Jacky and Walden are the two main characters in this game. They used to be criminals until they were released from jail after 20 years. They are now bounty hunters, and do anything to hunt down crinamals for money. Walden also works at a nuclear power plant, and Jacky is a magician. One day they hear about a crinamal that is very wanted that is for $5,000,000. This crimanal is named Brian Fercer which is a murderer ,a thief, a trickster and many other crimes. Jacky and Walden also learn he is looking for other crimanals to work with, so Jacky disguises him self as a thief and Walden disguises himself as a murderer to catch him. It is a shooting game with multiple weapons and also some knifes. Jacky also uses magic tricks and Walden uses nuclear powers

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