Mario,sonic,alex kidd,earthworm jim,maga man,Bionic commando and The Doom guy star in the most epic game ever on 3ds,Hero party!!!!

Kart racing :

Includes 7 tracks from the franchises (ex.Mushroom Kingdom Green hill etc.) each character has a unique Kart desighned after their Games.

powerups include :

Red balloon:missles, Purple balloon:5 missles Flaming balloon: Heat seeking Missle

Blue balloon:Boost Pink balloon:turbo Gold balloon:Hyper drive

Green balloon : oil slick

Rainbow balloon : Force feild

Paintball :

Touch screen aiming L button firing

5 maps

splatterstreak rewards: 5 splatters=Full auto

Mini golf,Bowling,and brawl are the rest of the games

Pleez edit wit pictures

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