John Madden's Battle Royale is a new and upcoming parody of all of EA's Madden games. There is going to be fictional rosters and ficitional teams instead of an NFL license.


Awful Fighting Conference Naughty Farting Conference
Baltimore BullhornsBuffalo BlockheadsDenver DolphinsHouston DimwitsAtlanta DumbassesArizona HorntoadsDallas AssholesChicago Bozos
Cincinnati SkeletonsMiami WeeniesKansas City MotherFuckersIndianapolis NarwhalsCarolina CarnageSaint Louis RaspberriesNew York CrackheadsDetroit Pussycats
Cleveland TwerpsNew England PipsqueaksOakland RaisinsJacksonville ImmortalsNew Orleans ShrimpsSan Francisco BumblebeesPhiladelphia EggplantsGreen Bay Apple Pies
Pittsburgh PoisonsNew York HardknocksSan Diego LosersTennessee TarbendersTampa Bay WarheadsSeattle NitwitsWashington Nuts and BoltsMinnesota Runts

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