Injustice: Gods Among Us vs. The Unavenged is a semi-prequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us & Injustice: The Unavenged that adds the characters of the 2 games to the Injustice Roster.


DC Universe Marvel Comics
Aquaman Namor
Ares Thor
Bane Juggernaut
Batman Spider-Man
Black Adam Venom
Catwoman Elektra
Cyborg Iron Man
Deathstroke Deadpool
Doomsday Hulk
The Flash Daredevil
Green Arrow Hawkeye
Green Lantern Nova
Harley Quinn X-23
Hawkgirl Storm
The Joker Green Goblin
Killer Frost Human Torch
Lex Luthor Doctor Doom
Nightwing Black Panther
Raven Phoenix
Shazam Wolverine
Sinestro Magneto
Solomon Grundy Ghost Rider
Superman Captain America
Wonder Woman Ms. Marvel
Lobo Punisher
Batgirl Black Widow
Scorpion Darth Vader
General Zod Doctor Octopus
Martian Manhunter Emma Frost
Zatanna Scarlet Witch
Darkseid Thanos
Doctor Fate Doctor Strange
Etrigan (DLC) Blackheart (DLC)
Poison Ivy (DLC) Nebula (DLC)
Swamp Thing (DLC) Shuma-Gorath (DLC)
Despero (DLC) Silver Surfer (DLC)

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