Internet All-Star Death Battle is a fighting game for Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4. It stars various internet personalities and characters. All characters are separated into 3 categories.

Singular Characters

Meme Characters

  • Mr. Rage (Leader) - Attacks with rage faces (Stage: Rage Place)
  • Angry German Kid - Attacks with a Keyboard (Stage: Computer Room)
  • SpingeBill - Attacks with Patty Krabbies (Stage: Krusty Krap)
  • Derpy Hooves - Attacks with Derpiness (Stage: Town Hall)
  • LongCat - Attacks with extension powers (Stage: Tree)
  • Doge - Attacks with mis-spelled words (Stage: House)
  • Dinky Hooves (Unlockable PS4 Exclusive) - Attempts to emulate Derpy, but faster and less powerful. (Stage: Schoolhouse)
  • Hank Hill (Unlockable) - Attacks with tools, burgers, and Propane and Propane Accesories (Stage: Strickland Propane)

YouTube Characters

  • Angry Video Game Nerd (Leader) - Attacks with Game Accesories (Stage: Basement)
  • PewDiePie - Attacks with screaming and game controllers (Stage: Computer Room 2)
  • Nostalgia Critic - Attacks with gun and other Nostalgia Critic stuff 
  • SkyDoesMinecraft - Attacks with BUTTER! (Stage: Butter Minecraft World)
  • Ray William Johnson - Attacks with stuff from the videos he talks about. (Stage: Fail World)
  • Minecraft Villagers - Attacks with Minecraft Villagers. (Stage: Minecraft Village)
  • Ben T. Looney (Unlockable Wii U Exclusive) - Attacks with Poorly-Drawn Gun (Stage: White Video Space) 
  • Bullshit Man (Unlockable) - Attacks with bullshit (Stage: Black Video Space)

Old Characters

  • Dr. Rabbit  -  Attacks with Teeth (Stage: Balloon)
  • Shadic - Attacks with overpowered DBZ stuff (Stage: Master Emerald Shrine)
  • Numa Numa - Attacks with Numa Numa (Stage: House 2)
  • Rick Atsley - Attacks with Rick Rolls (Stage: Tennis Court)
  • PB&J Time Banana - Attacks with Peanut Butter Jelly and a Baseball Bat (Stage: Black Video Space 2)
  • I.M. MEEN (Unlockable Xbox One Exclusive) - Attacks with Bad Grammar (Stage: Dungeon)
  • Vegeta (Unlockable) - Attacks with faster DBZ stuff (Stage: Planet Namek)

Duo Characters

Have health divided into two, but multiple characters.

Meme Duos

  • Double Rainbow (Nyan Cat & Rainbow Dash) (Stage: Rainbow Road)
  • Player Kitty (Keyboard Cat & Gamer Cat) (Stage: House 3)

YouTube Duos

  • Smosh (Ian & Anthony) (Stage: Smosh Yard)
  • JonTron (Jon & Jacques) (Stage: House 4)

Old Duos

  • Rodents (Hamster Dance Hamster & Dramatic Chipmunk) (Stage: Rusty Hamster Wheel)
  • Kids (Charlie & David) (Stage: Car)


  • Troll (Meme Boss 1) 
  • Idiot (Old Boss 1)
  • Non-Critical Critic (YouTube Boss 1)
  • Anti-Fan (YouTube Boss 2)
  • Go!Animate Guy (Meme Boss 2)
  • That Cynical Guy (Old Boss 2)
  • YTMG (Old Final Boss)
  • Tommy Parky (YouTube Final Boss)
  • 4Chan (Meme Final Boss)


Like Street Fighter Alpha, but you can only do combos if you have enough "internets." You lose them when you do a combo. You get them from punching and kicking. You lose them if you get hit enough times in a row. Also, there are no Super Combos. There are items, ala Super Smash Bros.

Game Modes

  • Story - Follow the story of the three classes.
  • Arcade - Normal Arcade Mode
  • Versus Mode - Versus Mode.
  • Free Battle - See the title.
  • Time Attack - Beat Arcade in a Record Time!
  • Avoid - Avoid the character you are against!
  • Co-Op - Co-Op Arcade Mode.

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