutal version
World is Mine Vocaloid Complex Mashup
Nishiki no Mai Vocaloid Complex Mashup
Matryoshka Vocaloid Simple Hold my hand
River (U) J-pop Simple Hold my hand
The World (U) Anime Complex Mashup
The Entertainer (U) Classic Simple With a cane
Umbrella (U) English Complex With an umbrella
Futebol Crazy (U) International Brutal Brutal version
Romantic Night (U) Vocaloid Complex Hold my hand

Songs with a (U) are Wii U exclusive songs

Game modifiers

On the game there are several dance modifiers that will change your dance routine

  • Reversed (Dance movements are done from the last one to the first one)
  • Invisible (No pictograms are shown on screen)
  • Turbo (Pictograms move twice as fast)
  • Perfect (First X cuts the song resulting in a failure)
  • Solo medley (Dance a remix of Solo songs)
  • Duet medley (Dance a remix of Duet songs)
  • Crew medley (Dance a remix of Crew songs)
  • Simon says (During the song you must sometimes clap, shake your remote, spin, freeze or point to the screen)
  • Score race (Score 10000 points as fast as possible)

Challenge mode

Challenge mode is a single player mode where the dancer must clear 6 conditions on each song to level up

Even though is a single player mode up to 4 players can play but only those with dancer cards will earn badges for clearing challenges

As an example these are all challenges for Motteke Sailor Fuku

  1. Clear the song with 8000 points or more
  2. Clear the song with 10000 points or more
  3. Clear brutal version with 10000 points or more
  4. Get 50 perfects or goods in a row
  5. Dance with each dancer once
  6. Get 10000 points with reverse modifier

Clearing all challenges for a song will reveal fun facts about it

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